Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Just a Little Green.

Joni Mitchell... in the words of the wonderful Emma Thompson in Love Actually, "I love her."

I listen to her music frequently and today the sounds of her sweet voice singing one of my favourites made me look around my home for those signs, that fleeting touch of light or hint of colour that tells us spring is almost here. I looked for 'just a little green'...

and found it here in my kitchen where the soft gold of a variegated lemon thyme kept company with the forest green shoots of a pot of rosemary. I also have a jar holding some stems of rosemary which I got reduced at the supermarket with the intention of getting Isabella to pot them up with me to grow more little plants for our garden. Wrong time of year, but who says you have to follow the rules? Just have fun is a better mantra for me.

I looked through the living room window to see the 'grave' as I call the patch Isabella and Daddy planted last year on a day when I was poorly in bed; it looks awful but is packed with bulbs to provide cutting flowers for the house and so many shoots are now pushing through that I feel a little ashamed of the way I snorted with disgust at the sight of this rectangular patch of earth right in the middle of the lawn.

After all, the patch is always a mess anyway as it is where the paddling pool spends the summer so the children can play in it while Davey and I sit in the courtyard watching as we sip a chilled glass or two on hot days when the sun basks the front of our house with its wonderful light.

There will soon be daffodils and narcissi of all kinds, hyacinths and tulips for me to pick, a whole beautiful rainbow to cheer our little house and add some colour to these grey seemingly endless days and all because of those two scamps who disappeared behind my back with bags full of bargain bulbs...hmm, I'm so very glad they did.

Isabella even added some broad beans which are doing well if a little straggly. I feel so inspired by her' have a go' attitude to things and need to remember it is how I feel about life really. Nothing ventured and all that. She saw some beans, had a thought, acted on it and there you go: plants already thinking about producing a few flowers. There's a lesson there somewhere.

So, thank you dear Joni. I felt tired and fed up with winter's grey light

but then I found just a little green.

So prefect and not far so very far away.... x


  1. I never follow the rules! A perfect & beautiful post.....

    Lou xxx

  2. Who says follow the rules?!! Enjoy and if you lose a few you also win a few too! Lovely post and what a treat to see all those green shoots - they care not about rules do they?!

  3. Beautiful post Pipany, I can see just a little green from my window, now that the snow is melting!

  4. Oh gosh...Joni Mitchell ....so many memories...I knew every word to every song....snow drops blooming here!!!!

  5. Joni is a big favourite with me too - I think her songs are favourite & 'Blue' is the albumn I go back ot the most. They'll be crocus' to bring to school tomorrow. x

  6. I meant 'There'll be'. I am a fool x

  7. Oh, as usual, you're saying it just how I feel it. Why do us mums get so tied up about doing things 'properly'. Isn't it best to just do it and have fun - mess or no? I mean,..there's a time and place for just right - but you know what I mean...

    So, thanks for the reminder and encouragement. I could just tack this one up to my fridge!!! =] and, thanks for the bit of green - sooooo refreshing - just like you always seem to be. (I very sincerely mean that, you know!)

    The only thing that concerns me is that I'm going to get too hopeful for spring when it's possibly two months away, still. Well, I'll just have to cope!=]


  8. Seeing all the sprigs in your garden makes me smile Pipany. Especially because we still have a layer of snow in Holland! What a beautiful sight it will be in a few weeks time :-)

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  9. Me too! Love Joni that is - and bizarrely we just watched 'Love Actually' tonight - there's some sort of coincidence going on in Cornwall - again! And I can almost smell the herbs in your photos.... x

  10. I love Joni too.
    I meant to ask you what camera do you use?

  11. Oh what a lovely post today! Joni is one of my favourites and as soon as I saw your post title the song came into my head...so glad it was actually the same one! Your pictures are so fresh and spring like, and the idea of a spring bulbs cutting patch is wonderful indeed!!
    There'll be crochuses to bring to school tomorrow....
    Thanks for reminding me to go and play my old Joni songs, Pipany! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. How lovely Pipany. The 'grave' will look glorious soon.