Saturday, 14 June 2008

The week that was.

It's been a busy week of sewing and cooking and family get-togethers and, oh this is what we have been up to...

Making supper - red peppers stuffed with garlic, cherry tomatoes, cracked black pepper and plenty of home-grown marjoram

Add great glugs of fruity olive oil and some torn basil leaves, and top the whole with thin slices of chorizo (or not as we feel)...

and grated cheese. Bake for a bit to get this...

All those rich juices need some of Mr Dave's Italian bread made with tomatoes and black olives to soak them up - yum!

So that was some of the cooking, aided and abetted by Isabella whose apron really needs a wash as she uses it so often when helping me in the kitchen. I have also been completing a wholesale order which is on it's way now - phew, the relief. It was lovely working in the sewing room on beachy bags in such lovely hot weather knowing that we could always pop down to the sea for a bit after the children were out of school.

We are hoping to eat this - food again! - the first artichoke ever from our plants. Sooo looking forward to it!

Thank you by the way for all the lovely comments about the new 'what we are doing' page on my website. The feedback has been very positive and I am taking the suggestions of a book seriously - with shock, but seriously!!! Not sure how/when/why to do it but who knows eh?

Have a lovely weekend all.
Pipany xx


  1. Good. I'm mean, just look at these photos! (Except there's too much tomato about for me, but then any tomato is too much for me!)

  2. Looks absolutely divine. Although if I ate red pepper and tomato in the same mouthful I'd probably have to swill it down with a bottle of gaviscon. Still, wouldn't mind a sniff. Anyone know how to get aroma-vision?

    CJ xx

  3. Thanks for you welcome Pipany glad you liked the photos, having checked out yours today I see I have a lot to learn, the food looks fab and I hope the artichoke tastes as good as it looks.

    Keely x

  4. Another lovely blog and very appetising.

  5. Another lovely blog and very appetising.

  6. Mmmmmm - Pipany that all looks so good, and makes me feel very, very lazy! I must pop over to your webpage for a look around, especially at the elderflower cordial. I must find out if there is anyone selling elderflowers in these parts, as they're unknown to me.

  7. Pipany, I started to write before, and lost my connection, so here I go again (hoping that the thunderstorm that began hours ago and has lingered will finally just leave ... go to Connecticut, but lose power before it reaches Cornwall.)

    All that you write and photograph really shows how lovely a family can live. Of course, I do know that every family has complications, but truly your blog is so inspiring. Go for that book notion!

    Will Dave soon be free from the school year? Hoping that your year will be able to observe some fine traditional seasons. I seen to find that my year has lots of schedules and deadlines, and that the traditional seasons just get lost inbetween. I am so trying to grab them back again!


  8. Love your photos - they look so good I nearly found myself licking the computer screen! I have a new artichoke too, but there's quite a lot of arti and only a little choke so far ... but it's early days.

  9. Cor! What a gorgeous artichoke. I bet it'll taste lovely too. (Just like those yummy peppers - I love a good roasted pepper!) Delicious blog!

  10. Hiya

    Love the bags, and the food looks scrummy, even at this time in the morning!

    Artichokes - I am afraid after trying several times with the real thing so to speak, I am now definately a tinned artichoke girl! so much easier!


  11. I wish I lived next door. I'd invite myself for supper.

  12. Hi Pipany, more gorgeous things to eat...I might have to pop round. I love doing red peppers with tomato etc, have never added chorizo, looks yummy. And on yummy things...I made some cordial, and now I'm in heaven. Thanks so much for the recipe. Off to forage for more elderflowers now for batch no.2! Have a great week. Hot and sunny here. Bliss! Diana x

  13. As I was reading this and looking at the gorgeous pics I was muttering tom myself "Stop it! Stop it NOW! Could I take another wonderful foodie photo without ending up on your doorstep banging to be let it. And then you capped it all with an artichoke! My favourite vegetable! We dip the leaves in melted butter with a hint of pepper and lemon and then just suck the juicy leaf bases. Sadly our garden isn't really big enough now for artichokes. Hope yours are every bit as nice as they look!

  14. Peppers look great, much better than the tea I just made myself
    Lisa x

  15. A lovely Blog Pipany, and all that gorgeous food too, I adore Artichokes.


  16. I'm drooling over those red peppers - they look fantastic. Very inspiring.

  17. Your food looks amazing!

    Is that the bag that you had spent the afternoon faffing with? If so, it was worth it - I love it, and love the blue ticking that you have used too. x