Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Sunshine and showers.

I thought it was all going too well - Isabella and I have been playing with a pot of bright blue playdoh she discovered tucked away in my cupboard. It was one of a batch bought as extra presents 'just in case' for Christmas and somehow it got left in my clothes cupboard where I sneak off for a secret fix every so often as the need arises. Now come on, you aren't telling me you don't love that almondy smell of true Playdoh too? It takes me straight back to my childhood, particularly if I close my eyes just as I take the lid off the pot and inhale the delicious fumes slowly, deeply...mmmm.

Er, as I was saying, Isabella raced up to me bleating 'nid, nid' and thrusting the pot into my face. Obviously I knew that if I took the nid off the pot there would be bits of blue glued firmly to the furniture for evermore (though the thought of the smell drifting through the house is preferable to the current aroma of leftover veggies waiting for me to take them down to the compost heap!) but if I refused did I really feel up to the screeching that would follow? Not today. Hence we spent a happy half hour or so creating mice and rabbits and all was well right up to the point where dopey Mummy suggested a drink and rolled the mice and rabbits into one big ball....screams to challenge a dog's hearing! "Babbit, Babbit, Babbit! Mouses, Noooo!" Mistake number one.

Mistake number two came when, having finally calmed her down with a re-creation of the mangled creatures and deposited her in a chair with a biscuit, I cheerily threw the washing into the machine. Isabella trailed out a little later and once more caused the very walls of the house to vibrate from her high-pitched shrieks. What was wrong? I followed the line of her thrust out arm to where the tiny finger pointed accusingly at the machine and there through the round window I saw her cuddly toy - also called Babbit - doing twenty circuits with his face pressed against the glass in a Hammer House of Horror pastiche. Yep, not good.

The poor traumatised mite is now reading a book to her doll in her bedroom while I give up on playing with her for her own good and do this instead. I managed to refrain from taking photographs of Babbit (even though it was actually quite funny the way his head swelled up from the water) and will now move on...

A few more things that have caught my eye today -

This gorgeous chaenomeles (japonica) which is in the main path to the house is just breaking into flower. I sent some branches up to Lauren to force in Bristol to remind her of home. There is somethng so delicate yet strong about the blossom of this shrub which I love

An odd photo of our bedroom curtains taken when the sun came through for a very brief moment earlier today. I so love this fabric and the way it warms the room on a cold day but just glows with life whent the sun shines through it turning our tiny bedroom into a restful haven. Just makes me want to curl up and sleep.

And as Dave has not only removed the battries from the camera and taken them off for the day without letting me know (Arghh, I have loads of stuff to do needing the camera for the business!!!) but has also taken the lead that connects it to the computer (!) I shall post a photograph of one of our campfire to cheer myself up - or fan the flames of my anger - not sure which.

Have a lovely day and don't do anything involving Babbits! xx


  1. Poor Isabella - and poor you.

    Your lovely blog brought back memories of my little brother's tiny blue felt rabbit which was loved to pieces way, way back in the 60's. I'm almost inspired to recreate it!

  2. My friend has bought a duplicate rabbit for her boy so one can go in the wash when it's been sucked a bit too much and there's still one to be cuddled. Wise woman.
    Love your curtain fabric, I covered a chair in that one, I should re-cover it as it no longer matches the rest of the room, but can't bear to part with the lovely tulips!

  3. how could you
    poor babbits
    bad mummy!!!!
    your post made me smile LOTS - thank you sweet lady
    even if you are a meanie to babbits!
    much love from one end of the country to the other x
    t x

  4. you quickly forget tiny rage! Your patience is admirable. Fins used to have 3 batman outfits to curb all of our anxiety over the need for him to Have His Bats All The Time!
    Plus am deep in envy of your photos. have been trying to do them, finally, and have messed up on my blog today - it's in the wrong place, and my link doesn't work. Boo.

  5. Oh tut tut, poooooor little babbit. Should one call the RSPCB?
    As always, lovely photos. My Japonica is beginning to flower though not as prolifically (is that a word?) as I had hoped.

  6. Priceless, Pip, priceless! Loved the image of Babbit going round and round in the machine.

    Having just read Milla's blog I have this picture now of Babbit in an lampshade. I am sure that is a game you could play with children. "She's not very well - I am just making her better." Never mind that the lampshade is on her foot. Ah well - at least it would keep her (Babbit) out of the washing machine!

  7. Poor Babbit, hope he survived.
    I love playing with play dough, always like to make it for the kids.

  8. This so reminds me of when mine were little. Amazing how you forget the force of their rage when they are small. Yes, keep clear of those babbits - they are dangerous beasts.

  9. Oh yes remember it well my Mum putting my teddy bear Snowy (the one KittyB restored) through the mangle. Times may change the medium but we can still traumatise our children by washing their toys.

    Very funny blog - brought a laugh to my day - thank you.

  10. Lovely blog - made me chuckle. I have 'fond' and recent memories of picking dried-on blue Playdoh out of a cream carpet...

    Poor Babbit! He'll be so lovely and fluffy now though.

  11. One of those took me back and I had such a laugh! I remember a similar scene with my now-twenty seven year old - the washing machine, the beloved bedtime teddy splayed against the window. Wailing and crying three-year old son sat in front of the machine until the cycle ended.