Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Convalescence and Sunshine.

The sun has shone all day today and there is no snow to be seen anywhere in my little corner of the world, so off the girls and I headed after a hasty lunch with Tom (eldest son) who popped in briefly. The need for fresh air and open spaces sent us to our favourite woods at the nearby village of Mylor Bridge. Along the field path...

over the stile...

Finding things for our nature table, though we decided this pretty sphagnum moss was better off where it lay.

Burnished leaves stuck to our wellies and made the muddy footpaths slippery underfoot.

Lucy has been very poorly for quite a long time now, spending most of her days sleeping as in the picture below and I could see her getting more down as the days wore on; I know I have grumbled on about this before, but I really believe the way we live now doesn't allow for the restorative powers of convalescing and that we feel we must keep children shut away while they are truly 'bad' and then send them post-haste back to school the very instant they recover, only to see them fall ill again because their immune systems haven't properly got back to normal. I am obviously not commenting here on the fact that many have to work and therefore feel no other choice is open to them - in fact, I have myself found the last year beyond challenging as one after the other of the clan needed looking after with work being very much fitted around them resulting in late nights for me, manic working to fulfill orders, etc.

No, I am talking about the way we almost fear being seen with them because the view seems to be that if they are well enough to go out then they are well enough to be at school. Today I said 'arse' to that and did what I felt my girlie needed: fresh air, a gentle amble outdoors and a reminder that there is life outside our four walls. It has worked and though she is tired out, her cough still hacking away, there is colour in those cheeks and a smile on her pretty face. Another day home should see her right I think.

These spikey aliens came home with us

The King Alfred's cakes didn't!

Back to the car and a quick look at the river

then home once more where Lucy is now fast asleep under her quilt again and Isabella is telling me her legs hurt thus requiring chocolate to mend them. Could do with some myself really, but as there is none to be found (!) I suppose I will have to bake a cake instead...sigh.

have a peaceful evening x

P.S. the gorgeous bird was indeed a redwing, so many thanks to all who helped (very similar to a fiedfare it seems).

P.P.S. Recent chat with Isabella: "Mummy, let's play ships. I'll be the Captain and you be The Lovely!"

How sweet is that? x


  1. I do so agree with you about convalescing children. I remember when my daughter had been ill and ex hubbie was strongly against me taking her, well wrapped, onto a canal boat trip but it really cheered her up. Lucy looked much better - she's only a little waif probably doesnt take much to make her ill, outgrowing her strength probably. You are lucky you are not snowed in. I am bored bored bored of snow. PS my legs hurt too, but a Wispa bar didnt cure them!

  2. Hello Pipany, how strange to see photos without snow,especially as we are surrounded by the stuff and it's still at it!
    What a beautiful walk, I'm sure it's just what your daughter needed!
    Enjoy your cake,I have just made Nigella's Cranberry and white chocolate cookies! Very nice they are too!
    Rachel x

  3. I think convalescing should be available to all!!! People rush back to work only to infect the rest of the workforce! Seiously though, I think there should be a transition period between becoming ill and full recovery by taking little steps in between. The body needs to rest to repair itself. I hope Lucy feels better soon.x

  4. So glad your snow has gone. Sorry to hear about your daughter though and I think you are right about keeping her home a while longer. It used to be called "being run down" when I was a child and a week off with a bottle of tonic was prescribed! Hope she will get well soon since it is not normal for youngsters to feel so tired is it?!

  5. It's so good to see those Cornish hedgerows without a blanket of snow! Looks like you had a very restorative walk today and I completely agree with you about convalescing children. My mum always used to say that fresh air is the cure for most things and as we know, mum knows best! Lucy does look much better for her walk and is getting lots of rest too so I'm sure she will be back to her normal self soon!

    Did Isabella say that with a good ole' Cornish accent - bless her to bits?!

    Jeanne x

  6. I agree, the walk seems to of done her a lot of good.

  7. I hope Lucy's well again soon, but in the meantime it's surely a case of 'mother knows best'.

    I really enjoyed seeing your pictures too. These endless days of whiteness are are very lovely, but I am hankering for a bit of spring - and I can see it in your pictures!

    Drooling here at the thought of another of your lovely cakes... xx

  8. I agree entirely about giving children (and indeed anybody) the time to get better.

    I used to take my two, well wrapped up, for a walk along the beach when I though they were nearly better. The sea air seemed to blow away the last of the illness and help them get a good nights sleep before they were back to their normal selves.

    We lived on the Duddon Estuary when they were small, seems a lifetime ago!

    Sue xx

  9. Your children are lucky to have such a sensible mother. Fortunately our village school takes much the same view and has been known to send children home when they're clearly exhausted - mostly KS1 but KS2 as well if they need it.

    We have no snow now - but no sun either, just grey and sleety. Yuk!

  10. It looks beautiful, much nicer than the dirty snow surrounding my house!

  11. Hiya Pipany,

    I agree whole heartedly and your little Lucy looks so much better for a gentle amble and some fresh air - with that and some sleep it is probably the best tonic you could give her.

