Wednesday, 20 February 2008

These are a few of my favourite things.

After yesterday's 'day in the life' post I quite fancied posting a few things around our home that bring me pleasure whenever my eye falls on them. If only it were that simple! I started by trying to photograph Isabella's new dresses made by me in the half term; I had forgotten what a wriggle worm she can be. For example:

Then there was this one:

And then this....

Ah well, here's a close up of the pretty tied pockets -

And not one of them shows the beauty and delicacy of the gorgeous Liberty lawn! To make matters even worse, the photos I took of the other dress were even more appalling and she wasn't wearing it at the time!!! How bad am I at this? Also it would truly pay to remember to IRON said dress before attempting to
photograph it.

Other things bringing me pleasure at the moment are this cup and saucer bought for me by Dave's mum as a 'congratulations on being pregnant with Isabella' pressie

along with the beautiful blossom and blue tablecloth which makes me feel full of spring (the season not the energy unfortunately!) and the books which I love to browse for inspiration. Anna Pavord's Kitchen Garden book is one of my all-time favourites...truly gorgeous.

And last for today some shots of plants busily doing their thing in the garden including the gorgeous daphne odora which perfumes the steps to the house

one of our aeoniums which flourishes outdoors all year in the balmy Cornish air

and finally to prove the mildness of this beautiful county, forget-me-nots and the lemon which are both outdoors all year and doing well.

Oops, nearly forgot; a tiny selection of some of the masses of sea treasure scattered around the house.

Bye for now xx


  1. Mmmm - delicious blog for a too-early morning! I love your favorite things - all the colours. Imagine having forget-me-nots at this time of year!

  2. Just so gorgeous. everything. Thank you.
    I am sure I had a maternity dress many years ago in the material in that first pic. made for me by a dear Irish friend, another superneedlewoman such as yourself.

  3. Ive been catching up on all of your blogs these last few days, and ive really enjoyed finding out more about your sewing, family, and days out. Your blog is becoming one of my favorites, the haunted house nr newquay, the beach photos, the gorgeous isabella and her dresses, and i can certainly relate to the feelings you have of not being able to socialise very well, although wanting to. I had a dream last night where someone said to me "dont worry, you'l have friends soon" and i replied "but im just so insecure and unsociable". Well the dream has stuck with me all day, i AM terribly insecure which is the reason why i struggle to mix with people, but Pipany, you have reminded me that im not alone and i can also put all my energy into days out, crafting, and most of all family (when i eventually get pregnant God willing). Although i have a bunch of close friends, ive found that blogging is beginning to help me in having some confidence and gradually i hope to lessen my insecuritys and just enjoy being me.

  4. Oh, no wonder, having read your 'day in the life' you sound so happy - you clearly take such pleasure in everything around you. Hey, result from Dave's mum - what a lovely present, Mil nearly keeled over when Tom announced he was marrying me - I dread to think what would have turned up if we'd had a baby too!

  5. How lovely! And what a pretty dress too! I'm sure it is the same pattern with the tied pocket, that I made for my grandaughter many years ago.
    I'm so glad you dont show her face on the photos, after my discussion with a police commander.

  6. Gorgeous pictures on this and your 'Day' blog. I love Isabella's dress. Did you make it from a pattern or it is your own design? You've inspired me so much I think I may have to get out my sewing kit and have a go...

  7. I love your things - all so beautiful. That cup and saucer is just gorgeous. I think this is such a lovely idea for a blog I may pinch it if you don't mind. all your things raised my spirits too!

  8. Hello Pipany,

    Looks as if you've gotten that camera battery going again. The pictures are so pretty, and really all together convey a special atmosphere that I would connect with you.

    All that you are creating are right in the middle of what I like to make, too. As I just wrote on Elizabeth's blog, I really do wish that one of these days we might really get to meet. And in the meantime, keeping up with your creativity via this site is quite wonderful.


  9. Oooooo gorgeous prints, gorgeous dresses . . . how lovely that you can make clothes like that - I am very envious.

    Lovely pictures too - reading your blog it was as though Spring was actually here - then I looked out the window . . .sigh . . .

  10. Oh Pipany, everything soooo gorgeous. Isabella's dresses are really lovely, and you are so talented in making them for her.

    The cup and saucer, I want, I want.! I have a passion for floral china, well passion for anything floral actually.

    Lovely Blog, and lovely pictures too Pipany.