Thursday, 19 June 2008

A mixed bag!

Well, here they are, two little chocolate brown and teal blue shoes from Clarks, the shop that makes you cry as you hand over your hard-earned cash. The cost of those shoes! Mind you, I did very well as these were the only ones I liked and they were in the sale and in Isabella's size - I paid the princely sum of £10..hurray! Please excuse the carpet colour; I photographed the shoes on a dull Wednesday which had the effect of making the carpet appear the most lurid colour!

I would have like to show pictures of Isabella's gorgeously pudgy feet actually in the shoes, but you know what she's like (see previous pictures of my dear toddler disappearing from view). Maybe another time. They seem very large and even though I placed them next to Daddy's work boots to give some idea of scale they still look enormous.

I am finally catching up with myself a little where the business is concerned. I'm not too sure why I feel I have been running behind on everything, but that is how it has seemed of late. Perhaps the reality is that I am desperate to work on some new projects - ideas for bags have been buzzing around in my head and I also want to start doing a small limited range of one offs (or 3 or 4 offs) where I can explore some design ideas which are not practical on a large scale, but that will enable me to mix hand embroidery with script, something I love to do. Can't show anything just yet, but hopefully next week will see the first few completed.

My Lauren tote bags have been in demand of late which has made me assess stock and change a few of the fabrics used. I need to take some better photos, but the weather has been a bit iffy here to say the least and I keep missing the sunny patches - here are the ones I have taken in the meantime:

Lauren tote in blossom

Lauren tote in bubbles

Lauren tote in almond blossom

Hmm, better shots as soon as I can manage methinks!

* Ooh, a lovely bit of news just came in via email: a company I haven't dealt with much before has contacted me to place an order for 10 of my bags! Hurray! And even better, they are paying for them straight away - even bigger hurray!! Of course, this is where the reality of running a very small business from home with children and time issues comes into play - think I might do a blog about that next week

Kerry bag in tulip

Well, time for a coffee and a game of shops before starting on the washing mountain.

Have a good day xx


  1. Pipany, sorry to see you have a load of spam here. Love the almond blossom bag, very pretty. The girls adored the specially embroidered lavender sachets. You could smell the lavender through all the wrappings. I took an exact same pic of eldest daughters little red shoes next to her daddy's boots - and that's 29 years ago! Sounds like business is booming, well done. Faith x

  2. Beautiful shoes and I love the bags!

  3. What pretty little shoes - they weren't as nice as that when my boys were little - and Clark's took ages to make a shoe that didn't look like industrial foorwear.

  4. Those shoes are just gorgeous. It is at this point that I regret again not having had a little girl (in addition to J, I hasten to add!). Reminds me of my Clarks sandals too - same ones each year just in a different colour - brown, navy, oooh red one year (must have been a high day and holiday when we got them).
    Great on the order.....still waiting for you to come up with some gorgeous tablecloths!!!

  5. There is something magical about little shoes and little feet, I remember the first pair of tiny riding boots my daughter had she look so lovely in her tiny riding outfit with the highly polished brown leather boots that were almost smaller than dolls shoes.

  6. Argh, more temptation!

    I could have a bag in Blossom to match my pinny, I have to say the Lauren bag I have, has proved to be the perfect travelling companion anyway. It went to Sissinghurst with me. Wandered around Sarah Raven's Garden, and then enjoyed Elderflower cordial in Helen Yemm's garden last weekend alone.

    I love the tiny shoes, both mine walked at 9 months( never crawled), and finding shoes small enough for such tiny feet was a challenge, as once they had learned they insisted on walking outdoors too.

    Interestingly I have since discovered that not crawling is common in dyslexics!

    I'll look forward to your new tempations

    Zoë xx

  7. Lovely bags Pipany. I'm looking forward to seeing something constructed in the French red toile!

  8. the almond blossom is very much my favourite, adorable. Those shoes are too sweet, too. Having boys the sweetest we got were Doodles, when tiny. Congrats on teh order.

  9. Such gorgeous little shoes! And stop tempting me with your bags (actually I want a bag and an apron) I'm going to drop big hints with my nearest and dearest near my birthday! xxPM

  10. EWell done on the order! Loving those bags, especially the blossom one.
    We have those shoes in the purple !

  11. Oh, Pipany, those shoes are so cute! Clarkes didn't make them like that when I was little...but hey, it was a long time ago! Your posts have trebled this week, I can't keep up. All your bags look lovely. And yes, hasn't the weather here been c*** this week. Today especially. Love Exmoor Jane's suggestion of tablecloths....a quick make maybe? Happy solstice to you all. Diana x

  12. believe it or not i used to work in clarks when i was 19 and had to force old womens crumpled feet into shoes - wasn't nice. Love the bubbles bag - great colours and congrats on your order
    have a lovely weekend
    lisa x

  13. Its lovely to hear that your business is doing well, must make you feel very pleased. Im not suprised though, i love your beach inspired things and cant wait to send some of my wages your way.

    Lovely Falmouth photos, weve driven past Falmouth on the way to St Michaels mount but weve never stopped there for the day, would love to do that next time i think.


  14. Beautiful little shoes for the lovely Isabella's tiny feet. They were such a perfect choice.

    I really do love all of your fabric selections for the tote bags. Each one is just right!

    Hoping that you and your family have another wonderful weekend in the garden, the kitchen, by the beach, ... just wherever you all may wander.


  15. I want those shoes, Pipany! (Sadly, I'm not a toddler though, I fear they won't do them in size 7. Sounds as though your business is really taking off - and deservedly so, those bags are just gorgeous. Wish I could be as organised as you sound.

  16. Oh tahnk you so much for the pictures of the shoes - they are just gorgeous. I so miss buying shoes for the kids - something about children's shoes when they are small. So looking forward to the Grandchildren they will never have to worry about shoes.

    Congratulations on the order. Gorgeous pictures of bags.

  17. What fantastic bags and just love the shoes too. Hope you are feeling good today, I have just come back from spending some money in bodran's shop!

  18. Good luck with the new business, Pip. May this lead to great things (and lots more shoes) Gorgeous pics.

  19. Love those bags (and the shoes!) - what fab fabric. Great news about the order too!

  20. I'm rather envious of those toddler shoes - such lovely colours.

    That almond blossom bag is a very desirable item - I had already visited your website and coveted it. I shall have to think about a treat soon...

  21. Oh, those shoes make me wish my feet were smaller! Gorgeous!
    Love your bags! It's my first time here, and I shall return!