Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sunny thoughts.

A few images today of the lovely sunny weather we are having in between the torrential rain in Cornwall - this was Swanpool Beach about five minutes drive from the children's school yesterday afternoon.

Swanpool, as the name suggests, has a large sea-filled pond, a sort of mini-lake, which is separated from the beach by a small road and has many nesting swans, ducks and moorhens on it. There are also killer terrapins! No, I kid you not - apparently so many people have dumped unwanted terrapins in it that they have bred and are quite vicious, known for occasionally nipping the feet off little ducklings as they swim round. Nice eh? This was the tranquil scene yesterday however as Isabella and I used up the time till Lucy's school day was over...

Today is sunny again though the wind is very blustery and cold. I think it must be an easterly as my nose feels like someone is pinching it every time I step outside the door. Makes for beautiful coastal views with whippy-topped waves and flourishes of sea-spray but as Isabella is full of cold at the moment I think I will stay closer to home today. So here are a few images of things that make me smile on this cold Tuesday morning...

a beautiful vase made by Tom for me roughly 16 years ago

a Buddha brought back from China by Dave when he took a group of sixth-formers there for three weeks. They had the most amazing time and this lovely chap with his gorgeous smiley face is a permanent reminder as he sits on the bookcase in the sitting room overlooking us all as we go about our day

and a gorgeous little tulip bowl which I adore. I have become completely obsessed by tulips over the last few years and love so many of the different varieties. It's funny how tastes change as we grow older - I never particularly liked either tulips or dahlias when I was younger and yet now I absolutely adore them both, though it has to be the tall dahlias and they have to be grown in a mass, all tangled stems and colours like so many jewels scattered into the air. Never have been or will be a girl for bedding schemes and busy lizzies! So here is the tulip bowl...

and finally this little minx who I spotted reading Daddy's books in the bedroom...or so I thought; sneaking up I clicked the camera and as she turned at the sound, I saw the pencil in her hand!!!! Oops, hope Daddy doesn't mind Isabella's edited version of Dickens!

Bye for now xx


  1. Fabulous blog as ever. Lovely pictures of the ducks... horrid terrapins, though. I really had to laugh at Isabella at the end. A complete picture of innocence, but in fact 'editing' Dickens! Lovely! xxPM
    PS: I loved the tulip bowl. Beautiful.

  2. very sweet pics, partic of ducks and Isabella's hair! Too envious of that b**** to even say it in full.

  3. Well, you know I don't much like children, but oh, I could just eat Isabella, she's so curly and gorgeous and looks warm and like she'd smell lovely. I do sort of miss that tiny toddler snuggly stage...

  4. Wow I didn't know that terrapins could survive in salt water - but clearly they do. Maybe the pond is diluted with fresh rainwater.

    I loved the little jug best of all - but did like the tulip bowl as well and the cheerful Buddha.

    Oh your daughter is gorgeous. Like Kitty I do miss the snuggly toddler stage - but oneday there may be Grandchildren.

  5. Another piece of heaven in all your pics.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, Pipany. Bit scary about the terrapins though!

  7. Everything sooo beautiful, and I especially adore the Tulip Bowl, and love your pictures.

    Ah, darling little Isabella, hoping that her cold goes soon.


  8. Another absolute winner! Is that the only vase that Dave has made? It is terrific, so I think that there have to be more.

    And that little scamp Isabella! Precious.


  9. I am a tulip addict too and just love your bowl. I have pots full all around the outside of the garden. They seemed huge numbers when I planted the bulbs but it is now quite clear that there should be more. You are good at counting blessings!