Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Nature's colours (and a bit of a sale).

I have been so out of touch with my poor blog and I miss it, so now the New Year is here I intend to get back in the groove so to speak. I almost felt overwhelmed by the thought of writing a catch up post until I remembered that it's my blog and I really shouldn't treat it the way I use to my diaries as a young girl, always apologising on the paper for not writing regularly and feeling the need to relate every tiny detail of the missing days. Instead I shall let things unfold as they choose merely pausing in the flow to say that the festive season was wonderful, the New Year brought the usual feeling of hope and excitement at what may lie ahead and yes, I do have a few Revolutions (Lauren's word from when she was tiny) as I love things to aim for and shall reveal those another day. But what has taken my eye today is the amazing range of nature's colours in this cold month of January.

I have noted on many blogs that January is not popular with most of us, though I must say that I have warmed to it over the years: it often has the most sparklingly beautiful days of iced sunshine with the bluest skies where the sea glitters and the yellow coconut-bun-scented gorse lights up the hedgerows. Of course, there are many bitterly frozen moments of grey and dulldom, but for me it is less so than the shorter month of February. Perhaps it is the hope of the year ahead that makes it bearable for me or maybe it is the contrasting colours so evident in all around.

Mr Davey and I are creating our own works in nature's colours with the knitting bug firmly having bitten us during the recent stint of Christmas present making. Dave knitted Lauren a scarf to accompany the hat I made her (no photos as yet!) and has decided to move onto a little jumper for Isabella, while I am busy knitting myself what used to be called a tank top, but now seems to be a vest for some reason. The wool is called Crofter and has the beautiful shades of charcoal, plum and heather pink running through reminding me of the long shadows cast by the north coast cliffs in late afternoon sunlight at this time of year. The back is finished...

but as ever, my photos don't show the delicate tones in their true warmth. The wool is so soft and tactile

and a dream to knit with; a lovely Christmas present thank you Dave x

But as I said, January is a month of contrasts and yesterday morning saw the river bathed in a golden light as Isabella and I trugded our way to nursery yet again. I have missed this view over the Christmas period as I have spent so much time forming my own chronicles of it with my camera that it now feels like a true friend, one I have neglected a little in favour of other Cornish views for several weeks, but am rapidly reaquainting myself with as life returns to its usual routine.

From the slate and granite tones shot through with ochres and umbers to golds and rose and nutty browns. A change which lifts my heart and warms me through.

We spent a grabbed hour of childfree time in the local wool shop entertaining the lovely people there with our pattern choosing and deep discussions of which colours would be 'right' for Isabella. What I found heartening was the way the shop owner related stories about my eldest children, remembering perfectly their different personalities even though I had not shopped there with them in tow for at least 13 years or so. So funny to think I am still shopping for wool for one of my little ones after all this time.

This wool is again Crofter which comes in so many gorgeous shades. Dave chose this beautiful one with its base of rose pink. lilac and cream. He is doing really well and is finally learning to pick up his own dropped stitches thanks to my bellowing loudly at him!

Time for me to head off now and spend a little time catching up with all of you, though before I go I want to just let you know that there is a little sale on the Christmas Emporium on my website with all things there reduced by 20% for this month: a chance to be incredibly organised next year maybe? I'll leave you with the warmth of the sun over Pendennis Point early this morning before the rosy light changed to steel grey and back again. January - month of contrasts and also, as it happens, the month of my birthday (which I thoroughly enjoyed!).

Happy New Year x


  1. Oh happy belated birthday Pipany!

    I too had been bemoaning the onset of January expecting it to be grey and dreary and lo and behold we have had the most magical of weather with lots of snow and blue skies! Just shows you never can tell!

    Love the heathery colours of your sweater/tank top and I'm always so cheered by your photos of the ever changing river.

    Off to look at your Christmas Emporium now!

    Happy New Year Pip.

    Jeanne x

  2. What lovely photo's as always.
    The colours in the wool you are using are beautiful. I beleive I may have to look out for it as it would look lovely as a cushion cover for my sofa.

    Joanne x

  3. I love crofter yarn -- just in case you are interested http://www.kempswoolshop.com/search.aspx soooo cheap and they post anywhere

  4. Happy New Year Pipany and belated birthday hugs.

    I too have warmed to January though if I'm honest it's more this year and with the snow every thing seems so much more lighter and brighter and......it's getting ever so sligthly lighter in the evenings now which is always a plus.

