Friday, 8 January 2010

Some Winter Sights.

Some sights from the last few days: bright cotoneaster berries

A single berry fallen on icy crystals

Dark purple ivy backlit by early morning sunshine

Fun in the snow


A little girl who couldn't bear snowball fights in the February downfall now races to pelt us all. Funny how things change.

The strangeness of delicate sugar-pink flowers of the Ballerina rose against chilly sky

Biscuit having a stretch to work out the cold from her feathers.

That's better, I am ready for my close up. She is such a pretty girl isn't she?

And finally, a snuggle down under soft quilts in even softer pyjamas

and a play on the sofa with teddies and bunnies close to hand

while dave and I knitted by the fire - me feeling sooo cosy in my new pj's...bliss.

Stay warm won't you? xx

P.S. for those who asked, the Crofter wool in the last post knits up in Fairisle type patterns without the bulk of Fairisle (though I do love knitting true Fairisle too). Pop to Tracy's pretty blog over at Cupcakes at Home as this is where I first saw it being used...just gorgeous! x


  1. Isabella is so beautiful Pip. Haven't visited blogs in some while so what a treat to catch up and see your lovely pics. Being snowbound has it's advantages!

  2. Beautiful photos, really lovely and clear. It's rare to see snow in Cornwall, how exciting.


  3. You've had snow too!!

    I love your wintry pictures Pipany and January is certainly turning into a beauty.

    Hope you hold on to the snow for the weekend, we've more bad weather (forecasted) coming our way!!

    take care and happy weekening,

    Nina xxxxxxx

  4. Hello Pipany, such beautiful photos!
    The Crofter wool is gorgeous!
    Have a lovely weekend!I intend to make lots of knitted brooches and a Date and Walnut cake!
    Keep cozy and warm!
    Rachel X

  5. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. I so want to be part of it. Adopt me please!!!x :-)

  6. A very Happy New Year to you Pipany and your lovely family.
    I hope all your dreams come true in 2010.
    What a little sweetie Isabella is.
    Carol x

  7. Biscuit is beautiful,what lovely colouring,i hope biscuit & her feathered friends are enjoying this snowy weather!! x

  8. Well, Pipany, you have done it again! Each of these photos is a gem. The crispness of the brilliant light and the huge affection shared by your family just shine so brightly.


  9. Oh, what a deliciously sweet day, Pipany... Thanks for letting us join in on the fun. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  10. Lovely pictures! You are lucky to have colour. Anything edible has gone here now, or is buried under the snow. Isabella is really beautiful - those eyes!

  11. Lovely photos Pip, showing winter at its very best! Isabella and Biscuit are both gorgeous and I love Mr Davy's snappy scarf! Snow is so rarely seen in Cornwall so its great to see you making the most of it.

    Have a great weekend! Jeanne x

  12. Your beautiful quilt again - I feel quite bitten by the quilt bug at the moment.

    Those pyjamas look beautiful and the idea of knitting with one's completely dreamy. x

  13. Yes it is lovely to see colour, everything is white here. The Ballerina rose, the ducks, Isabella all gorgeous pics.

  14. Lovely photos of the plants. and I love bBiscuit, you are right shes a beauty!

  15. Love your winter sights Pipany, especially the purple ivy, with sun in the background. Bye for now. Lesley

  16. You always manage to share such a happy home Pipany. It really warms your heart on these cold days.
    Bertie x

  17. Love those pictures of Biscuit. Is she an Aylesbury/Khaki Campbell cross?
    Keep warm too!

  18. Lovely, I'm wearing my cosy new pjs too !!
    Twiggy x

  19. I have used Crofter a lot - it works really well. I love your winter sights - unfortunately our snow has been accompanied by pewter skies, so not so good for pics!

    Pomona x