Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain didn't stop play!

Oh dear, what a wet week this first of the summer holidays has been. The weekend was so hot and full of sunshine that we barely left the sea, the only annoying thing being that I had forgotten the snorkelling kit and so missed out on the pleasure of snooping around in the transluscent depths. Never mind, as it was we swam for ages leaving the water for a brief moment to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate - well, that's what I did anyway - and then throwing ourselves back in for another go. Bliss.

It was also my lovely Lauren's 21st birthday and for her present I made my first ever quilted coverlet...sooo excited and yet the darkness of the day means I have the worst photographs to show you.

Hmm, will have to take better ones when it is brighter

Hey ho, that seems such a long time ago already and now all I have outside the window is a sea of rain. This has meant thinking of things other than beach trips to amuse everyone. Enter Mr Dave and 'French Day'! We have had many such days dedicated to a variety of themes: Chinese Day which involved Elias teaching us some basic Tai Kwondo (sp?) moves, making a dragon banner and playing Mah Jong; Wizard Day which saw Dave and Lucy dressed in flowing capes and wigs on the beach collecting shells for potion making, writing spells with homemade quills (feathers from our ducks of course) and a brief lesson in how to fly on a broomstick (also homemade by the way). There are other of these days which are always arranged by Dave for he and the youngest of the children - I just tag along where I can.So, French Day involved Lucy looking amazingly chic and elegant with the help of her big sister Lauren (back from Thailand...Hurray!) who dressed her hair like this...

and Isabella who went for the Folie Bergere look!!!

They helped Dave (dressed in a Maurice Chevalier style with linen suit and casual air) shop for pain au chocolate which was consumed with bowls of hot chocolate for petit dejeuner; they helped cook coq au vin for dinner (yum), played a french card game (normally Tarot but I think this was a new one) as dear Edith sang of love and regret, and we all watched Amelie in the afternoon. French lessons given by me made us laugh as Isabella desperately tried to get it right and sadly failed. A lovely day.

Other things have included meals with the family gathered around the table chatting merrily, playing yet more games which tonight will be by the fire as I am struggling with this dismal light.

and finally, I obviously have a colour theme going on here as Lauren's rose and lilac quilt inspired me to creat a new line of scented sachets and here they are... my Lavender & Chamomile Scented Sachets

which come in sprigged lilac

and sprigged rose

I am really pleased with them and think they would make the ideal gift or way to treat yourself.

Phew that was a long post. Hope the rain leaves soon

Bye for now xx


  1. Gorgeous sachets, Pipany, they will surely be popular.
    The French day sounds such fun! We will have to have a Cornish one here!

  2. Pipany, that quilted coverlet is gorgeous...would love to see a pic of it spread out. Not easy taking good pics with this rain and low light. It's like November! Love the sound of all your themed days - imagination is clearly lacking in my house, though if I talked to the dogs in my schoolgirl french they'd be even more badly behaved than usual! So rain, rain, go away, we don't want you for another day... Here's to the return of sunshine!
    D x

  3. I love the quilt and your lavender and camomile sachets. We seem to have missed most of the bad weather here today - can you order me some sunshine for when I'm in Cornwall in a week or two please? Isabella's dress is very smart.

  4. Isabella ... ooh la la!

    Another beautifully atmospheric report of doings round your place.
    Having the theme days is such a grand idea ... it has got to stretch everyone's imagination to new vistas.


  5. I want to come to your house and learn how to fly on a broomstick! It sounds like so much fun!! Happy summer days!

  6. That quilt and the lavender bags inspired by it are just beauitful. VERY envious of the quilt in particular.

    Love hearing about your theme days - the French one sounded lovely. Oui.

  7. Ooooooh I love those sachets. You are so inventive as a family with the games you play.

    Wow you can snorkle - how exciting I have never snorkled in my life.

    Love the quilt too - it is my step mother's birthday coming up - I shall go and have a look at your shop see if there is something to suit her . . . difficult lady to buy for.

  8. Hi Pipany, Nope it's still raining down here .... In fact it's torrential at the mo. Ho Hum - hope the sun comes out tomorrow or is at least dry as I haven't taken one photo yet.

    Lovely photo's, and the coverlet is beautiful as are your new sachets !
    I feel sorry for all the campers we have passed, must be a tad miserable for them.

  9. Loving those sachets, nice colours. You are very lucky living near the sea, it must be great when the weather is hot, not that we get much hot weather so its best to make the most of it when we do.
    Sarah x

  10. whooo, i forgot to say how georgoues your quilt you made is.

  11. oh you're such a horribly good mother I feel daunted! Can I be your 6th child, please? (I'll be needing a quilt to mark the occasion!)

  12. What a brilliant idea - themed days, but oh I wish I had girls who wouldn't just roll their eyes at such a suggestion and stump off to find their Nintendo. Boys, though they love their Mums, are a very trying.

    Sachets - good idea for a stocking filler, hope there'll be lots at Christmas time.

  13. Wonderful again - I love your blog. Meanwhile - can you adopt me please - your children seem to have such fun!! Raining here in Devon too....

  14. Love the idea of having themed days though I suspect A and I are too old to get the most out of them.

    Love those sachets too - can almost smell them from her. Sooo pretty.