    Here's hoping all is well soon and....

    'NO' snow!!? I was thinking about you last night when I saw the weather forecast, but 'NO' snow!!? I do like the look of the sunshine though.

    take care and get well soon wishes to all,

    Nina x

  12. itis nice to see a world without mucky snow!! - it means that spring will come again - I'm sure the walk was just what she needed - school will still be there!

  13. Look at that wonderful sunshine - I think we would all find it restorative. I am sure that convalescence is what is needed - school is such a rough and tumble place that I think children really need to be up to speed before they can take it on.

    Pomona x

  14. It is a novelty to see land that isn't white!

    I so agree with you about the need for convalescence. Ooops I have just seen that Faith wrote the same words.
    That bug with tiredness and a cough has been doing the rounds and it does indeed go on for weeks.

    We have had fieldfares which I mistook for redwings this year.

  15. Convalescence and sunshine make a terrific combination, and a very wise mom like yourself know that truth.

    Hoping that the truly lovely Lucy will continue to feel better and that her progress won't be set back by pressures to return from her marvelous convalescence.

    Gosh, Pipany, your Cornwall is full of such beautiful areas, in all the seasons. Again, I thank you for showing me every photo. xo

  16. Convalescence and sunshine make a terrific combination, and a very wise mom like yourself know that truth.

    Hoping that the truly lovely Lucy will continue to feel better and that her progress won't be set back by pressures to return from her marvelous convalescence.

    Gosh, Pipany, your Cornwall is full of such beautiful areas, in all the seasons. Again, I thank you for showing me every photo. xo

  17. Sorry, Pipany, my enthusiasm got control of the clicks!

  18. You are right on, Pipany. Roses in the cheeks are more important than getting back to school/work the moment that the fever has broken. I agree that the immune system needs time to recover fully. Your girl looks happy!

  19. I couldn't agree more about allowing children, or anyone for that matter time to recover and convalesce. I hope Lucy gets fully well again very soon.

  20. I love taking a peek into your world Pipany and agree entirely that it is crazy to send them back to school too early only to have them ill again the following week. I'm looking forward to your spring pics though, plenty of snowdrops and daffodils please !!

  21. Hello Pipany,you've been added to the 20 Minuters list. I'm going to try and make us all a flickr page to share the results of our endevours. Don't forget to post pics of you work and encourage the others. Happy crafting.

    Love Fi x

  22. Hi, I've just had my name added to the 20 minutes list too so will try to drop in on you from time to time. Keep up the good work.
    A x

  23. I've always believed that children shouldn't go back to school until the day after you think they're better! Definitely not easy to do these days; not just for those mums who work, but also the pressure we feel from schools - no-one wants their child to miss out on valuable teaching time.
    But, it's the right thing to do if you can manage it, so good on you fro taking that walk. Bet it's helped enourmously for you all.
    P x

  24. It's so lovely to see somewhere without snow. Although we are not knee deep in the stuff it is very restricting after a while. You are so right about your daughter and the same goes for grownups too I think. If we have even just one day away from work on sick leave we have to have an interview with the manager that makes you feel like a fraud! Staying at home will do her the world of good. Love the idea of mending legs that hurt with chocolate. I'm sure it would be beneficial for lots of ailments.


  25. Hi Pipany, I was so sorry to hear of Lucy's illness. I think you're right about convalescence - it seems old fashioned but it had its very real and essential purpose - allowing proper recovery. In the regency period convalescence was a very serious matter as far as I can tell. What a great decision to let her mend slowly. All hats off to you.

    These are beautiful nature pictures - my favourtie has to be the sphagnum moss. Thanks for posting this - all our nature is still smothered in nasty slush.

  26. Hi Pip, firstly, love and hugs to Lucy, hope she's feeling brighter today. I know she's normally such a bright and energetic soul. Wasn't it Mylor Woods you were suggesting as somewhere to walk with Walter? Looks lovely....I'm missing the snow, I loved all that whiteness, thopugh it's nice to have a little more warmth.
    Stay well, all of you.
    Diana xxx

  27. I totally agree with you Pipany. Children just don't get the time they need to recover. Twiglet started full time school last September - I wasn't happy about that but that's another story. He was ill constantly up until Christmas, I spoke to his headteacher and said just what you said. He never had time to stay at home and rest so his poor little immune system was constantly struggling :( We are hoping he will be a little stronger now. Your walk looked just the ticket, I hope your girl soon feels well again.
    Twiggy x

  28. I hope Lucy is on the mend now. What a kind mummy you are.

  29. Hope sweet Lucy will be feeling better soon. And real convalescing, with treats and joys including, no doubt helps the healing process go much happier and quicker! Snow gone... wow... I wish that were so here. We'll be covered in white until at least April, I fear... LOL! I just love all the nature specimens you share with us here--always amazing to see! Happy Weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))