Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A little something for christmas.

I seem to be having a run on ideas at the moment, spurred on no doubt by the need to make some things for my own friends and family for Christmas - hey, I'm not the only one mentioning it! The upside to this is that if Iam pleased with the design it means I have a present nicely tucked away and can also do a run on the item for the business. Of course, I won't say what happens to all the ones that don't go quite according to plan...

This is what I have been working on this week and I have to say I am rather pleased with them. They are door hangings which were inspired (or not, depending on your point of view) by the vile pink fluffy thing that Lucy has on her bedroom door. it is not the colour I object to, but the tackiness of the entire item. Naturally she loves it and turns it around every night to display the hideous princess in lurid purple lying on her yellow bed...groan. I decided enough was enough, so set out to make her something pretty using my current obsession with linen and applique, and here it is: the Hearts & Flowers door hanging

The door hangings have a different design on the front and back as shown in the pictures. This one iis called Sailing ship and I love the mix of canvas and stipy fabrics in the applique. Of course there is a little hand embroidery as one would expect.

And here's the reverse...

They are both available here and I am now officially underway on the present front!

Bye for now x


  1. Gorgeous...and a really lovely inspired idea. I thought you might show us a pic of the hideous pink thing that inspired you...
    D x

  2. I think they are delightful.

    But what does Lucy think?

    Lucy (a different one!)


  3. Lovely things.
    You are not alone on this thing of thinking of Christmas already.


  4. Lucy loves the things mummy makes and is always asking me to make things ofr her - thank heavens! I expect it will sit next to the lurid pink thing despite my hopes!!!

  5. Just been catching up on your delicious blogs. So much to savour as usual.

  6. Beautiful Pip, I am sure you will be over run with orders for Xmas!


  7. Sweet, love them, and good idea for gifts.

  8. Yes please! And an 'I'm in the garden' or 'I'm feeding the hens' one too if you would be so kind! (By late October?!) Just the thing for Trixie's birthday. xx

  9. What a good idea!But must you really mention the C******s! thing!
    lots of loveliness as usual!
    x Vicky x

  10. Good heavens that time of the year again? The best tiem but shush I didn't really say that...I love the door hangings. You are clever!

  11. Delightful as ever :-), you clever thing. Sewing terrifies me. Not sure why. Christmas, wot's that? xx

  12. These are really sweet Pipany, a great gift idea.
    Hope the pink lurid one disappears soon...!

    L x

  13. Pipany,

    These two (or really four) new designs are delightful!

    Think that you will be doing lots of applique and embroidery.