Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What a mess.

Oh good grief, do I regret writing that the sun had returned? Rhetorical question as I'm sure you have worked out, especially if you too are swimming your way from front door to car at school run time. Cornwall has been so wet for what seems like so long that I am struggling to even remember what the caress of warm sunshine upon the skin actually feels like...sigh. Ah well, a brief resume of things at Poltisko Farm in the last week or so (golly, that long since I last posted?).

Lucy and Isabella decided to forget the bad weather in a graceful version of Swan Lake where Lucy glided elegantly across the room and Isabella did a fair rendition of baby elephant, throwing a leg up on the sofa as she stretched a chubby arm behind her. Think of Dawn French and Darcy Bussel in the Vicar of Dibley here. Not sure what this particular balletic pose is called.

Dave and the children went to the allotment last weekend, returning to inform me that it was so wet there that even the slugs were doing a crawl across the beds. Unfortunately, the damage to plants has been quite substantial and the cold weather has slowed down growth - just perfect for those munching machines. Very disheartening, but I sowed more peas, etc on the Sunday in a bitter act of defiance. Our own garden has become a battered version of how it usually looks at this time of the year, which is shown in this picture with a wild mass of flowers all tangled together in a glorious profusion. I never quite get around to staking in time for the monsoon season. (and how is it that out of four ducks it is always Lemony who gets in on the act? Such a poser).

And now to the nub of it all - what I have actually been trying to do in my bid for a professional yet aesthetically soothing/ pleasing environment: enter my sewing room... (I am so mortified!)

This disgusting mess is what I managed to create in an effort to change things and it is taking me forever to organise. Of coure, this is not how it usually looks - I could never work in this! - but I have been so busy with new wholseale orders that the whole room had become increasingly impossible to work in. Awful isn't it? Still, it is slowly becoming this...

a land where delicate toiles snuggle up with dainty Liberty lawns (thank you again Elizabeth), where bright stripes and checks share space with colourful circles and blossom on jade. So much better I think, though heaven only knows there is far more to sort. Piles of fabric, notions in jars, and I can't even bare to think about the shelves at the other end of the room - haven't shown these as that is just too much embarrassment even for me!

Well, I must carry on now with Isabella's 'help'. Hopefully the sun will soon re-appear and the weekend will be lovely for everyone.

Have a good day xx

P.S. Thank you for the awards I have been given - I will try to do my bit over the weekend x


  1. I used to be the galumphing elephant. My cousin was a ballet obssesive and whenever the family got together she would organise us all to do "shows". Her with her lovely long legs doing graceful ballet poses and me attempting in my ungainly way to produce something vaguely etheral and fairy like. The home videos from them are hysterical!

  2. Aw bless the girls - they both look so cute - did you make the ballet outfits.

    Having just 'mucked out' and re-designed my office I found something really satisfying from turning it into a horrible place to be into a creative space and it looks as though you are doing the same.

  3. Oooh that soothes the soul. The sun may not be shining but pictures of beautiful fabrics do make me smile. (I'll ignore the untidy ones and just focus on the scrummy tidy stacks).

  4. oh look at those gorgeous fabrics, I'm a fabric fiend, seriously impressed with your tidying skills. Girlies look divine too !!

  5. Two gorgeous ballerinas you have there. I'm quite envious of yur stash of fabric - problem is I'd just look at it!

  6. I'd come and tidy the fabric for you but you might find a few bits missing come the end.

  7. I really think those fabrics look very pretty indeed. I think the south has had considerably more rain than us up north.

    CJ xx

  8. Is there a bit of red Tiole de Jouy somewhere there?

  9. Oh Pipany, the said it all. The sun has made a lukewarm appearance today, fingers crossed for the weekend. I find pictures of your sewing room mess quite comforting as most of my house is like that at the moment!! Would you come and sort into neat tidy piles for me? I sent your sketchbook off today (finally), sorry I've been slow. Happy weekend to you all. Diana x

  10. Oh isn't weather horrible! Still I wish I could blame all the horrors of my garden on the weather.
    You shoudln't worry about your shelves - To keep them that neat you would have to spend all your time ironing and not creating.
    Love your ballerinas - I was asked to leave ballet aged 5! Not a natural.

  11. I just love your photos - and think you're very brave to show the before version of your sewing room - but the after looks just great!! Love the "ballet" photos too, it seems like only yesterday Rosie was enjoying ballet - and now she's on her gap year in Australia. Enjoy them while they're little!

  12. Luscious fabrics!
    My garden is a soggy mess too. We exclaim when it is NOT raining now, quite an event.

  13. I would love my house anywhere to look like the after pictures. I think I need you to come and visit me. are you ever allowed out by yourself? (48 hours might do it?)

  14. Even I've capitulated about the weather, Pip, the garden's flat and soggy, the hens are muddy, the school trip was a washout.
    But Isabella looks divine enough to brighten up even the wettest day!

  15. The girls look gorgeous as do the neat piles of material. Oddly enough your idea of a mess is nowhere mear mine! NEVER come to my house or look at my garden. Your "mess" looks like my tidy!

  16. how cute do they look in their tutu's, so sweet. I can't work in a mess either, I sew in the kitchen and every surface has to be tidied before I even start. Hope the sun comes back soon
    lisa x

  17. Oh I just love your blogs Pipany - Isabella reminds me of my youngest when a baby. She started ballet at two and a half, and was chubby with dark curls like your gorgoeous babe. Your photo of piles of neat and pretty material is delightful!

  18. Gorgeous photo's Pips, takes me back to when my daughter had ballet lessons.

    Just adore the beautiful fabrics, wish I could sew. I have an old Chesterfield that needs recovering, ooh, thinking cottage roses, but far too expensive.

    Much rain here Pipany, hoping for more sunshine.