Thursday, 21 February 2008

A few more...

I so enjoyed photographing things around the house yesterday that I think I might carry on with it for a bit; who knows, I nay even eventually work out how to take a decent photo!

So, to begin let's have a coffee - today I am feeling a little seaside mood coming on so it's a Cornish Blue cup (of course!) on a pretty tray bought by darling Sam (son number two who is a fantastic present buyer). Elizabethd please note the cafetiere! Also two more of my favourite books - The Home Farm by Paul Heiney and Sarah Raven's Vegetable Book.

Last night's dinner to showcase my beautiful bowl which my Mum gave me and which has always been a feature at mealtimes since as far back as I can remember.
First, take a pretty bowl...

add some 'home grown' egs....

throw in some other bits and bobs and there's a salad to go with a rather orange loking but delicious chilli...

One more foodie note: a plate of brownies I knocked up last night(note another gorgeous plate from one of my carboot forays)...

and this is the miniscule heap left this morning on yet another gorgeous plate (though MUCH smaller than the other!)

I realise I have something of a cup fetish! This is a pretty cup and saucer which now contains one of the soaps Dave made - it smells of lemons and Spring, and looks just edible!

And lastly for today, look at these gorgeous fabrics that will I be working on today - lucky me!

HAve a lovely day everyone xx


  1. Send me that fabric immediately!!!
    I want, I want, I want!!

    Hissy fit, hissy fit. SLAP

    Oooh that's better.

  2. You have a gift for being able to see and enjoy the uncomplicated things in life.

  3. Toady behave, or it will be the naughty corner for you . . .and NO chocolate brownies.

  4. I have some similar dishes, I will photograph them and put on my blog. I have a plate fetish too, I will show you some of mine. I adore that material, it reminds me of days gone by (God I sound like an old granny, I'm only a young one!)

  5. What lovely surroundings you've got there, Pipany. You really are becoming quite the photographer, too. Thank you for your comment! xo

  6. How lovely, What a super idea. All that delicious food arriving as we watched. Like your dishes.

    And the fabric is wonderful.

    I could see this idea catching on, maybe get a few photos of my things around the house. That's if I can get my camera back from middle daughter, who seems to think it's her's and that i don;t possibly have any real need for it!
    But I bought it so i could do my blogs!
    She just laughs.........

    Any way, real pleasure to join you at home, thanks !

  7. All so lovely - yesterday's and today's pics. Lemons in Cornwall! I am envious of your eco-system down there.

  8. I barely know which bit of the camera to look into and which to look out of so I stand in awe!

  9. Ps Toady's comment has made me snigger!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. yes, I love Toady's slap too. And the fabrics, partic the top 2 which surprises me as generally a blue girl, rather than a pinky red one. AND ADORE THE CUP AND SAUCER. My turn to WANT.
    Also WW's comment is bang on the money.
    Note to self: learn to do photos, they so make a blog.
    (sorry the deleted one was me being incompetent, forgot I couldn't edit, and hit the dustbin instead and then got confused. Don't worry that you're being stalked - I hate unexplained deleted comments!)

  12. Hi Pipany,

    All that delicious food, and served too in beautiful china ware, I have a cup and plate fetish too.

    I want the fabric.! gorgeous, lovely tiny Rose Sprigs.

    By the way, just ADORE Chocolate Brownies.