Monday, 20 February 2012

No Change!

Well, thank you for your lovely feedback on my blog: it seems to be fine as it is with its er, 'eclectic' mix of craftiness, home-making, gardening and businessy bits and so why change it? I'm quite relieved really because whenever I attempt to alter it I waste forever only to feel it is messier than before. It's the control freak in me!

And so, another half term over and a whole lot closer to spring. In Cornwall it is almost impossible to believe spring hasn't already sprung as there are daffodils appearing everywhere you look with fields swathed in golden yellow bordering every road it seems. I love this time of year, so full of hope and anticipation as the chill air hovers on the brink of change and each day brings a slightly later dusk, a slightly changed quality of light. The garden calls and Isabella and I spent a couple of days tidying around and re-familiarising ourselves with it all.

Isabella collected the bits and bobs that have blown into the garden over the winter and fashioned a birds nest which she duly nestled into the crook of the wisteria boughs. So sweet.
She really reminds me of myself as a little girl, always making something, always happiest in the garden following either my Dad or Grandad as they worked, absorbing a true love of nature that has lasted. We lit an enormous bonfire to chase away the late afternoon chill and to burn the brambles I cleared from the hedges. So good to feel the soil in my hands once more and to feel that familiar excitement that heralds the new season.

Indoors, a whole other world of making was taking place as Lucy concocted a chocolate gingerbread cake. This delicious cake has a more sophisticated taste than many chocolate based cakes thanks to the addition of crystallized ginger.

It cuts beautifully and is perfect with a cup of tea. Even Isabella loved it despite the fact that it lacked that sugary sweetness little ones usually look for.

The girls are both turning into remarkably good cooks and I really feel this should be encouraged. Of course, this could be entirely selfish as it means I have a constant supply of cakes to hand!

It seems that the mix of topics is what most of you enjoy about my ramblings and so I will end with a little reveal of the Veyla mittens I am knitting. This lovely Ysolda Teague pattern is actually a very quick knit...if one picks it up that is! I have the best of intentions but the reality in the evenings is often so very different.

Still, one mitten is completed other than sewing in the loose ends and the other has the pretty lace work on the cuff finished, so hopefully not too long now. I love the little detailing on the thumbs and first knuckle.

The lace cuff will need blocking to allow the leaf pattern to open out a little and then I have some little buttons to finish them with.

Very lovely, though I am already desperate to start my next project.

So there I end my Monday witter and off to work I go. A fresh new week with the sun outside the sewing room and birds singing their hearts out just outside the stable door. I also have a meet up with Diana later this week...woohoo! We haven't seen each other for ages, so a catch up, some knitting, some cake and a trip to a wool shop are in the offing...Hurrah!

I hope you have some good things planned too x


  1. Your blog is just perfect. I too like reading a real mix of things. Love the flower pics and your description of Cornwall makes me long for spring here in Lincolnshire too!

  2. Greetings from sunny Devon! I agree that your blog is just right. Love your photos and the cake looks delish - I'm a bit of a ginger addict!
    Your embroidery is wonderful and you deserve all the success you get.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh your garden is looking beautiful! I wish I was a gardener but I leave that to my partner and daughter. Those gloves are gorgeous and the designer shares my son's name 'Teague' so I may have to look for the pattern!

    Kate x

  4. Oh, dear Pipany! I don't know if I could pull it apart to analyze but your posts always make my heart sing. Your writing? Your photos? Your warm home life? or, maybe, just the way you see it - I resonate with it!

    Lately, I've been remembering a piece of advice that I'd read when I first started blogging (hear serious voice, here ;)): keep the content of your posts interesting and varied. so, reading what you had to say made me giggle.

    Sigh. many of my blog friends are from the UK - actually, at this point, I've made a couple of dear friends online who are across the pond and I wonder about 'meet ups'. Dreaming of a big trip, I am. and, so many of them mention their visits to Cornwall. It's a much loved place, apparently. I'll just have to put that on my dream itinerary.

    Thanks for sharing your world, Pip! =]


  5. Your blog is just perfect, always a delight to the senses.

  6. Wow that cake looks yummy! I'm really in to making lemon drizzle cakes at the moment. I made two over the weekend and both got eaten by us and visitors who popped in! The recipe I use is from the Primrose Bakery book and I can't recommend it enough! Have a great week x

  7. Your day with Isabella in the garden sounds delightful. Temperatures in Cornwall must be warmer than in Holland. The Daffodils in my garden are not in bloom yet. Wish they were....I find it difficult to wait :-) Lucy's cake looks delicious!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  8. So long since I've visited - and it's always such a pleasure to read and view your posts, Pipany. Have a good week. Lesley x

  9. Half term over here too Pip and I have to admit - I'm missing my little ones.

    There are lots of signs here, but nothing I can really put my finger on. I think all the snow we had frightened Spring off.

    Nina x

  10. Piapny, what a lovely inspiring blog, the photos are fantastic and the ginger bread with chocolate looked sooo yummy. My youngest is baking away here too, it is fantastic to see them get so much pleasure out of baking and the delightful to taste the fruits of their labour.

  11. That cake had my mouth watering. And I love the mitts!

  12. I'd love to have a baker in the house - what a treat it would be to have something home made with my coffee and tea.
    Your blog is lovely as it is. I'm glad you've no big changes planned.

  13. What a scrummy looking cake, Pip! And how cruel for those of us on strict diets! Never mind, go and cut yourself another slice or two and enjoy it on our behalf.