Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Propensity to Procrastinate.

The past week has been a strange mix with each day bringing so many things to work through and time racing past before I have the chance to clear the list. Orders are pouring in more than I remember of other years for January and new designs sit partly finished at the end of my cutting table. As for the dreaded tax return...well, let's not spoil things. As ever, it will get done and the new product range will be completed, photographed, copy written, uploaded....heaven's to Betsy, it makes me feel tired to even think of it!

Of course, my propensity for procrastination comes to the fore at such times with my determination to get out into fresh air calling to me even on somewhat dingy days. A recent promise to take a friend over to the north Cornish coast saw us heading over to Porthtowan and St Agnes, both very lovely in different ways.

Trevaunance Cove was stunning as ever and peering over the cliffs onto jade seas so clear the rocks appeared with each receding wave meant I was able to capture this image. It makes me think of a painting rather than a picture frozen by the camera.

The wide open spaces and clambering cliffs cleared my head and proved the worth of dipping out just occasionally to steal such a day.

The cold weather has been more acceptable to me in terms of sewing lately thanks to a lovely gift from the equally lovely Jane who very sweetly offered to knit me a pair of fingerless mittens after I mentioned how cold my hands were when toting my camera. They also get pretty cold when embroidering as I am hardly moving enough to get myself warm.

The heater pumps out plenty of comfort in my sewing room, but still my fingers get chilly. Jane's thoughtful gift has solved the problem and the pretty shade of spring green makes me smile just to see them.

Thank you so much dear Jane; they are perfect!

And talking of spring, these dainty crocus are lighting up the garden at the moments in clumps which are naturalising more and more each year. Even when the sun is absent they seem to shine and hint of what's around the corner.

Of course, a little sunshine does make them even more beautiful.

Ahh, I can't wait to be in my garden, pottering around and smelling the earth again. In the meantime, it's back to the sewing room and I really will do my tax return tomorrow...maybe...

A Propensity to Procrastinate - there's a book there surely! x


  1. Hi Pip, saw your link on facebook.Lovely photographs, reminds me why I love Cornwall. Fliss x

  2. Pip is fine Fliss and hello to you! x

  3. The smell of the earth; a joy to come very soon for most of us! Your pictures are heavenly and transport me back to my Normandy sea living days.

    I must confess I am curious about the colour of your mittens: it is so very pretty and close to the sort of shades I am hankering after these days.

    Pipany I am delighted for you that orders are coming in thick and fast. Such good news. Just hold on to your new year's resolutions of taking time out. I too get frazzled come early evening.


  4. Loved that dreamy cottage and the views! Oh to be able to experience those on these long January days!

    I know what you mean about procrastinating. I am sure I have got worse as i have got older for sure. Pretty gloves too I love that shade of green.

    Good luck with the dreaded tax return. Sounds thrilling! ;0)

    MBB x

  5. My friend always leaves her return until now. She thinks I'm a good two shoes as mine is done in May but my accountant is in his early 80's and it works in better for him. It is a tedious job though.

  6. Procrastination is a close friend of mine! With a choice between your beautiful sewing and a tax return I think we know what will win. Only the mad would choose tax forms!
    What a calm & restful shade of green.

  7. Those mittens are a lovely colour and so sweet of Jane to knit them for you. My hands get very cold too but I can't wear gloves whilst sewing, though I do when I am working on my computer for a long time! Hope you've had a good rest of your day - mine was a faffy one, and I feel like I didn't get that much done, tho I did get some things ticked off my list (and not to rub it in but at least I don't have my tax return still to do, haha!) Have a lovely evening xxx
    p.s love the picture of the sea, it does have a really painterly quality to it, you have such stunning scenery around you! x

  8. I have been wearing mittens lately, well muffatees in my case (they're not quite the same thing) ... they were considered an essential addition to everyone's wardrobe once upon a time. They're so snug I can understand why in the days before central heating folk depended on them.

  9. Fabulous photos Pipany and if I had to choose between doing sewing or even heavend forfend a tax return or going out in that beautiful countryside by the sea then it would be a no brainer which I'd choose. So glad you liked the mitts and the colour always difficult to choose for someone else!

  10. Hi Pipany,

    You live in such a beautiful part of the UK. I have been in Cornwall years ago, but when I look at your photo's I would love to go back again soon. Looking forward to your journal very much. I love the new design with the wheelbarrow too.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  11. Beautiful pictures, I wish I lived there, maybe one day. I hope your not working too hard....

    Lou xxx