Tuesday, 18 March 2008

pics and tagging

I seem to have been tagged a few times for different things by various people and have completely forgotten to do anything about it. Thought i would clear it in one go and have popped in random and a nit bizzare pictures to break up the drivel!

7 supposedly interesting things about me (may be repeating self here):

1. I have seven sisters and no brothers

2. I once said I would never have children!!!!!!

3. My mum has no stretch marks despite having had 7 children and neither do I despite having had 5 (lucky on the one hand, but where is the proof of having carried these gems - oh that's right, I have a little smile of a Caesarean scar from Isabella's birth)

4. I HATE the cold and also HATE weraing millions of layers as I am not very big and feel like the Michelling Man. makes me positively miserable and grouchy, thus I would rather turn the heating up or throw another log or ten on the fire.

5. If I cannot visit the sea regularly I feel as though I am lost. I am a North Cornish girl really and much as I love living where I do on the South coast with its beautiful rivers and coves, I have to return to the wild, rugged North coast frequently to stand on the cliffs in the buffeting winds and watch the waves crash below. Fortunately in Cornwall it doesn't take any time to go from one coast to another.

6. One of my ideas of heaven is to lie under a cherry tree in full blossom with the smell of bluebells drifting on the breeze and the sound of bees buzzing reaching my ears. Another is to stand at the farthest reach of a tiny outcrop of rocks on Breakwater Beach at Bude on the North coast (where I come from originally) in a raging storm with the sea frothing and boiling on either side of me and the lightening dancing over the horizon - just amazing, but I haven't managed this one for years. Could think of loads more as I have many versions of heaven in my head most of the time.

7. I love physical work, particularly in the garden - Dave is the buffer of leaves and pincher out of seedlings while I am the builder of walls and remover of gigantic shrubs. we work well together!

So, that's that tag done; now for the other which I have sort of forgotten the gist of. I think it was 4 things...

4 films I would watch again:
Great Expectations (David Lean's version)
High Society
Room with a View
Some Like it Hot (one of all the children's favourites too)

4 TV shows I watch (don't watch much regularly but these would be there if on)
Hugh's River Cottage series (we have the lot on DVD)
Larkrise to Candleford
Hotel Babylon (yes, I know...)
Gardeners' World

4 Places I've lived
er...Cornwall, Cornwall and Cornwall!!!!
Or... Bude
all in Cornwall!

4 places I've been
Isles of Scilly
Cork in Eire
Lake District

4 things to eat - good grief only 4? Food is one of my favourite topics so this is hard
stew and dumplings
vegetables of any description roated, steamed, raw, in a sauce...
rich sauces, particularly with alcohol added and liberal additions of butter
seafood - bass, lobster, mussels picked fresh off the beach..

4 things to look forward to
warm weather and the beach, garden, picnics.
time with the family in the summer holidays
time to do some gardening
longer eveinings

Right that's it - bored by now I would think!!!

Oh I almost forgot - I am being sent some beautiful lilly bulbs! Jane from snapdragon garden has some going free in her newsletter - if you haven't already read it use the link to pop over; advice on snowdrops and a showcasing of another creative person too. There may even still be some lillies up for grabs!

See you soon xx


  1. Lovely Pip. Hey did that photo ever turn up?

  2. dear little bag. SEVEN SISTERS!! Blimey, your mother must think you're a bit slack with just the five. But no stretch marks. How mean is that.

  3. PS And lovely deckchairs, too! Have given up on Hotel Babylon this series. Max Beasley does something unpleasant and moist smacking his lips and barely opening his eyes and it gives me the shudders. Did you see Cranford? Best thing on TV in years, do try and catch it if you missed it before, am sure you'd love it. I did.

  4. Oooo yes I loved the deckchair picture too - which doersn't mean I didn't like the others.

    Looks like you have the same stretchy skin as your mother, which just goes to prove forget all the expensive creams if you are going to get stretch marks you will. But wow seven sisters. How lovely though to be part of such a big family - explains so much about your lovely blogs.

    A box has arrived which I suspect is my Babbit - but I haven't opened it yet - I am saving it.

  5. Hello Pipany.

    Where was the tedious part? This is another beauty from Cornwall!

    Thank you also for your kind comments to me.

    And...Great Big Congratulations to Dave. I know you'll have a big celebration.


  6. Well, we know so much about you now. Loved it all. You are so right, Some Like it Hot is the best film ever. Whenever I'm fed up I watch it and it unfailingly makes me smile.

  7. Seven sisters! I've always been envious of big families. Must have been a lot of fun growing up. I've always thought the north Cornish coast was romantic, but then I grew up on Poldark! Lovely photos as ever. Loved the list of films too, though I'm with Milla on Hotel Babylon.

  8. Never tedious Pipany, just lovely, and so nice to see the whole of the cake stand this time!

  9. Interesting blog. I can't get over your mother and 8 girls - you and seven sisters, is that right? What was the PMT like in your house! LOL

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  11. Lovely lists Pipany ...but how if you have seven sisters your mum only had seven children.....dont tell me ...she stitched a couple of pieces of fabric together and made a Pipany.....

  12. Seven sisters but I get the feeling you had a very happy childhood?

    I've no stretch marks either but only two babies me.

    Gorgeous photos as ever, a treat for my eyes.

  13. You've been busy! Gawd, did your dad ever get in the bathroom??

  14. Indeed this post is likeable (what's all that about then?) ho ho.
    You forgot to add that you have the secret of eternal youth - it must be that great stretchy skin - no wrinkles either. Bah.

  15. six sisters! wow! I've got three, I thought that was good going! I was lucky enough to get some lily bulbs from Jane too, aren't we the lucky ones! Have a happy easter. xx

  16. Am I going to admit to watching Hotel Babylon ? (nope) adore the Isles of Scilly, many happy memories. xx