Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hearts and Flowers

The last few days seem to have been a little manic here - me trying to get back into work mode and the family descending en masse at the same time. Though it's been a lovely time of impromptu meals and chats and much laughter, yesterday found me desperate for two minutes peace in order to be able to clear some of the ever-growing list of jobs. Yesterday all calmed a little in the evening and I was able to start the list by loading this little gem onto the website.

It is a sweet linen bag lined with flowered cotton which I decided to call Hearts and Flowers due to the fact that it comes with its own gingham heart...

and is hand embroidered with a scattering of flowers and a branch of pretty blossom. I also appliqued a little girl with a hat to complete the scene.

So that is one job completed which is always a lovely way to start the day. Next up is organising my Christmas range which is already well underway. Here's a little peek to to whet the appetite.

Of course, this little bag would make a perfect early present to stow away for all you organised people - just think how virtuous you'll feel! Pushy? Me?

Have a lovely day x


  1. it's lovely.. really sweet. You are being productive.
    I have shopped, cleaned my fridge, tidied the house and made some shortbread today but alas no sewing... maybe tomorrow?
    i think i need a plan!
    lots of love.
    ginny x

  2. That is such an gorgeous bag. So pretty. Clever Pipany! But bad Pipany for the tantalising glimpse of Christmas lovelies. You tease!

  3. Very pretty bag - what a shame I have a family of boys. Not sure they would appreciate it!

  4. Gorgeous! I mis-read your opening line as 'the last few days have seen a little magic here....' and that bag is magical. I love your embroidery. You sound very organized and on the ball! Diana x

  5. Gorgeous bag. What a talented lady, I'll be reading your blog from now on!!

    Sue xx

  6. Oh what a sweet bag Pipany. Just a gentle suggestion, maybe its a little summery for a Christmas gift? Don't work too hard - purple hugs! x

  7. love the bag Pipany. Have just been reading about your sloe gin. Something I will have to do this year but I never pick the sloes until November. Another wonderful drink is Dam Black Elder...any recipe for Damson or blackberry wine and use equal quantities of Damsons, blackberries and elderberries....very warming, very rich and very drinkable...hic!

  8. So very pretty Pip. You just get better and better.

  9. What a GORGOUS girl on the bag, gorgous bag but tops with the girl and hat. Love it. Well done.

  10. Well if I dont start my Xmas shopping soon, nobody will havepressies till Jan- just gets too manic for us at I'm off to look right now!

  11. looks like you,ve got your crafting mojo back --- its gorgeous, You are a tease with your sneeky peeks!
    lisa x

  12. Clever Pip, lovely things. Dying to see your Christmas goodies.

  13. lovely bag, so so pretty.
    Keep up the good work
    Karon x

  14. These bags are lovely - do you remember Holly Hobby?
    Recently a friend of mine gave Katie a Holly Hobby duvet cover as a reward for improved bedtime dryness - it had been her little girl's when she was small - goodness it took me back to being 7.

  15. Oh gorgeous bag Pipany, I just adore the print fabric and so too gingham, what a sweet girl with hat too.

    I will have to make up a festive list soon, quite excited, love buying for friends and family, I will keep you posted Pips.