Monday, 4 February 2008

A fine day out.

Finally a quick blog about my meeting with the lovely Elizabethd. We met up on Thursday in the Norway Inn, an old inn on the main Truro to Falmouth road (she said as though you all knew what I was talking about). Actually we met outside the inn, I scanning the carpark for a car with French number plates and she watching out for the arrival of a blue people carrier. The rain lashed down with all intention of raising the Ark and then I spotted the happy smile of the lovely Elizabeth.

We raced inside, purloined the leather settee tucked away in a little nook and instantly started chatting. Despite never having met before, I felt as though I already knew this elegant (yes, even with the rain!) and friendly lady. We chatted nonstop, drank coffee - the less said about that the better; suffice it to say that the inn did a neat line in machine coffee when I wanted a cafetiere's worth... "a what?" commented the young girl vacantly. Hmm....

After a lengthy discussion on families, Purplecoo (for the uninitiated pop it in your search engine and all will be explained), homes, gardens and, of course, fabrics, we decided not to risk the lunch and moved to a local garden centre for lunch. A further coffee later and it was time to part, the whole day having flown. Pressies were exchanged and oh, what pressies they were! Here are one or two photos of the absolutely beautiful fabrics Elizabeth had brought over with her from her collection in France:

And there were more, piles and piles of gorgeous lawns and cottons, yards and yards (metres if you must) and all for me!!!! It felt like all my best Christmasses in one! Sighs in total bliss...

And this little gem full of beauty is a ceramic pot made, fired and painted by the highly talented Un Peu Loufoque for Isabella. The painting even looks a lot like my little bundle. How clever is that lady? Hurry ye over and get something gorgeous made for yourself right now (unfortunately my addled brain has gone blank and I can't think how to link you to her site so am off to find out how and will add it later today; pop back for the link)

Thank you Elizabeth for a really lovely day, one which I hope can be repeated the next time you are in Cornwall xx

And just to end - and because I am in a good mood due to the posting of my first wholesale order (cheers loudly) - I would like to introduce you to one of our cats, the most beautiful, the most ragdoll-ish (!) and sleepy Fatty Arbuckle!!!!

Have a lovely day xx

PS. Have sorted the link now, so go and see the webpage of ceramacist Un Peu Loufoque x


  1. What beautiful fabrics from France and that UPL piece is just gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Elizabeth,thanks for sharing and doing all the pics.

  2. Isn't it brill when you meet up, you don't know each other but you do! i know what i mean !!
    The fabrics are luverly and the pot[ ceramic dish i mean] she is so clever and we all knew ed would be glamourous! xx you never know i may make it to cornwall in the summer ..

  3. Fabulous fabrics, how lucky you are! I have boxes full of old Rose and Hubble, Liberty, Linda Beard and Laura Ashley fabrics from when Robyn was little and I used to make frocks for her. I used to use the remnants for patchwork, but they are all in boxes unfinished too. The box UPL made is lovely, and as you say looks like your we'en.

    Glad you had some a lovely time meeting Ed. xx

  4. What gorgeous fabrics!
    How lovely to meet Elizabethd and have such a wonderful time together. So pleased it all went so well

  5. Ooooh soooo jealous of your meeting, the fab fabric and your little dish. I'll PM you about our get together at the end of the month.
    BTW I read your other blog and all your things look wonderful, they'll be delighted.


  6. Well how marvellous! Love those fabrics, I used to have a skirt made from the second top one, must be a Liberty print. I used to buy remnants when we had a Liberty in York, and make myself palazzo pants (as they were called in the '80s) and gathered, long skirts. How creative at 16! And how lazy at 36 - Primark is the best I can do now!
    Love UPL's ceramic box too, isn't she clever?

  7. Adore the fabrics. What a great day and the little dish is wonderful. so glad you enjoyed your day.