Friday, 27 June 2008

Where is the sun?

Goodness, it's hard to take a decent photograph at the moment. It was so dull here when I got up this morning that it made me think of the first week the children go back to school after the Autumn half-term holiday. We usually have beautiful weather here for September - all mellow mists and fruitfulness, hot days with a chill underlying, just lovely - but the week the children go back in October always turns dull, dark and dank, just as it is now. Where is the June sun? probably everywhere other than Cornwall. Still, on to other things.

Yesterday, Isabella and I decided a trip to the beach was needed and as Lucy had gone to a friend's house for tea, we had an hour or two to use up. Off we went to Castle Beach where we were the only people to be seen on the sandy shore, so cold and windy was the day. We wrapped our jackets tightly around us and raced off arms outstretched as we soared in an 'amazing' imitation of airplanes or seagulls depending on how Isabella felt at any given moment (meaning that whichever I said we were she claimed the opposite!) As I didn't have my camera with me for once, I have put a picture of Lucy on yet another cold though marginally brighter day earlier this week so as not to have a claim of favouritism lodged against me!

The wild and wooly weather had blown up drifts of shells by the bucketload. All I had to hand in my highly organised way was a doll's teacup whcih Isabella quickly filled with this beautiful treasure

I have been working on a few wedding orders which involve lavender, embroidery and wonderful combinations of fabrics: thick, slubby (is that a word?) cottons overlaid with delicate muslins. Unfortunately, I can't actually show any of them as they tend to include the names of the bride, bridesmaid, etc or some other personalised motif. I really need to find some time to make up some as samples, but time and I are having a battle at the moment and I am clearly not the one with the most points.

I love making these sachets which also seem to make an ideal present from the couple to the mothers of the bride and groom, and I really like the idea that they can be made so personal by the inclusion of something dear to the recipient such as a favourite flower embroidered in the chosen colours or a symbol such as a butterfly like the one above (insects of all sorts are very popular). Lovely to think these little momentoes which disappear all over the country were stitched in my little sewing room in Cornwall.

Well, that's me done for today. Judging by this picture of Mr Dave's writing room I have some weeding to do this weekend! Hope you all have a good one with lots of sun xx

P.S. Forgot to say, for those who have enquired about recipes for elderflower cordial if you click here it will take you to our recipe on my website x


  1. What very pretty embroidery you are doing, almost makes me wish there was a wedding in the family!

  2. Hello to you Pipany!

    Once again, you have given me a mini holiday (no matter what the weather) with that shell-collectin beach trip, and the view of the lovely embroidery and that little building with the banners.

    The designs that you are creating with your embroidery are just so spritely ... they have real personality. I particularly love how you've "drawn" the butterfly with threads.

    Best wishes for a sunny weekend. xo

  3. What gorgeous embroidery! Lovely to see on this freezing grey day. Where, oh where, is the sun indeed!

  4. Such a delightful post.
    I love the picture of Isabel with her little cup of shells. The embroidery is very pretty.

    The summer house looks so special.

    I know what Frances means about the mini holiday, wonderful to share your life in Cornwall even if it is a bit cloudy!

  5. Hi Pipany, oh the's dire, and doesn't look great for the finale of Golowan. Hey ho. It doesn't stop your blog being a delight. A sunny place to drop by, with your writing and photos and that exquisite embroidery. Have a lovely weekend.
    D x

  6. Ah, lovely post, the embroidery looks devine. If it makes you feel better, it's been pretty miserable weather wise here but the forecast is for a better week.

    Can you make sure you have sunshine in July though please as I will be visiting twice ...
    Once with my parents and again with my brother. I'd like lots of sunshine and warm days please. Ok, that's my order in :)

    I love wild gardens, the little hut looks like an amazing place to be creative.

  7. Your photos are so lovely (despite the dingy weather). I can never spend enough time picking up shells at the beach - my favourite pastime too.

    Your embroidery is exqusite - that butterfly especially.

    Is that your garden? Beautiful


  8. You are so talented Pipany . . . do you have a pattern for your stitching, or do you just make it up as you go along.

    Bit dull here as well with the odd bit of sunshine. Not cold though unless the wind blows.

  9. Lovely butterfly, you are very clever. I am in deep envy of that writing hut with bunting. Gorgeous.

  10. I love your embroidery Pipany, do you do it 'completely off the top of your head' or do you copy it from old embroidery designs / pictures etc? How does it turn out so well? Maybe its just lots of practice and a natural artistic flair. Id love to try it myself one day but i know id just make a mess!

  11. Hi Pipany, you're not alone the weather has been grey, wet and blustery here for days. Typically it's supposed to be better tomorrow jsut as we go back to work!

    What beautiful favours, so special and delicate. I'm sure they'll be treasured for many, many years.

    Hope the sun breaks through for you soon.
    P.s Ooooh, I'd love a little hideaway like that. My shed's not quite as romantic, definitely more rustic!