Sunday, 2 March 2008

A bit of a catch up.

It's been a little hectic here of late and yet I can't quite work out why. The days have gone by so quickly that I almost forget where we are in the week and can only work it out via my personal secretary - Lucy - who informs me each morning that it's Thursday/Tuesday/Monday or whatever in a 'golly, are you really that dense?' tone of voice. The only day I seem to inherently know is Friday and that is because it has always been my favourite day of the week. It heralds the start of the weekend, Gardener's World (yes, it's back), Sunday roast, children of all ages all over the place, and so on and so on...

Time for a coffee and a catch up - also a quick picture of one of the children's cups which I am using today.

This one is a Beatrix Potter cup which usually sits in this pretty bowl...

Sweet aren't they? But back to the weekend...

The weekend began with Lucy feeding the hens for me wearing her gorgeous new wellies (pink with skulls and crossbones all over them!). Unfortunately, I tried to take the photo without her seeing and it came out blurred. Please note the fact that two of the hens are the wrong side of the fence!

Friday night is also Lucy's 'late night' where she gets to stay up for an extra hour. Sometimes we play games or make up riddles for each other; sometimes she has some project underway which she will quietly work away at, snipping and sticking, making books or writing stories. Recently she has been learning to knit and, just like her mum when she was a child, she wants to learn how to do it properly from the start. None of that holding the wool between thumb and forefinger to wind it around the needle - no, Lucy has seen how I knit and wants to do the same even though it is harder to learn. "But it's quicker Mummy," she says with a determined air, and indeed it is so she keeps on trying, tongue caught between her teeth in concentration...dear little soul

Even the post on Friday was in a good mood and instead of the usual pile of bills I received this pretty package

which contained this lovely gift, something I won in a giveaway by pink petal designs and which she made herself. I was so thrilled to win this tissue holder and keyring, especially when I never usually win anything! Just look at the lovely fabric.

Other happenings over the weekend? Lots of work on my website which was sorely in need of an update; much sewing of Easter bags and bunnies, lavender sachets and renewing stock; a meeting with the lovely Toady and her equally lovely daughter, Lauren, in Newquay but I shall write about that tomorrow as I need my Lauren to email me the pics she took on her camera! And Mothering Sunday which involved all our lovely children around and about apart from dear Matzen who couldn't be there. A good weekend in all.

Hope yours was too xx


  1. Ooh lovely feel good blog full of pretty things and thoughts. My girls had that china too its packed away somewhere.

  2. Oh big happy sigh . . . I do so love reading your blog - it just makes me feel so good . . thank you.

  3. Yes lovely blog again, gorgeous to look at, delightful to read.

  4. You are always so busy Pipany! Lovely photos too. I am so impressed with Lucy for learning to knit like that. She will go far. We used to have the Beatrix Potter too but sadly one of the downsides of deciding to use it rather than keep it for display is that it is broken now. Brought back vivid memories, seeing your pictures though.

  5. Lovely blog, Pipany. Great to meet up with Toady - can't wait to see the pics.x

  6. All that you describe and show us with those photos, Pipany, just makes me feel better about being alive right now.

    Cheers to you!xo

  7. Lovely blog today. I enjoyed the photos - I was also looking at baby dishes on the weekend. I gave my son and DIL son's Bunnykins dishes for their wee one.

  8. A lovely blog Pipany, filled with such beautiful things.

    I adore the Beatrix Potter china, my grandchildren had it too.

    A truly delightful read Pipany, thank you for sharing with us.


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