Monday, 19 March 2012

A Good Life.

It has been so good to finally feel some sun in Cornwall at last. Sun with warmth in its rays and that bright zingyness that lights up the fresh greens of new growth. Yes, the winds have been cold but at last the mist has lifted and I can see further than the gate, far enough to want to venture out with vegetable plants, pots and seeds to hand.

My little helper set up the 'wicked chair' by the cutting patch and made sure her sunglasses were to hand...just in case. Of course, she hardly sat still for more than a brief moment before digging around in the dirt as is her wont.

In fact, she spent most of the afternoon in the hen pen digging earth for the 'poor girls' (her term, not mine, as she is convinced they need help) and they were quite happy to join in. I do love that she and all the other children have this experience of dealing with livestock in the form of our hens and ducks, though I do wish she would stop letting them out into the garden where they wreak havoc and claiming it was the cat that must have done it!

Love the way she moves them along with the back of her trowel or the boot of her welly just like her Mama....gently of course.

What can be better than mucking about in the soil with friends who enjoy it as much as you?

We finished off our session by gathering in some herbs from the courtyard ready for a casserole for dinner.

Totally delicious and a lovely way to end the day - digging around with chickens, sowing more veg

smelling beautiful spring flowers fresh from our very own garden and filling the house with their perfume

and popping down to make the most of the amazing Cornish coast we are so lucky to see every day.

Not a bad old life really is it x


  1. Sounds a good one, that's for sure. Love the pics of your little helper, with HER little helpers, v cute x

  2. Ooh Pip,I wouldn't mind it,love the photo's of your daughter with the hens.Hope all's well with you
    Best Wishes
    Sue xx

  3. That looks very much like the good life - and I love hte picture of your daughter digging with the chickens!

  4. I so long to live by the sea! And more so when I see your lovely photos of the shore :D

  5. Your hens are identical to mine and look just as lovely. I love the pictures of Isabella with them. We could do with some of that spring sunshine here in Pembrokeshire.

  6. Sounds like a very lovely life, especially with all that sewing and making you get to do too ;) (even if it can be quite stressful at times!) I love the chicken pictures and how natural and comfortable Isabella is with them! We used to keep chickens and I did love looking after them but I was always a little scared of getting pecked!!! You are so lucky to live by the sea, I say it every time I see your lovely coast pictures... anyway happy sewing if that is what you will be doing today, 'see' you on facebook a bit later! x

  7. It feels so good to be able to get out again and do stuff though I am desperate to start planting, but at least that blasted fog had lifted. Though I know on the warmest, sunniest days it could still catch us off guard and roll on in.

    take care and have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  8. It's a good life indeed and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Your herbs are looking much healthier than mine. Have a lovely week. Karen X

  9. Yes your herbs do look well. Cornwall is so ahead of Wales and warmer. Just been catching up here, all is as beautiful as ever.

  10. I hear you on the sun - as I type I'm sitting by the window, beautiful sunlight streaming through the room... though my computer may be overheating!

  11. Pip, your posts are always so uplifting. I love the reference to the 'wicked' chair, so funny how children make up their own versions of unusual words.

    What a wonderful time of year this is. Cornwall looks beautiful of course, and certainly when we visited in May one year we were taken aback at how far ahead the seasons are down there.

    Happy planting and sowing! I can't wait to get started but I'm giving myself another week just in case of a sudden frost.

    Lovely to hear from you my dear as ever.


  12. Thank you so much for bringing your lovely spring to Canada! (Although we're ahead of our usual selves by a few weeks.)