    Roll on the warm hazy days of summer though with relaxing on the beach and the waves lapping at your ankles!

    take care,

    Nina xxxx

  5. Wow what wonderful photo's Pipany!
    Really beautiful.
    Happy New Year i hope its full of laughter and joy

  6. Great photos and love the colours in that wool Pip. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year to you too, Pipany, and to Mr Davey and your children.
    Your knitting projects are inspiring - I've picked the needles up for the first time in nearly twenty years to knit for the wee grandsons. I'm very rusty!! Would you be willing to bellow at me so that I can learn to pick up my own dropped stitches? It may be the only way I'll learn!

  8. Hi, Pipany! Happy New Year! And was a luscious start you have here... We're just back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland. Very much enjoying checking in with your holiday postings and goings on--lovely! Looking forward to sharing another creative year with you. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! :o)

  9. As always an absolutely beautiful post - those photos are breathtaking. Love the Crofter yarn - is that knitted in Fair Isle or does the wool do that by itself? It's lovely.

    I was interested to hear your comments about chronicling what you wanted to do and not feeling that you must incorporate every detail. I have resolved that I too will blog without obligation and only post what and when I like in future since there are enough things in life one MUST do without making blogging one of them!


  10. Happy New Year and a happy belated Birthday from me too. I love your photos, so crisp, and I see that house-boat hasn't moved!!

    Looking at your wonderful knitting has really made me want to learn. I must do something about that it this year.

    Kate x

  11. Marvellous photos as always Pipany and a belated Happy Birthday too. I agree, a blog should be a pleasure not a duty. I love the colours of the wools you are using. One day I shall give in and go back to knitting although I am not sure at all where you find time!

  12. Beautiful photos, I love the colours :o) I also really like the tank top you're making. I have a purple shirt that would look lovely with one of those over the top. I have my first spinning lesson on Saturday... first step towards knitting with my own wool!

  13. Happy New Year to you too,
    your photos are so soothing and tranquil, I find them beautiful to linger over.

    We have so much snow here right now after a 14 hour blizzard. It feels like a proper winter and everything is silent and white against the peaty black river down the bottom of the garden and the spidery black silhouettes of the trees...nature is certainly generous with her seasonal colour palette I agree!

    Love Julia xxx

  14. I have such wool envy now. What beautiful knitting! Happy belated birthday. Fabulous pictures as always - I love those reflections and they make such a change from the relentless onslaught of Persil whiteness that we have at the moment. You've inspired me to pick up my knitting again. I plan to make a pair of fingerless gloves - all I need now is the wool and the pattern...

  15. Pipany, I am sending another batch of birthday greetings to you!

    What a wonderful early new year post. I quite understand the mood you might be in. Write a blog when you wish, about what you wish to write ... and well, we regular visitors do also love those photos!

    The knitting is beautiful. I will have to do a bit of a search for Croftors yarns. It's a new name to me.

    I am very much with you about January actually being all right (birthday girl! you, not me) but feeling that February is the hurdle month. Yes, it is a short month, but what an impact, before March ... it will do it again this year, just sends along some messages that spring will arrive.

    (Hoping that your new cupcake baker did some for your birthday.)


  16. Happy New Year to you , what a lovely post and glorious wool x x x

  17. ohhh - the Crofter yarn is wonderful - i use it as much as possible!
    have you got the Crofter yarn pattern booklet?
    love the images x
    t x

  18. Happy Belated Birthday - is there no end to all the gorgeous things you and your family do? Lovely to have you back with so many ravishing photos.

  19. me again....
    any chance you could let me know where you found your tank top pattern - i have been looking for ages and found none i liked - love the look of yours so far :)
    catch up soon
    lots of hugs
    t x

  20. me yet again :)
    forgot (how could i) to say Happy belated Birthday and Happy New Year...
    i was clearly dazzled by your gorgeous knitted goods!

  21. What pretty knitting.
    Belated birthday & new year greetings.

  22. Lovely photographs! Wishing you a happy new year ahead, and belated birthday wishes too.

    The crofter yarn looks lovely and I'm sure the tank top/vest will be beautiful. I've recently lost my fear of colour work and would like to try some proper fair isle in the new year.

  23. Hello and Happy New Year Pipany! That Crofter wool has the most beautiful colours. Before I read its name I was going to comment that it looked like a Scottish hillsde. How fabulous that Mr Davey is knitting along with you.

    You images of the sky and seaside scenes always delight - especially their coours. I love the liquid winter sunshine too.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday


  24. Happy New Year again, Pipany and I quite enjoyed your photos...especially the last one...so pretty!