Monday, 25 February 2008

Notes from a Sunday.

Another lovely weekend - well, once the cleaning frenzy was over! Dave had work to do on Sunday morning and so Lucy, Isabella and I had a tea party which involved Isabella in maternal mode forcefully feeding her doll a cup of tea, yelling drink at the same time! So restful.

A couple of stories later, a couple of puzzles completed and Dave took over as he and Lucy had planned an experiment involving this...

and some boiling water to see what happens with steam or hot air or something!!! Anyhow, it involved the use of frozen fruit which they then made into this...

While all this activity went on I sat serenely (!) turning this little pile

into this work in progress...

We ate a delicious roast dinner (thank you Davey) and then set off in the car for a drive; the intention had been to go for a walk but the heavens opened and the rain bucketed down scuppering that idea. Unfortunately, this meant I didn't bother taking the camera and was so cross with myself as we drove around the creeks to the sun breaking through with that beautiful late afternoon light turning the branches into gold-tinted silhouettes, the rain-wet petals of daffodil clumps clustering on the banks glistening like jewels and the creek water of the little inlet a deep pool of shadowed jade - it really was breathtaking. The road wound around the creek and rose up the hill leading to Port Navas, an old village of pretty slate-hung and weather softened granite houses, the verges and banks cheery with yet more daffodils. Far off in the distant the lowering sun cast shadows on fields swooping down to the snaking river and we pulled the car over to listen to the gentle settling of river birds saying goodnight, one of my most favourite sounds in the world. It was such a moment of calm and peace; even Lucy, usually not known for keeping quiet - sat silently listening.

Well, with no camera to hand I have nothing to show you and will leave you instead with a picture of Prussia Cove - why? Because it's the only one I can find at the moment showing an inlet!

Finally home to scones and a pot of tea


See you soon xx


  1. Pipany, you should be making a book of all your writings, they are so lovely both to read and to look at.

  2. Oh I laughed out loud at the thought of your daughter yelling at her doll to drink it - oh please can I come to tea.

    Wonderful blog and pictures - there is something so restful about the way you right - it also makes me want to rush off and be creative with a needle and thread and even to cook . . .

  3. Not quite sure how you are finding time to blog too! Loved your duck photo on the previous blog as well.

  4. The blogging is my moment for me to clear my head - sometimes I mean to have such a moan about something and then when I start writing I can only think of the nice things that have happened! x

  5. That sounds like a perfect Sunday - even with the rain. I love the thought of the day bracketed by tea parties!

  6. Hello Pipany,

    Reading your blogs always clears my head of moany thoughts, too! Thanks for lifting many spirits.

  7. I want to come to tea too! That's a gorgeous cake stand. Is it the Laura Ashley one? I saw it and have been dropping HINTS but he is not listening! I was talking about your blog the other day with another of your fans - we both want to stamp on all our current crockery and have yours!

    And yes I am inspired by your blogs too. I'm inspired to clear the house of clutter and replace it with the lovely homely craft that your home has.

  8. You are just so refined - tea in cups, a tea pot, a cake stand, tablecloth and everything! How very lovely.

    Isabella sounds like a trainee Father Jack (from Father Ted - remember? Drink! Gels! Feck!), made me smile.

  9. what luscious looking scones, did you have them with thick double cream ?

  10. Lovey indeed. Do save some scones won't you..

    Crystal xx

  11. Hello Pipany! So sorry I've been off the radar for so long. I don't know where the time goes...Trying to catch up a bit with everyone, bit by bit.

    I love reading you because it connects me to Cornwall - I love the birds at sundown as well, especially over water. Magical. Like you, I frequently don't have the camera when I need it - so very frustrating, but you catch the moment beautifully in words.


  12. Recognise the Bridgewater teapot! I would feel at home! Lovely blog, Pipany, so many reminders of when the children were young, though they weren't often quiet in the car. It's annoying isn't it when you forget the camera and even if you remember it the picture that comes out isn't exactly the one the went in, as it were, given that our eyes can perform tricks of foreshortening that cameras can't. But you had a lovely day and even did some seriously fetching stitching. Best wishes, Fenniexx

  13. Ooooh Pipany, the scones and tea look delicious! I remember when me and my hubby were in Newquay (which we didnt enjoy but anyway....) we were in a little cafe and we ordered a scone / cream / jam each and a mug of tea. well when they came out they had actually given us 2 scones etc each which we thought 'Oh bonus'. Little did we realise - they are soooo filling! By the time we finished we were almost sick and could bearly walk! Our car was on the other side of the town though!
    Our eyes were certainly bigger than our stomachs!

    I love your duck photo on the post before, im very jealose. God willing one day il be taking photos of my own paddle / flock / team / brace / raft of ducks (why are there so many words just for describing a group of ducks?!)

  14. Lovely blog as ever, just cram full of all the nice things in life and beauty too.