Monday, 14 July 2008

Sun, sand and sweet moments too.

Such an odd mix of a weekend. Very much a family time with the house overflowing with older and younger children, trips to the beach and lots of laughter, yet somehow these special times always highlight the fact that time hastens on and maybe things won't always be like this. Tom and his girlfriend have plans for a two year trip travelling the world, and Matty and her boyfriend are thinking of heading off sometime too. They all want to head for New Zealand, land of fresh hopes and new chances, and of course I have fears that this wonderful place will welcome them with open arms only to to enclose them in an iron grip that will mean rare visits and a loss of all we have now. I won't bore you with the fact that their desire to go is not just based in a desire to see the world, experience other cultures; no, there is also the push provided by a country which financially penalises those without children, makes it almost impossible for them to get a foot on the property ladder and offers them little hope for change.

Golly, that was a real moan and not what I had set out to write, but I will leave it there as it is how I am feeling at this moment and that is supposed to be what my blog is for: an honest place to say how I honestly feel.

So, the weekend: badminton on the beach....(that's me with the many layers on and looking somewhat ineffectual next to Elias's athletic pose!)

Queen Neptune turning the tide...

On Saturday this lovely handmade present arrived from Diana at Pebbledash, one of my favourite bloggers who is also in Cornwall. She made this beautiful sketchbook, notebook and tags - aren't I lucky? I intend to use them for design ideas, so thank you Diana. Do go and visit her blog as she takes the most gorgeous photographs.

There was also time spent at the allotment chatting with the people next to us who had their gorgeous newborn baby with them. We sat in the baking (yes, it was for a while) sun and let the day drift by, leisurely tying up tomato plants and trying not to mind the slug damage too much. My sewing room is now a beautiful place of tidiness and order and space after my mega-cleaning session, so Lucy and I spent a couple of hours out there yesterday afternoon as I taught her to use her little sewing machine. Lovely time with my precious little girl. And in amongst all the children and chatter was also a little time just for us as Dave and I hid away in the kitchen, and danced a quiet dance to Elvis's 'Can't Help Falling in Love', a beautiful song and a tiny, but special, moment.

Have a lovely day wherever you are xx


  1. I didn't want to read without commenting as the first part of your post is something that G and I struggle with on an almost daily basis. The issue of whether to move away to a country where life would financially be so much easier or to stay here where family and friends are close by.

    For those of us without bought homes of our own it is a struggle and one that personally I don't see us ever resovling not without serious financial help from parents that are unable to do so. It is difficult and a decision that can't be reached without a lot of heartache on both sides. Especially when it comes do to the basic choice of home of your own on one side and family on the other.


  2. Hello's so hard starting out on adult life in this country, I can see why countries such as NZ are such an attraction. But equally hard to be away from family and friends...and hard for those left behind, especially mums and dads. I am so very lucky to have my own little home, something I would never have managed without the financial input of my Mum and Dad. A gift I am so grateful for.

    At least the sun made an appearance this weekend. You look very stylish playing badminton! And I'm so pleased you liked your little parcel, it was a real pleasure to make.Have a happy week. Diana xx

  3. Hi Pipany, I can see the lure! my son is finding it so hard, being in the building trade things are not looking good...he would not leave the country...but it is so very hard for him with two young babies...but we will get over it..been there before! the mad thing is when he feels like giving up and handing back the keys on his flat...he soon realises that to rent is even higher than his mortgage!
    Well that was a miserable comment! anyway you look like you are having fun on the beach!

  4. Right now my grandson, who has just finished Uni, is working to save up to go off to NZ, it must be the country for the young.

  5. Hi Pipany

    My eldest daughter is now living in Australia. Youngest daughter, partner and my darling granddaughter have their visas and emigrate in September. Eldest son is going with his empoyer in three years. Youngest son is re-training in a skill to enable him to emigrate also. If you can't beat them join them and that is what we will do when OH retires in six years. It's not that I want to leave my Cornwall but to leave my family would be even harder.

    we also spent much of the weekend on our lottie. Only had it a month so nothing actually growing yet but we did manage to get half the rabbit fence up.


  6. I think at the moment so many people are finding it hard here for one reason or another. We have even thought of emigrating a few times and we still haven't ruled it out completely - as long as they live happy lives .
    lisa x

  7. you have a wonderful happy family!

    My mum went to New Zealand in the 60's, and met my dad there (they had both emagrated) however much she adored the country it was family, especially around Christmas time, that brought them home.

    We still think about it, but I love this country - well, I do at the moment! hehehe


  8. Looks like you had a lovely day. I can understand people wanting to emigrate with things being as they are at the moment. I'm just so thankful that we got on the property ladder when we were relatively young as if we were starting out now, we simply couldn't afford it.
    I like the special dance you had too - ahhhh

  9. Just love those piccies of Isabella.

  10. I know it is so difficult - we have 4 grown up boys, and financially life is tough for them - I dont know what will become of this country!
    Enjoy the little special times and try not to worry.
    Take a look on my blog there is an Award waiting for you.
    x Vicky x

  11. Hi Pipany, I love reading your blog. Very thought provoking about NZ. I'd love to visit but not sure I could cope with the flight - I hate flying ! It's a beautiful country full of stunning scenery but your locality looks equally beautiful.

  12. Hi Pipany!

    You must be a bit swamped with emotion at all that. Quite understandable.

    As you know, we emigrated from UK when I was small in the late 60's so I have grown up here in NZ, but part of my heart always belongs to England. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else though - it was pretty amazing, although not quite as good these days, ie, you have to be more watchful of children, you can't just let them go feral all day like was able to! But the lifestyle is pretty affordable by comparison and it's only ever one skip from the beach from anywhere.

    Get them to give me a yell if I can be of help in any way.

    Thinking of you,

  13. I lived in New Zealand from the age of 11 to the age of 17 so understand the lure of the place. we came back eventually because my grandfather was ill and we couldn't easily afford trips backwards and forwards. I would feel just as you do if my children decided to go anywhere but it is a beautiful place full of opportunity.
    Lovely slightly elegiac blog.

  14. Hard to be away from family and friends whatever the weather.

  15. Hi, PIps. NZ, yes, be afraid. Friends of ours are emigrating there on teh 28th (3 children from 6 -11). They were there before when had just the one boy and LOVED it, and have sold or given away every last teaspoon and are off. 2 others in our village are off to Australia in September, good people all. It makes you wonder - and a little tearful too!

  16. Was going to say, they ought to look up Cowgirl! Would love to go to NZ - has always appealed although not, funnily enough, Australia where A and I both have relatives.
    Aren't those books from Pebbledash just gorgeous? She is SO talented.

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  18. I honestly can't see the attraction of either NZ or Australia.
    I know England has gone to the dogs but I couldn't think of living anywhere else....