Saturday, 23 February 2008

Saturday sanity!

Today started out in it's usual fairly chilled manner, more-so than usual perhaps as Isabella slept till 6.30 before hollering and then went back to sleep till 7am. Wonderful. I practically skipped into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and found some croissants Dave had hidden away the evening before - hmm, someone was bound to hear the rustling; in bounced Lucy with an expectant grin. So, here is how the day started:

Unfortunately, after a leisurely perusal of a cetain magazine(naming no names...)bought the night before for me by Dave reality hit and I was confronted by the disgustingness that is our house! All week I have mummbled about the mess and fought to sort it, but the battle was clearly not going in my favour. Now it had reached a zenith and everywhere I looked were the signs of my domestic inadequacies - marks on the walls from grubby hands, clothes strewn willy-nilly (love that)...oh, I could go on and on and on. Dave the wonderful took the two younger girls off to do the shopping (YAY!) and I put on an apron (yep, I meant business), put on some music - it could have been Bat Out of Hell but I needed something that was rousing yet had its more soothing moments too, hence Vivaldi was today's choice albeit played very loudly - and I am now settling to the task with breaks for, er well, this!

Ok. it's now much later and
I am a little further forward with the cleaning; the kitchen at least no longer resembles a bombsite (note the sparkling biscuit tins and pasta jar!)

and we are enjoying a celebratory glass of Cava to make room in the fridge for the food from Dave's shop!!! Oh typical, I wanted to show off the beautiful champagne flutes we were given by a very dear friend the day Isabella was born, but no, Dave had to go and use my very kitsch cocktail glasses (huge fans of cocktail evenings at home here). Ah well....

To finish up here's a picture of three things that are making me smile today - Lucy's lunch (how lucky we are to have a child or two that LOVE fresh fruit and veg!)

the ducks inspecting the willow clippings from the tree that fell into our neighbour's garden and have now arrived back in ours. Their names are - from the top - Lemony, Mustang and Biscuit; the fourth, Maple, refused to be 'ready for her close up'...

ans another gorgeous plate that I have had for so long I've forgotten how I came by it in the first place. Not terribly well photographed but my glass, er I mean the cleaning beckons!

Cheers all and hope your day is full of lovely things and very little cleaning. Now on to the rest of the house....


  1. Pipany, you make your life sound straight out of a magazine - even if it is THAT magazine. WIsh you could come round here with your pinny and gloves and, more importantly, your cava! What a fine idea to have it for lunch.

  2. Oh Milla has beaten me to it! I also invite you to try your hand at the tip that this apartment now resembles.
    (My current alibi is the now-three-week cold/flu that has kept all my physical activity to the absolute minimum. I am not too sure how much longer this story will hold up.)
    I love all your still life photos. That last plate reminds me of a couple of pieces I have.

  3. Hi Pipany - you have been busy! and blogging! I've just caught up on the last three blogs and am deep in clean-house and china envy! I think I have to go out and find another blue and white cup and saucer. I loved the food photos and the one of your wee one's lunch took me back to when my Lillypad went through a fruit-only stage!

  4. Pipany, I think you should come straight over here...I dont feel well enough to do housework and you love it!!
    I want Lucy's lunch.
    Oh, and the Cava too.

  5. Pour me a glass please - have been tidying and de-stoning in the garden, and baking and cooking in the kitchen and now am ready to drop. I'll swap you a Lemon cupcake for a glass of sparlky wine!

  6. I thought my cleaning episodes were pretty dull....they are when compared to yours!

  7. Eeeek . . . looks round frantically . . .The cleaning starts . . tomorrow - but it has to be done we have a Purplecoo shoot coming up and it simply wouldn't do for it to be reported back that WW and HS live in a pig sty . . .oink oink.

    Ooooo yes you are indeed so lucky to have children that like fruit. Robot boy refused to touch any of it.

    I hope you enjoyed your glass . . I mean housework.