Monday, 11 January 2010

What We Did.

Constantly popped out to free up drinking water for hens and ducks, and break through the thick, thick ice on the pond. Biscuit and Mustang preferred sitting on the ice than on the snowy banks; no sense, no feeling?

Mustang takes a bow. Both he and Biscuit are Silver-cheeked Appleyards, for those who asked and are much, much larger than they may appear - about two to three times the size of wild ducks and quite heavy to pick up, especially when you are tryintg to rescue your precious plants from their heavy footed waddling. Many a time and oft have I almost taken a turn in the murky waters of the duck pond while trying to manhandle them after a breakout!

Turned this

and this

into these for the wild birds which are flocking to our garden in search of food. I really do seem to have a need to feed the world don't I?

Lucy used her new fondue set, a fab present from one of her sweet friends.

Dipping chunks of melon and banana into rich, warm, chocolatey sauce...Mmmm.

Been very grateful that our dear hens are laying so well for us. Tiny eggs as they are newly in lay, but beautifully deep freckled brown in colour with bright orange eggs thanks to the huge amounts of fresh stuff we give them.

Struggled to get this girlie back into the warmth, only managing it with promises of card games and chocolate. Doesn't matter what the weather, this one likes to be outdoors.

tried to identify this little chap. he looks like a thrush and yet I am not sure at all. What do you think? The breast is actually pinkish which doesn't really show here.

Bit obsessed now, but he was further away than the lens makes it seem and I nearly broke my neck balancing on the icy raised herb bed to photograph him (her?). Exaggerate? Me?

Well, that's me for today apart from directing you here to one of my New Year's resolutions as suggested by Diana (possibly the key to good living, this one) and here for quite possibly one of the most romantic things I have seen in all this snow. Just beautiful.

Have a great unproscrastinating Monday xx


  1. These kind of pictures make me (almost) sad that the children have returned to school today - at least in our part of Cornwall!

  2. Hiya Pipany,

    a nature loving, fun packed warm and choclately heaven filled weekend - we only managed the chocolate though!!

    take care and have a fabulous week,

    Nina xxxxx

    ps. it does look a lot like a thrush doesn't it?? I wonder if Mr Odie would know??

    N xXx

  3. Those duck bills are gorgeous - I bet you could photograph those all day.

    I have no idea about the bird (although I have a friend who can identify most birds just by listening to them - do thrush's have a particular warble?). Either way, he's deliciously fat and lovely looking.

    Thank you so much for the link. x

  4. i wish we had birds to feed but we only get the odd seagull --- I think your visitor looks a bit like a fieldfare ?

  5. Lovely pictures, and I love the huge bird feeders you have made with the onion bags.

    Brilliant idea.

    Sue xx

  6. Such lovely pics...especially the ducks. Good for you for feeding everything. I've rummaged (and found, that's a miracle!) my bird book and it looks to me like a redwing. I saw a fieldfare dead on my neighbour's doorstep this morning and it doesn't have the eye stipe the redwing has. But as I know nothing about birds I could be very wrong!!

    I'm having a productive day... hope you are too!

    Love Diana xx

  7. Could have done with the other half of your onion bag yesterday - see my post! Love those eggs they look delicious and too the fondue!


  8. Lovely weekend photos Pip. Your bird looks very much like a thrush but a very rotund and almost wren-like shape and with a little black cap. A mystery but he is lovely!

    Jeanne x

  9. I agree with Diana, I think its a Redwing. We have had them in our garden this year. The RSPB website has some good pictures for identification.

  10. OOhh pipany that igloo was just fab,how romantic with all the little tealights!!
    I worry about the birds too,constantly putting out more food & fresh water. I dont think thats a thrush,i dont know what it is but very pretty. xx

  11. Diana and Willow are right - I think it is a Redwing. It's a relative of the thrush and migrates here from Scandavia apparantly. We've been feeding the birds in this freezing spell and have had a whole flock of them regularly visit (we're on the Lizard) along with LOADS of blackbirds.

    Loving the idea of a chocolate fondue - just what you need for this weather! We've still got snow here!

  12. it is a redwing - they are members of the thrush familly who overwinter here in the UK from colder northern climes - not quite got it right have they this year!!! - we saw one up close when we went bird ringing in October - I love feeding the birds and watching them at this time of the year

  13. Your photo's are really beautiful as are the children.
    Your birds and ducks look very happy to have you as their food supply. Lucky chaps.

  14. Definitely a redwing (a winter thrush)! Got my keen-on-birds hubby to check out your blog from Singapore. They have come over from Scandinavia and there are loads in Dorset and all along the South West where it's warmer (hmmmm..).

    Love your ducks, they are gorgeous; and very enterprising on the bird food bags, we went to B&Q!!

    Have a lovely week. x

  15. Looks like you've been having lots of fun :o) Hope your ducks warm up soon; your hens are doing very well laying in this weather!
    Lovely photo of a red wing. They're really shy and hard to get close to. When I saw them in Iceland though they were tame and hopped about the streets like Blackbirds!

  16. I have had redwings too, they resemble thrushes don't they? Fieldfares tend to come en masse.

    I made bird cake too which went down well. Even gave them leftover faggots which they loved.

    Beautiful photos.

  17. He could be a redwing? we got one in our garden for the first time yesterday.So glad Im not the only crazy person to be panicking about the wild birds!

  18. Really beautiful photo's Pipany, and I love Biscuit and Mustang, soo sweet.!

    I was going to say a Thrush, adore the birds, and what a brilliant idea for the bird-feeders with those onion bags.



    yep think its a redwing

  20. You have the most delightful weekends, Pipany! Love feeding the birds... Happy new week ahead to you all :o) ((HUGS))

  21. According to our Points West local news last night there have been sightings of redwings and checking this out in my Observer's book of birds it certainly looks like one. I know you are a bit further west than our news covers but I think you might have redwings there.


  22. Your photo's are always such a delight Pipany. Full of animals, nature and family. Things that inspire me too. x

  23. Ooh its a redwing I think Pip, fieldfares are greyer and a bit plumper. Both belong to the thrush family. We get both here and usually they arrive in flocks but we only ever get one or two. They love fruit, especially apples. The boys and I are a bonkers bird watcher, its so relaxing, miles better than a fish tank! Yesterday a sparrowhawk swooped down and took a starling from our bird table. Quite grim but the boys were transfixed, raw nature I suppose.

    love your dabblers!
    Stay cosy, hear its all gone rather white again down your way, Take care,


  24. Well I was getting all excited that I could tell you it was a redwing and see from your other comments that others have beaten me to it!
    Gorgeous photos as usual.

  25. Hello

    Looks like you have all been having a wonderful time what with chocolate fondue and visiting birds (Im sure its a redwing too).
    Our ducks on the river down the garden tend to like the ice too - Im sure they have no sense of cold like we do!

    Keep warm
    Love Julia x x x