Friday, 2 March 2012

It Has Begun.

Spring finally arrived in Cornwall on Wednesday and though today is cold and foggy I am feeling a definite lift in spirits thanks to the beautiful wonderful sun. A need to be outdoors has taken over with Lucy helping me to sow some seeds to start us off. Nothing quite so exciting as sorting through seed packets and dreaming of all that's to come is there? Of course, you can add yarn and fabric to the nothing so exciting list too.

So far we have parsley, spinach, tomatoes (Italia), rocket and some courgettes underway. It is a little early for some but with our not-too-attractive-but-highly-practical plastic box posing as a greenhouse I am confident the balmy Cornish air will help them on their way. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought how brilliantly obvious it was for someone who has a greenhouse that is beyond dilapidated now. Such a quick solution until I can sort the greenhouse out. Look here for the original link.

And it seems somewhat appropriate in all this talk of gardens to pop a picture of my In The Garden door hanging which seem to be particularly popular just now. Thoughts turning to the outdoors I guess and also, of course, ideal for Mother's Day gifts!

Hopefully more gardening will take place this weekend though the forecast looks a little dreary. Isabella's broad beans are racing away and have made very strong plants woven as they are among the daffodils in the cutting patch. This rectangular patch is now yielding so many gorgeous daffodils that our house has jug and bottles of them on every available surface, the bright gold casting a sunshine all of its own into the corners of our home with so many more bunches yet to come.

The need to be outside saw me packing the children into the car after the school run and heading for the shore instead of home yesterday. The beach was almost empty and the air positively tingled with ozone. It was just beautiful and Isabella soon was up to her thighs in the icy sea. That child simply cannot keep out of water!

Again, the warmer weather seems to bring a flurry of orders only this time for my Beach Bags which are available in two designs. This one is Ship Ahoy

and this one Lighthouse

Each bag has its own little pouch of shells collected from the Cornish shores by my team of workers (the children!)

and also is available in either child or adult sizes....Mother's Day perhaps? Just trying to help!!

Here's hoping the warmth returns and bring more spring cheer to us all.

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. I love your beach bags especially the lighthouse one, and the little bag of shells, what a lovely idea - glad you have got your shell collecting workforce sorted, not that beach combing is a chore, I will gladly come and help you too! So pleased that Spring is not too far away now - it is funny what a difference the weather makes to us as a nation isn't it?? Anyway hope you get to enjoy some more garden/beach time this weekend - forecast to rain here both days though :( Jenny xx

  2. Hello Pipany, your pictures and your work are stunning! I love your new look on FB too...

    have a lovely weekend, don’t work too hard.

    Lou xxx

  3. What a gorgeous, Spring-like post, Pipany. How I envy your proximity to the beach! Lovely bags too.

  4. I love it when you post beach pics means spring is definitely on it's way. Very good idea about the plastic boxes too. I can hardly get in our greenhouse for other junk. Have a lovely sunny weekend. Karen X

  5. I have only been marginally successful with seedlings. Often, I can get them started but, then, they either rot with the humidity (it only takes a second) or fry when I put them out in the sun (er, ooops!) or they never make it out of the seed packets because I don't know where to put all of the tubs. I have a deep desire to get it right, this year, but have been seriously not sure how to go about it. This is a BRILLIANT idea! =]

  6. oops! I've never used 'tubs'. I meant, 'I never know where to put all of the trays. =]

  7. How wonderful that you include sea shells with your beach bags!

  8. You're making me feel bad - I keep using the dreadful state of the greenhouse as my excuse! Next weekend, definitely... And I love your swan picture!