Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Return to Normality.

So, the pain that is the Tax Return is now done and life feels free and carefree once more. How sad it is that I put this task off every year and yet actually enjoy doing it when I finally have no choice. Actually, on reflection perhaps the enjoyment of it is the sad part in that sentence? Whatever, it is done and I can return - see what I did there? - to life as I know it: design commissions pending; orders continuing to roll in; Mothering Sunday round the corner and my journal in the Notonthehighstreet Spring Gift Guide due out soon. Busy, busy.

Oh, and then I found my knitting calling....

A skein of the most beautiful hand-dyed wool which I can't remember the name of now, but it came from here rather a long while ago. The colour is just amazing with a dense squashed blackberryness to it mixed with velvet and flecks of deepest purple. Does that help?

And so the paperwork was put to one side for a little longer in order that I might cast on for these pretty fingerless mittens. The pattern is called Veyla and is one of the wonderful designs by the equally prettily named Ysolde Teague, available here. I just love this picture.

Photographing oneself is always a challenge don't you find? I should have got the tripod out, etc but then, if I were capable of such effort I wouldn't be fooling around with knitting at all when I should be working would I? I found it quite funny trying to get a shot which didn't make my arm look too disembodied or impaled on spiked needles, but in the end this was the best I could do.

The mittens have a certain elegance with dainty picot edging to the buttoned cuffs and a delicately lacy leaf pattern. Too dark this morning to show the depth of this gorgeously rich yarn here or the beauty of the patterning. Maybe when they are finished I may just take the time to photograph them properly but in the meantime my hands are snuggled daily by my gift from Jane who has kindly popped the pattern for her mittens over here

So much knitting inspiration (thank you dear Kate for your wonderful Pinterest boards where I while away too many moments!) and so little time. Have I given you enough places to visit when you should be working yet?

Now, I really must do some work ... or perhaps I'l knit a round or two first. Well, it is cold after all! x


  1. The radio advert where the lady reminds us to do the return or get an immediate penalty, sooooo annoying, even if mines done.

  2. Wow they look lovely - such a beautiful colour. Kate is one of the reasons I spend too much time on pinterest too. Why is it so addictive?
    Do you look at Knitsofacto - Annie has recently knitted some lobvely mits. Apparently their old name is muffatees (think the spelling is right!) How lovely is that?

  3. Those mitts are so beautiful much nicer than mine I'd love to make a pair like that myself!

    Glad the tax return is out of the way and you can indeed RETURN to normality!

  4. I love the Veyla mitts and have been wanting to knit them for ages - I rather like Ysolda's shoes too, but I would probably fall off the heels!

    Pomona x

  5. Hi Pipany,

    Your mittens look lovely! You chose a really pretty colour. Is it as cold in Cornwall as in Holland? We have temperatures up to -10 at night and -6 in daytime. We could use mittens like yours :-)!

    Enjoy the knitting!

    Madelief x

  6. There is certainly a satisfaction at completing the tax return. I love those mittens!

  7. That yarn really is gorgeous!!!