Monday, 30 June 2008

The sun came back!

Finally, the sun arrived back in Cornwall, albeit on and off for some of the time. So what have we been up to this weekend? First up was a trip into Falmouth for some sewing bits and bobs to complete an order. This is the view fromt he other end of town to the one I showed before and is called Custom's House Quay. The headland opposite is covered with a blaze of bright yellow gorse at times and the smell if you should walk there is at such times is one of pure coconut buns. From here it is but a short walk to the beach and so we took the children down for a play in the bright, breezy waves for an hour or two and met up with friends for a chat. Oops, forgot to check the skyline and now it looks a little like a Batman shot!

We also popped up to our allotment where the peas were looking wonderful alongside spinach, runner beans twining around their canes and oh, so much all busily growing away. I sowed some more parsnips - bit late, but we'll see - and more carrots. So exciting to see it all and mouth watering when I think of the lovely meals we shall be having.

Sunday consisted of another trip to the beach in the morning followed by a gorgeous afternoon tea of Davey's scones, jam and Cornish clotted cream with Dave's sister, her children and his Mum. Lucy and I picked a trugfull of flowers to put all over the house, including this lovely Ballerina rose which looks particularly pretty with the lime green alchemilla

The weekend rounded off with yet another trip to the beach - so peaceful as the late afternoon sunlight warmed us as we watched the oystercatchers wheel and dive, their gentle song drifting on the breeze.

Lauren tote bag in grape and teal

Happy Monday xx


  1. Pipany, you've been busy as always. How did you find the time to sit on the sofa and put your feet up, cup of tea in hand? Veggie progress sounds good. More pics please! Dx

  2. Oh Cornish cream just the best thing to put on scones.
    I hope you have more luck with the parsnips none of mine came up. Carrots have been good, so lovely to have really fresh veg.
    Glad the sun has come out for you.
    Love Blossom

  3. Knew the sun had to be somewhere - it wasn't with us.

    Sounds like a good weekend - glad your veg is coming along - peas already. Lucky you.

  4. Pipany, again thanks for sharing that lovely weekend. The flowers are so pink and pretty, and I also enjoyed seeing the beach pix.

    Wish I could have had one or ... more ... of those scones, too!

  5. glad the sun came back, love the pink roses
    lisa x

  6. Your blogs are always so happy and restful Pip. You make me feel I am there with you, enjoying the seaside and those mouth watering fresh garden vegetables.

  7. Lovely photos, Pipany. And the sound of that cornish cream has just about melted me in my seat!!

    CJ xx

  8. Dear Pip, thank you so much for your kind comment on my Brittany travel search. You are always so positive and friendly, don't change.
    Big hugs xx

  9. What lovely photos and and flowers pipany. I am really ready for some sun up here too - today has been good, while I have been working, but tomorrow looks wet again.
    Lovely bag too!

  10. Ah, lovely post. You are so fortunate to live so close to the sea.

  11. Gorgeous blog! I was wondering where summer had gone to - you've got it! What a lovely cheery post to liven up a dull July day. xxPM

  12. It's been wall to wall sunshine here too for a couple of week, but today, its grey and overcast. Love your trug full of flowers, they just scream 'SUMMMER IS HERE'.

    I buy the Rhodda cream in Waitrose and make scones as an occasional treat; reminds us of our weeks in Cornwall over the past 25 years, always amazes me how little tastes and smells can be so evocative.

    Hope the weather holds up for next week, am going to the Hampton Court Flower Show.

    Zoë xx

  13. Oh just sigh and double sigh. I know you have your problems, Pip, but they never spill out onto your blog and your life looks just so perfect. I covet your sea and your allotment and the way you seize the moment and just DO the nice things rather than sit and moan you're not doing them (like moi). jxxx

  14. ...sigh . . . exactly what Jane said - only in my voice.

  15. Such a lovely post...I so love Cornwall! You discrible everything so mentioned coconut buns...have you read all about the wonders of coconut oil? check it out...I am using it for everything and cannot believe how wonderful it is!
    Isn't is lovely to have an alloment...I am enjoying allotmenting so much!
    I wish I could just pop to the beach.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Carol xxx

  16. Hello summer! What a lovely rose and you can't beat lady's mantle I think.
    Enjoy the sunshine, hope it sticks around.

  17. Gorgeous flowers.
    I remember that part of Falmouth, we visited many years ago, lovely place.
    Now I am craving home made scones for tea.... and sun, oh and the sea......

  18. Hope the suns still out down there , its been a nice day here today !!
    Im missing my daily fix of clotted cream will have to find some tomorrow ;0)

    Sara x

  19. There is an award over at my blog for you Pipany.

  20. Oh your life sounds so idylic Pipany, i love your blog so much, its so honest and unpretentious - have i told you that before? probably!


  21. Lovely, sunny, cheerful pictures. The flowers are beautiful.

    I'm still lusting after your bags - excellent 'bag in use on the beach shot'.

  22. The sun has gone again... we are very wet and soggy here... at least the garden will be well watered and your allotment too.
    Hope this week is bringing all good things.
    love ginny x

  23. ahhh, what a wonderfully evocative post as always. I know you have a houseful, but if you could squeeze in one more, let me move in with you!!! lol


  24. Hi Pipany,

    We're very wet and soggy here, not great but the veggies are loving it! Your post makes me want to go to the beach, it's not too far from us, St. Andrews is only 45 minutes, must make time to have a visit!

    L x

  25. How lovely, I popped over from Steph's blog and the first thing I see is a photo of Falmouth which is where I grew up. I had a brief pang of homesickness!