Friday, 19 September 2008

A few more...

The children's door hangings I put on the website a few days ago are fairly flying out the sewing room door, thus I am enjoying a lovely feeling of having done something right which I am most pleased about. I received an enquiry as to whether I could possibly extend the range of canvas ones to include a couple more similarly nautical designs and here are the results...

First up is the original: Sailing Ship

followed by - The Lighthouse

and finally, Beach Hut

I have worked with these designs in various formats before and it was a pleasure to return to them, albeit with a little tweaking of patterns. I think they are quite jolly and remind me of the things I see every time I wander into Falmouth, especially the little lighthouse across the Bay known as St Anthony's on the Roseland Peninsula (just for you Elizabethd!).

Each has the same bed design on the reverse with the word 'sleeping' hand embroidered onto it. So there you have it: there are now three nautical door hangings to go with the Hearts & Flowers one shown below. They can be found by clicking here

This weekend I will be working on making some slightly larger ones for grown ups thanks to the brilliant suggestions of the lovely Kittyb, she of the glamorous looks, wonderfully mouthwatering cookery skills and gorgeous home...and she's also really fun to chat with as I have met her in 'real' life in a Cornish pub so I know she is all the these things! Go visit her blog and website, and see for yourself. Anyway, as I was saying, Kitty has given me some fab suggestions for door hangings to let people know you are feeding the hens (as many of us are, myself included), gardening, in the bath and so on. Thinking of some Christmassy ones too. Oh, I also have to make Dave a Grandad shirt by Monday...don't ask!!!!

Have a lovely weekend
Pipany xx


  1. These are just beautiful, Pipany! Love the sleepy bed one and the girls with balloons - and glad to hear they're selling so well, too.

  2. These are just lovely and much better than the shop varieties (my daughter has a lilac version surrounded in a cloud of fluff). At almost twelve years old I think a perfect one for her would be "sleeping " on one side " still sleeping on the other. My ten year old son would have to have "making mischief" on his. Im sure you will do really well with them.

  3. they are lovely ... almost makes me wish mine were tiny again.

    I am sure they will be hugely successful.

    Zoë xx

  4. I'm not surprised they're selling well! Love the additions of lighthouse and beach hut. So cornish! Have a great weekend - isn't this weather wonderful?
    Diana xx

  5. NOT reading the Roseland bit.
    Could you make one that says 'Go away'? No, maybe not.
    Christmassy ones sound wonderful , you could do one especially for Santa 'Mince pie here'.

  6. i am so pleased they are doing so well Pip. Glad you had a good day too... hope the weekend is even better!
    with love
    ginny x

  7. 'I'm next door!' would be on my sister's and 'I'm online' for the daughter. 'Wake me for lunch' for the son.
    These are fantastic P- Iremember when you so tentatively started this business....what a long way you have come. If my own project goes half as well I'll be very happy......

  8. These are all adorable, I'm not surprised they are selling well sooo very much nicer than the tacky fluffy padded concoctions seen in the shops! Can't wait to see the Christmas ones too - I'm a sucker for anything with a reindeer on!

  9. Dear Pipany, the door hangings are delightful! Isn't it wonderful to create something which so many people enjoy? I especially like the beach hut as it speaks to my seaside dreams and calls me to the sand. I know the lighthouse you mentioned on the Roseland Peninsula - such a lovely part of Cornwall. Happy sewing and Happy Autumn to you.

  10. Oh you, get away with you, blush.
    Lovely, lovely, as usual, htink they will sell by the van-load (better get sewing!).

  11. Beautiful things, Pipany - and some great ideas that will keep you very busy, I'm sure!
    I enjoyed your tall ships post too - we had the tall ships here in July.

  12. These are lovely and a great addition to your range.
    Wanted to thank you for visiting Willow House and leaving such a lovely comment.
    I'll be back to visit again.