Monday, 23 June 2008

Time flying by.

Where is the time going? I can't seem to keep up with the children, the seasons, the world....ah well, let's have a glass of something nice and let it all flow past. Here is me and my nose (sigh) enjoying a glass of elderflower champagne on the wet and windy day that was the solstice.

Our champagne has a slight problem this year in that it is making so much fizz it disperses almost as soon as it is poured into the glass leaving a faint tinge of disappointment. It starts well as can be seen in the picture below, but just doesn't last - such a shame as the taste is just unbelievable: nothing like the elderflower cordial (still time to make some people and our recipe is here), it's a different, deeper, just beautiful flavour that fills the mouth with gorgeousness. Oh I can't explain it but it is just the best. Well, apart from the disappearing bubbles which are so violent that they burst our pressurised beer barrel - we don't make anything in small amounts here and had to fill a couple of kegs with the stuff! We will work out the problem and how to resolve it and in the meantime just sip away.

The weather this weekend was appalling: rain, dull, grey and dull again. The sun did make an appearance on Sunday for a while, but I was glued to the sewing machine and was unable to take advantage of it unlike Mr Dave and the children who popped off to the allotment. The grass there was rather long and so Dave tackled that while Elias and Lucy sowed seeds of various vegetables which they forgot to write the names of - they'll have great fun guessing what they are as they grow. I, meanwhile, felt a great sense of satisfaction at boxing up this little lot of lovelies before starting work on the next wholesale order...phew!

The garden is going through a change with agapanthus flowers just beginning to break, loosestrife and margeurites vying for attention and hot pink lychnis peeping in and out of the greenery. The posy at the top is composed of chive flowers, alchemilla mollis, yellow loosestrife and feverfew; not the best photo as the light was so poor, but a burst of colour nonetheless. The redcurrants are ready for picking - in fact I think I have missed some already - and look just wonderful; I like to use them on pavlovas or on top of cakes as a decoration, but I might freeze some to use with berries later on in the autumn in a mixed berry cordial.

That's it for today. Have a lovely rest of Wednesday everyone xx


  1. I don't drink champagne as it goes straight to my head, but I don't half fancy a glass of that one!!

    You really do have some beautiful items for sale, Pipany. Those sachets smell gorgeous.

    CJ xx

  2. Thanks for the cordial recipe Pipany! All I have to do now is brave the weather to go and pcik the elderflowers. Where has summer gone?! I'm really envious of the champagne too. Our elderflowers are later than yours and only just coming into full bloom now. I love the guessing game with the veg seeds too. My children have the habit of moving labels about, so things in my garden aren't always what they at first seem! Great blog as ever, xx PM

  3. Oh Pipany, I know what you mean about being stuck indoors while others frolic in the beautiful summer weather. But just look at the beautiful items you have created. Lovely!

    Also have to say that hair style is wonderful!

    Happy summer. xo

  4. That's a very chic hairdo, madam. And a lovely nose, don't be daft.
    I am going to finally pick some elderflowers today, if the rain stays away, it's as dark as Hades here. But have realised I have not saved any bottles, have put them all out for recycling this morning. Oh for a brain!
    Can't believe your redcurrants are already ripe - you are weeks ahead of us. Oh, to live in Cornwall!

  5. The champagne sounds yum. I had intended to make some cordial but I ran out of time and the flowers have gone. Will have to think about using the elderberries me thinks. Tricia

  6. I'll just keep on dreaming of elderflower cordial and champagne!
    This was a lovely, summery blog and a great way to start my day!

  7. Ah now I could drink your champagne because the 'normal' stuff, or indeed any fizzy alcohol gives me a horrible headache.

    I guess I enjoy the rain when I need to be indoors - nothing worse than not being able to be out in the sun especially when others are.

    Lovely looking box of goodies - your pride in what you do shows in the way you present it.

    Lovely flowers too.

  8. I LOVE your hair (and my nose is bigger than yours!!). So lovely dropping by here, everything always looks so enticing, so much gorgeousness. Sigh. I've been glugging cordial like there's no tomorrow. I should make some champagne there's a thought! Happy days, the sun has appeared now and then...

  9. Hi Pipany,
    you have a lovely nose... i have a very similar one too! maybe we should have a competiton with Diana.ha ha.
    What a shame that the midsummer solstice was a wash out but you seem to have had a fun sipping your champagne.
    Oh i know that good feeling when an order is complete and ready to send out... a mixture of satisfaction and relief. Your bags are just lovely.
    Happy rest of the week to you.
    ginny x

  10. I was inspired to make some cordial after reading your post about it... now I think I'm going to have to try some champagne. It looks very tempting.

  11. I could almost taste that elderflower...gorgeous. Can you post your recipes sometime for cordial and champers?
    Yuor hair and nose are lovely.

  12. Lovely photos, Pip, including your nose! I like the idea of making cordial and I love the taste of it but I just can't get myself organised... maybe next year?

  13. Love that recipe - esp the bit about the snoozing insects!

  14. Oh, Pipany - how can you dangle pictures of delicious-looking champagne in front of us at 11 in the morning? It does look absolutely scrummy, though. Love elderflower cordial, but have never tried to make it - will look up your recipe now.

    And your bags, etc, just look divine - they deserve to be flying off the shelves. Beautiful envy-making blog - don't suppose you fancy swapping lives for a couple of weeks?


  15. Hello,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, its lovely to see a fellow NOTH girl... your things are just beautiful.

  16. Cheers Pipany..your champagne looks wonderful. I did make some a fews ago and somehow managed to get a fizz with it! I keep meaning to go and pick some elderflowers and have another go!
    Oh I cannot see anything wrong with your nose!? nothin' wrong with a good strong profile.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carol x

  17. ooh, the elderflowers are almost over here, but still smell fantastic - might have a crack at that! Thanks


  18. What a lovely summery post - our Wednesday wasn't too bad but today - Thursday - has been horrid. not a day for lingering out of doors. Your post has reminded me that it is summer and there are flowers out there to be enjoyed. Our redcurrants are a way off yet.

    I do fancy the Elderflower Cordial - hopefully tomorrow will lend itself to gathering some blossoms.

  19. Wow - can't believe your agapanthus is nearly out - we're nowhere near up here in Scotland. I hadn't seen your post about elderflower champagne - great minds and all that! I'm really excited now that I've discovered that one of the things that husb has made turns out to be cherry vodka - I remember it starting now last autumn - mmmmm!
    C x

  20. BTW Pipany, 'x' is Caroline at Twice! Hadn't realised that I had become so anonymous! I've changed it now.