Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Chilly Morn.

Aren't the early morning skies incredible at the moment? The view from the edge of our front garden looks down over Penryn and Falmouth, over the fields, eventually reaching the sea in the distance. Today it offered another glorious display of deepest pink and velvet blue as the light gradually broke through to reveal a bitterly cold morning.

The children sat on the back of the sofa watching the dawn break through the window and I grabbed the camera to capture the display before it was over.

The icy morning held light wrapped in frozen air, colours cast onto sea and land that shimmered and changed so quickly that it was hard to catch one scene before another evolved.

A softer rose and gold landscape with hidden charcoal depths emerged by the shore, the slumberous sea quietly rolling in its sleepy state, the waves barely breaking the chilled silence as they shifted against the rocks.

Even the quay showed signs of the cold with stars frosting the wooden sleepers lining the edge.

Amazing how cold air seems to mute the palate leaving a misted scene without the mist - does that make sense?

Of course, even the cold could not dampen the bright colours of the boats on the banks.

Keep warm won't you? x


  1. what a wonderful sky ... sadly i had not surfaced early enough to see the sunrise but i did notice that the early evening sky was a beautiful soft pink yesterday.
    it is chilly too ... kitchen tidy this morning... that should warm me up!!
    what are you up to?
    lots of love xx

  2. Gorgeous photos! I just commented on the sky on another bloggers post...I think many of us noticed it this morning...but, living by the coast probably makes it all the more spectacular...these entries have reminded me of the glorious beautiful world out there again...and how I reckon, the more I immerse myself in it, the more my heart will recover... xxx

  3. Such beautiful pictures Pipany.
    Looking at them has reminded me of how much beauty there is around us...if we look. It is such a shame that there is an element of folk out there who do not see it, what do they see?
    Thank you for your kind words, every commnent has been a tonic.
    You go girl with that camera, I love your images.
    Carol x

  4. Oohh the beautiful skies of my beloved cornwall,how i wish i was there pipany. xx

  5. Pipany your pictures are 'gor'geous - honestly you really do not need any tips from me.

    Not much red sky here this morning, but lots of frozen puddles that the children were having great fun sliding on!


  6. Just found your blog via the 20 minuters. What a gorgeous sunrise :)

  7. Such a cold morning! You were brave venturing out to take photos! They are lovely though. Lovely to see Pendennis Point. It so often looks like a Mill Pond (as my Dad used to say!) x

  8. Stunning photos Pippany - I especially love the 4th 5th and last but one and think they would make lovely cards.

    Jane x

  9. You have just gotta love those boats. And the early morning scenery is amazing.

    Although I am lucky enough if I barely register my family first thing.Never mind what outside looks like. Morning person I am not! lol. (until at least a cup of tea has been drunk).Although I cant help but wonder if that was the view that was slowly being revealed to me whether I would change my mind.

    Lovely photos as ever.


  10. The morning really is the best part of a day but unfortunately they have been just dark and dank here and I feel like hibernating!:)

    Your sunrise photo is stunning Pip and holds the promise of a much longed for turning of the season.

    Jeanne x

  11. Pipany, your early morning sky is magnificent. I am another one who can be spellbound just sky gazing ... any time of the day, really. Never even try to take a photo, just let my eye guide a slowing pace towards my usual hectic system.

    This week leads up to a glorious full moon, and each night when I leave the shop and then, a half hour later, leave the subway station, I defintely look up past the tall buildings to just gape at that bright disc!

    Best wishes. xo

  12. That sky...*swoon*!! It's been chilly here too... but colors but grays today! Happy Day to you & your sweet ones, Pipany :o) ((HUGS))

  13. What beautiful photos, it makes me yearn for the sea.

  14. The cornish skies are dramatic and beautiful. In Enfield this morning the sky hung over like a grey smog. I will be on the look out for brighter morns though! I love your photos and descriptions. They give me a warm glow on the inside even though I am cold on the outside! x

  15. Gorgeous photos! what wonderful skies.

  16. hmm lovely pictures, it is rather chilly x

  17. I think we were looking at the same sky - you one end, me the other! I particularly love that second to last photo. Dreamy.

  18. fantastic photos - I really loved looking at them

  19. The sky doesn't appear like that very often does it ? and when it does its vital to rush out with your camera. I took a very similiar picture a few years ago which has been 'borrowed' a few times from my blogspot I've noticed.

  20. Truly gorgeous photos Pipany.

    We have been having similar skies here, last nights was amazing, but I just stand staring and only think of the camera when it's much too late.

    There is such beauty around if we choose to look!

    Sue xx

  21. Such beautiful photographs.

  22. Stunning pictures. They took my breath away. Thanks for sharing them.