Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Long Wednesday Wander.

Not a lot going on here at the moment apart from the clicking of knitting needles. Projects move on and new ones are started, but more of that in a moment. Last night I could be found clicking away on the camera rather than knitting pins as the fire's rich light called to me to preserve it for those dull days ahead.

The more it flickered the closer I went with the lens, the hypnotic flames curling fingers of orange up the chimney.

Hot, molten, liquidy heat....such bliss.

Anyhow, enough of that. Much excitement for Isabella this morning as a little fishing boat arrived on the quay on the back of a lorry. "That's not right," she announced to the driver, which I suppose is true really.

The tide was in and the river was quite busy with boats moored all around.

I love the contrasts of textures, the peeling paints and rough rope with a myriad of different knots, the names of which I have no idea.

Home again and look what I spotted peeping though the weeds while feeding the ducks.

Which led me on to look for more signs of spring.

And the more I looked, the more I found as is so often the way... if we only remember to look.

Ok, now it's on to the comedy part of the piece. I wanted to show you my tank top which I actually finished knitting on Sunday morning, wearing it out to lunch with friends Sunday lunchtime. I am so very pleased with it as it fits perfectly and I actually finished all the seams properly for the first time ever - what a differece that makes I can tell you. Unfortunately getting photographs has proved a challenge as it is dark early in the day and too dim again later on; this means I have tried to photograph myself! Welcome to Pip's Comic Gallery!

Please try to focus on the knitting and not the fact that I am clearly headless (deliberate I may add)

Suffice it to say that this was a very quick and easy knit, one to do while watching the tv, and is so lovely to wear that I have virtually lived in it since Sunday. It looks fab with jeans and over floaty dresses and smart skirts too. I really recommend trying it.

I'm already well into my next proect now - a jumper in soft charcoal wool with a bubbly sort of texture, but I think I have gone on quite long enough for today. Thank you to those who made it thus far and I'll get me back to my paperwork now (yes, you can see why I waffled on so long now).

Have a great Wednesday x


  1. I love the photos of your fire, glad you stopped getting closer and closer....or is that why you're headless in the other shots because you singed your hair....Lol.

    Sue xx

  2. Excellent tank top, but is that your vest untucked in the 2nd picture?
    Seriously though that is a very lovely piece of knitting. My gilet one quarter finished will not be nearly so nice.

  3. That's turned out really well Pip - love the colours. I'm making heavy weather of a little jumper for Em at the mo. Seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time for something so small.

  4. That fire looks so warming Pipany - such wonderful mesmerising pictures.

    Love the tank too - even if it is headless.

    Have a lovely day and hope your tackling the paperwork??

    Nina x

  5. Loving the top, I can only dream of knitting something so pretty and useful. Also love the boat and her chippy painted blues and reds. So pretty.

    Good luck with the paperwork!


  6. Love the tank top, fab colours and pattern!

  7. I love your tank top! But I am sure that Princess B told me that they weren't called tank tops any more - I can't remember what I was supposed to call it but hers has come to a grinding halt because I have to be in the right mood and have the right light to pick up the stitches round the arm. And crochet is tormenting me - I spent all last night trying to teach myself, and have now produced the minutest scrap which looks vaguely like crochet, but is perfectly useless!

    Yes, and I was supposed to be filing paperwork as well, but you have distracted me - your pictures are much more fun than filing!

    Pomona x

  8. You are right Pomona. Apparently we are supposed to call them vest tops now because tank tops have such connotations of the seventies and are seriously uncool (apparently). I am starting a revival!

  9. Love your tank top? Pattern please...?! Gorgeous sunny day here. Much unprocrastinating is happening in these parts, I can tell you!
    D x

  10. The tank top is gorgeous Pip, looks fab, though I'm not aos sure about it being easy to knit!

  11. Great to see that the winter is warming up around Cornwall ... those pretty flowers are a good sign. I've also seen lots of tiny snowdrops in Central Park.

    Your tanktop/vest is terrific. Great knitting, Pipany. I am now doing a pair of socks with Crofters yarn, experimenting to see how the colors appear. It's fun to watch them come and go.

    Best wishes. xo

  12. Great modeling pipany,i am sure we will see you on the catwalk soon!!
    Lovely pics,i love snowdrops hence the name of my cottage & i also love the pic of the boat moored up with the ropes,that just shouts cornwall too me!!
    Have a great day. xx

  13. They still call them "tanks" in the catalogues I think. Anyway, your 'whatever it's called' looks gorgeous, I love the colours and yes, it fits beautifully. Did you have to become a contortionist to do the self-portraits?

    Kate x

  14. I love the flickering flames photos. I do say love quite a lot but am not sure what word to use in its place! I also love the boats and the peeling paint and your little girls observations and I absolutely LOVE your tank top!!!x

  15. Great tank top. I probably should have been paying more attention in a previous post but I assume it was a self patterning yarn?

  16. Love the close ups of the spring flowers, so pretty! Your tank top is gorgeous too! Love the yarn you used!
    I've been knitting bags and scarves this week!
    Rachel x

  17. De-lurking to say what a lovely tank top. I, too, would love to know about the pattern, if possible? The photos of the fire are just gorgeous. :-)

  18. Now I want to knit a sweater like that. It looks really pretty on you, Pipany.

  19. Slightly unnerved by the closeness of the fire - but such hypnotic beauty. I loved Isabella's comment about the boat on the lorry. Spring? Already? God bless Cornwall. Lovely tank top too. Those pictures aren't quite the same as the ones in the Sirdar book - they have heads! It looks great though. I've been looking at that wool with great interest. I quite fancy the hound dog colour. Knowing me, I'll net quite get round to it, but I'm enjoying admiring yours. xx

  20. Lovely post Pippany - those little flowers pushing through the cold earth give one reall hopw don't they? And those flames - I could feel the heat! I adore the top - is that knitted with the Crofter yarn?


  21. Fantastic, uplifting photos. Just right for a misty Thurday morning. I love your pictures of the boats but they do make me long to be in Cornwall - lucky you.


  22. Lovely post - oh the thought of Spring on its way! The tank top is perfect and I would love one but dont think it would look half as good stretched across my ample bosom!!!

  23. Always so cosy visiting by your fireside here, Pipany! :o) LOVE, love the tank top... it is beautiful, it has wonderful tailored look, the wool/pattern so elegant--well done! Those little signs of spring and green things growing are balm for my winter-sore eyes...*swoon*... Happy weekend to you & yours! ((HUGS))

  24. Your tank top is beautiful, well done you and it suits you to a 'T' even though you dont have a head!! :D

    The photographs of your soothing river never ceases to cheer, thank you for that!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  25. I love the tank top! I have the back nearly finished on one but it is very plain compared to yours. :o) Cx

  26. Love the fire pics - how hard it is to capture those flickering moments.

    Knitting a tank top is very tempting - yours is fabulous - loooks super on you.

  27. Really lovely top, I love everything about it, especially the colours. As for the fire, well we have a woodburner and the sight, sound and the smell of wood is magical. Have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  28. Great photos. It's not easy to photograph yourself. The tanktop looks lovely, the shape is really flattering.

  29. I love the colors in the vest. And I'm drooling over your spring flowers. At least 2 more months (more likely 3, unless we get an unseasonably warm March) until spring flowers here. Those first few blooms are the most precious of them all!

  30. I only see now I'm actually looking through my bloglines that I hadn't looked down far enough when I'd gone to your blog on are headless after all - hurrah! (although my lack of brain would suggest that I'm literally headless).

    Anyway, the tank top is amazing - you clever thing - the colours are gorgeous. x