Tuesday, 10 June 2008

At Last!

Yesterday evening Lucy and I had a campfire and cleared away some of the enormous weeds that have taken over the garden a la triffids! It was a gorgeous evening and she worked away so hard. We are planning to do some more tonight and I think we shall have some marshmallows at the ready for toasting as a special treat - yum.

I have been thinking of adding a page to my website where I could put down some of the ways we do things here at Poltisko Farm (the farm that isn't if you know what I mean); I mean the sort of things that we have always done as a family and which are an integral part of our everyday life. Finally, I have got this underway thanks to the many, many requests I have had for our elderflower cordial recipe. For those of you who are interested in having a go at this delicious drink just click on the website link on the right of this page and look for the 'what we are doing' bit on the menu bar.

I am quite excited about this page as I can share some of the projects we have such fun with - the making of sloe gin and elderberry rob, the winemaking, the many, many recipes Dave and I have developed over all these years. I can explain how to make a pizza oven or how we grow our herbs for cutting and drying. I might even include some sewing projects for those who fancy taking me on at my own game! Then again, there may be a bit on how to keep hens for those who are thinking that way...who knows, but what I do know is that I shall have fun and it will be a journey through the seasons as most of what we do is governed by the ever changing landscape and what it has to offer.

I hope you will pop over to have a look and let me know what you think - please also allow for the fact that I need to work on it a little more. More things will be added regularly. For those of you who do not wish to visit my website I can only apologise as I simply cannot take the time to put them in two places and had to make a business decision (for once!).

In the meantime, above is the gate Dave made for our allotment - how cute is that?
And here is our little ramshackle shed which we moved to the allotment and which has left a huge hole in the garden that will become a den for the children in the summer holidays.

Enjoy your day xx


  1. The website looks fabulous but it strikes me that you should be toting this around as a book idea, Pip.

  2. just what I was going to say Chris. I've not been over to the website but reading what you write about it it struck me that there was the perfect Wholesome Family Activities sort of stuff bubbling away there just needing form and structure or whatever.

  3. I love the little shed. The children will love it. I think your website it brilliant. I adore your sachets and have order two lots.

    Crystal xx

  4. Ooh fab! I have just spotted loads of elderflower froth in the churchyard behind our house. I can't wait for the recipe. I am sooo undomesticated but I really want to give it a go as I love elderflower cordial.
    I'm with the others who've commented so far. A book would be fantastic, BUT I could see it taking off in a huge way and you becoming a famous lifestyle guru, which could ironically mean a massive change to your current way of life. Sorry to be Devil's Advocate :o)

  5. Oh golly, thanks for all the lovely comments, but the image of me as a domestic guru!!!! If only you could see how it is here - we do all this but with a lot of laughter, a lot of mess (!) and a fair old smatterings of mistakes! So funny but thank you anyway...I can but dream! xx

  6. Hello Pipany,

    Once again, your lovely words and pictures bring me fresh air and fresh inspiration. Thank you!
    I absolutely agree with Chris and Milla!

    Chatted with a NY pal who's a Brit, asking her about flower based cordials. Oh yes, she knew about them, and our conversation took her a bit down a sweet memory lane.

    I am just finishing a mystery novel, Careless in Red, by Elizabeth George. The book's setting is Cornwall, and I am able to visualize the scenes more easily from having Cornwall at my fingertips via your blog. Thank you!


  7. Lovely, Pipany. What a good idea to make a separate 'book'!

  8. Brilliant idea, I am looking forward to learning more.

    Racheal x

  9. lovely, lovely, lovely :)
    i shall be popping over for lots of tips, and i will also be showing Stephen the picture of your gate (hint, hint) - it is perfect x
    speak soon
    t x

  10. brill idea Pip - am popping over now to have a look and write doen the recipe for the Elderflower stuff, while STILL waiting for ours to flower...
    Where do you find the time?
    And yes!!! Book, book book!!!

  11. Nice little blog Pipany as always and will find the time to go and see how to make the elderflower cordial that I know I will never make!

  12. Thanks for the cordial recipe - you can guess what we'll be doing this weekend.

  13. Lovely idea Pipany. I will have a go at the cordial too.
    Good book idea too.

  14. I'm a newcomer to your blog and find it charming. A nice use for your elderflower cordial is to plop a bit of it into your champagne! Dried elderflower makes a nice tea with mint and yarrow for a traditional brew to ward off cold. All the best. Can't wait for your "how-to" installments. Deb.

  15. What a wonderful idea, I'm looking forward to learning so much! What a great read and it woudl be so fabulous to curl up in bed with, bit hard to do that with a pc. It'd be a perfect book.
    All the best with a great idea.

  16. Am off to look at your other site. But what a good idea, Pip. It never occurred to me before but I suppose we all have our ways of doing things, little household rituals. We used to make not elderflower cordial but elderberry wine. Stiff with tannin it was and almost undrinkable, but when we were very poor it was nectar.

  17. Pipany, that's a great idea...and generous of you to share, too. Book idea = brilliant. You could do it! It's lovely to be back in Cornwall, sun shining! Hope it is over your way, too.
    D X

  18. Thanks for the recipe just got to go out and pick the flowers. Can't wait to try it.

  19. Hi Pips, the website looks great, and wonderful idea for the book, will sell like 'hot cakes', best of luck with it. Lovely photo's to your blog.