Friday, 22 February 2008

And today's tea cup is...

It is cold and grey here today and so photographing anything has been difficult; the light quality is so poor and our little house seems slightly drab as a result - oh for the glorious Spring light. As I am so craving it I thought I would post one of my favourite shots of the garden with the tulips peeking through the new shoots of the plants. How fresh and airy the hazy sunshine looks - ahhh....

And here's today's cup for my morning coffee. I love this little cup and saucer which I think I paid about 50p for in a carboot sale a couple of years ago.

I do quite well on these visits though I haven't been to one for a long time; hmm, perhaps it's time to start going again - after all, I might pick up another lovely plate to go on the kitchen mantlepiece with this one:

Well, how did that happen? The lavender sachet I made for Lauren seems to have worked its way into the picture! Ok, truth to tell, I am having a problem sending it on its way because I like it so much. It sat on my dressing table last night and kept the little Japanese doll I made when I was a very young girl company - yes, this is where I began my creating....bless her, she's very worn and battered now and a few blemishes mark her (a bit like me really).

I made her for my Mum, a lady not renowned for hanging on to things which probably explains why I so love things from the past, things that have lived a little or a lot. I love to hold them and wonder about where they came from and what they saw, what they could tell us if only they had words. Anyway, you can imaging my surprise when Mum handed me this diminutive being out of the blue...I thought she was long gone and to see those tiny stitches and her poor pipe-cleaner hands trying to keep hold of her paper fan quite brought tears to my eyes as I could remember struggling to make her so clearly all those years before. Battered and forlorn though she is, she is still very special to me.

Well, the final picture for today is a sachet I made for myself this morning - now I have no excuse and will post the other one of to lovely Lauren this afternoon!

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Oh how wonderful that your Mum kept the doll - how special is that. And also she signaled the start of your creativity - so doubly special.

    Thank you for the 'what it will be like soon' Spring picture - we have grey, rain. sleet and it was very windy - anything but Spring like here.

  2. I just love the lavender sachet, so delicate and pretty.
    As is your cup and saucer. :)

  3. Pipany, the pictures and words allow us to see how your creativity is inspired. Thank you!
    I would so love to join you on a visit to a car boot sale. There are many weekend flea markets around New York that promise treasures, but I find that this city just has too many discerning eyes ... it is rare to come upon anything as pretty as your floral teacup and saucer.

  4. Gorgeous pictures again pipany. I had a go at photographing some of my favourite things but was not at all satisfied with the outcome so might try again when the day is not so grey. It's quite dark in our old house today.

  5. Just go on day after day showing us photos of your lovely things. I'm so enjoying them.

  6. Oooh, your things are so pretty Pipany - want, want, want!

    I love cups, too, & have a litte collection, which I might share one of these days.

    LBD x