Monday, 27 February 2012

A Certain Lack of Light.

I am going slightly barmy here thanks to the lack of any discernible spring light in Cornwall - well, my bit of Cornwall anyway. I hear of sun elsewhere; I see the proof in others' photos where balmy days out and gardening fun is had with that yellow light I am so desperate for. Why is it missing us out I wish to know! The blossom is blossoming and shoots are shooting all around yet still the sky remains flat and grey and I am going ever so slightly nuts and more than a little obsessed by the local weather report and quite frankly driving myself crazy by moaning about it!

The solution I feel is to stop whingeing and get outdoors even if it is cold and monotonously grey. After all, the herbs need potting up: rosemary, parsley and thyme sit in pots just by the front door and I brush their fragrant leaves each time I pass. That cheers me at least.

And then there is new wool or yarn as I increasingly find myself calling it. Just look at the colour of this. It cheers me more than I can tell you and I have started a new project without completely finishing my Veyla mittens because I felt it would be therapeutic...and it is! I will reveal the pattern next post as I am hoping to have sewn in the ends of the mitts first. Clean slate and all that.

I chose this yarn because it has such a wonderful slubby texture and is just perfect for spring/summer beach wear. Very lovely and such a gorgeous shade...did I mention that already? I want a whole cupboard of slubby slouchy knits in soft sea blues and greens and gentle orange like the colour you get when the sea and sunshine have bleached them down to the softest tone while still retaining that certain strength of colour. Know what I mean?

Oh those herbs...they smell so delicious.

The kitchen is being taken over by little gardening projects such as jars of rosemary and sage cuttings which will mould away if Isabella and I don't plant them up. Some potatoes which I would like to claim are chitting but truthfully were simply mouldering in the bottom of a long-forgotten bag are now waiting top be planted up too. Strange looking alien life forms lurking by the sugar bowl. A typically eclectic Pipany mix. I do like a project or two.

Talking of projects - things are hotting up for Mothers' Day. Just where does the apostrophe go? Is it Mothers plural or Mother as in singular? Oh who should be Mothering Sunday anyway and really life is far far too short to fuss over a little apostrophe. The point I was making is that much embroidering is taking place in my sewing room and I am very lucky to be so busy, so thank you to any and all who have ordered from me!

Well, I really should get back to work. Hopefully the drizzle will stop and the chill will go by the time I have finished the orders leaving a beautiful sunshiney day in its wake!

Till next time x


  1. we are very grey here too! the children were surfing in the fog at the weekend! But I'm sure our fair share of sunshine is on it's way

    Kate x

  2. It is grey and yuck here too today. We did see a bit of sunshine and some warmth though at the weekend. Not as much as some though it would appear.

    I love that colour and texture of that wool too, really gorgeous it would be interesting to see how it works up.

    Nothing like a few experiments in the kitchen! I have a few seeds on the go in ours at the moment too.

    Hope you get to plant out your clippings.

    MBB x

  3. Look at it this way, we might have had some sun but you have the most beautiful scenery, even if it is grey. I know what you mean though, its the perfect tonic and no fun when you miss out.

  4. Sorry to hear that the sunshine has avoided your part of the world. It's been a little grey here too today. Pleased to hear you're busy though! X

  5. Had a wonderful blue sky kind of weekend with sunshine, soft breezes and frothy clouds...pity I felt under the weather and couldn't enjoy it. Fingers crossed for this weekend instead. A point to ponder...I wonder why we say "under the weather"? Dev x

  6. Hi Pipany,

    I hope the sun will come your way soon! We had a sunny Saturday, but from then on it's grey skies and drizzle too :-(

    Your wool looks really pretty.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  7. I'm sure you've had the sun by today! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it here, I want to stay and linger looking at your wonderful pictures all day! The blue wool is so beautiful, it must be a joy to work with. I'm now a follower so I shall be back. :o)
    Jess xx

  8. That yarn is a gorgeous colour ... perfect. And I'm so with you on the glory of sun faded colours :D

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