Friday, 14 March 2008

Signs of Spring.

Twice I tried to post a blog yesterday but each time I uploaded all the pictures the internet did a wobbly and I lost the lot! Not good for the temper so let's see if it's ay better today. Yesterday rained from dawn to dusk, a grey and miserable day so here are some photos from the day before - a brief look at signs of spring to hopefully lift the spirits a little.

Next, one of the highlights of spring for me is this gorgeous marsh marigold which is just beginning to flower. That sunshiney yellow just glows even on the dullest of days and can't fail to cheer me as I wander through the garden to feed the animals. It grows at the edge of the little wildlife pond I built under the sloe tree, not the best of places perhaps as it's a bit shady sometimes, but it means we can gaze at it when we sit by the campfire.

Further down the garden the Merryweather damson is beginning to flower. I always think of this as a wedding tree with its creamy froth of blossom resembling confetti as it falls in the breeze. Ours sits next to the writing room Dave built himself which I couldn't get a decent picture of for some reason; the windows are so pretty
like something from a Beatrix Potter painting - one of my salvages from the council dump in the days before they sold it off to some big company. No bargains to be had now! The damson branches arch over the windows of the little wooden shed and the view on a sunny day with the blossoms against a blue, blue sky is just pure magic.

Two more before I leave the garden behind; first a view through the magnolia stellata which grows at the edge of the duck pond...

and then a shot of the first tulip to flower in the garden - I forget the name but it is a beautiful cream and green which is supposed to provide a backdrop to the hot red ones - why it is flowering quite this early goodness only knows!

So that was the garden on Wednesday and this was the sewing room on Thursday when the rain poured down on the glass roof so hard I couldn't hear the radio even at full volume - what was I doing? Well, working (playing) of course with these chaps...

Reservoir Babbits?

or The Usual Suspects perhaps?

Couldn't think of a film for this one but I sooo love his ears which just refused to lie down!

Think I need to move them off the shelves and out of sight as I spent far too long playing with them. It's good to be a child sometimes though isn't it?

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Good to see the garden coming to life - maybe on a nice day the Babbits could go out to play? Maybe the one with the ears could be Dumbo?!

  2. We have a gorgeous sunny spring morning here today - the garden's just bursting with green shoots and buds and the birds are singing like mad - long may it last!
    Love those babbits!

  3. Faith beat me to Dumbo!

    It is lovely to see the signs of Spring in the garden isnt it? I have just a few green tips of bulbs coming up, and a few buds on shrubs.


  4. Crikey spring is early with you! My garden is still proud that it had managed to get its snowdrops to bloom at last.

    I think that tulip looks like a Spring Green. I grow those too, but mine are only three inches of green leaf and no flowers yet.

    Gorgeous babbits! I especially love Dumbo's ears too.

  5. Love those Babbits - and don't they all have different personalities?

    Good to see the garden waking up too.

  6. What a lovely spring scene. I've got hyacinths in the front entrance so every time you open the door the scent just wafts in...
    I love the smiling Babbit on the left I think she's teasing Dumbo Babbit, nicely of course!!!
    Looking forward to the screams of delight when Mam and Anna receive theirs x (cheque will be in post this weekend as they say...)x

  7. Pipany, thank you for bringing spring to my neighborhood. We are still bundling up with scarves, hats and gloves, so seeing your blooms and babbits really is cheering.

    Have a grand weekend!

  8. Such a hopeful and cheerful blog you have. As Frances says, we're still seeing snow and wind, and the prospect of spring is still a little farther off than we would like to think about. Absolutely love your babbits. I'm inspired to try something in wool or alpaca...

  9. hi pipany,
    I love this time of year ..seeing the garden start to come alive again. I also love your little Babbits.. such pretty fabrics. and i completely agree with's great to be a child! I really enjoy skipping.
    ginny x

  10. Hi Pipany

    I've tagged you to do the 7 Facts about yourself. Come to my blog for instructions! Please!!!

  11. Your garden is well ahead of mine. The tulip looks like Spring Green. I love the damson blossom, again mine will be about three weeks I think. Your babbits are great!

  12. The sun may have been out first thing, but it's got colder and colder as the day's worn on! Love all your pics, feels like spring is here when I look at them! Dx