Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Moment of Calm.

I have been making myself hold the thoughts from my last post firmly in my head this week and am already feeling the benefit of doing so. When I first got back to work I found myself full of enthusiasm and energy all day only to dip drastically in the evenings, lounging on the sofa in a state which reduced me almost to tears at the very thought of having to move myself in order to make a cup of tea. Not good and most annoying when the days were so in contrast. Yet gradually, oh so gradually, a change is taking place as I settle back into my routine once more...with a few changes that is.

One of the signs I placed in my sewing room states 'Make Time', another: 'Be Inspired' and so I am making time to get outside for a little while every day to breathe the air and be inspired by what I see around me. This inevitably means I am once more toting my increasingly bedraggled camera around with me and collecting images for future reference, images such as these taken straight after the school run on Swanpool Beach close to my home. Purple clouds drifted in a sea of spring-soft blue, the sun growing in strength through the misty haze enveloping the cliffs and warming - yes, warming - my face as I stood at the water's edge.

Just hearing the shshshooooshhh of the tide sighing onto the sands, myriad pebbles churning in its wake as it dragged itself back once more, calmed my mind and made a minute seem to last an hour.

Calm - another of the words on my wall. This morning I achieved it with a little help from nature.

My time on the beach lasted all of half an hour and was fitted in before the day was too far underway, but the benefits will last me throughout. I feel refreshed and alert, ready for the little stack of orders and some rather pressing design work on my cutting table. I am not saying that by this evening I will still be feeling this way. Tea time, bedtime, tidying up - they all are enough to ensure the grumps as far as I am concerned, but hopefully this little time outdoors will mean I achieve today and therefore feel happier this evening.

And then maybe I really will start knitting those fingerless mittens instead of just talking about it. My hands were frozen by the time I got back to the car!

Here's hoping you can get outside and feel a little calm today too x


  1. What beautiful pictures, while it's grey and wet here today your photos have transported me to a more inspiring place.

  2. I loooooong to live so close to the sea. There is nothing in the world more calming than the sound of waves on the shore, even in storm, or is that last part just me. Gorgeous photographs :D

  3. Just smell that ozone! Beautiful Pipany. I have made a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts from a very easy pattern and could make you a pair too if you like? I have much more free time than you do and it would in some way repay you for the lovely heart which hangs on my bedpost still gving out a faint lavender perfume!

  4. Glad you are getting out and about. Ooo how I wish the journey back home from the school run was as beautiful.

    I remember when my girls were a bit smaller I always called the time from about 4.30pm to 7pm the bitching hour (s). Its a drag the dinner tidying and bedtime routines isnt it. But needs must. I have found its not as bad now that they are a little older but it is still one of my least favourite times of the day.

    Your camera might look bedraggled but it is still producing much magic!

    MBB x

  5. more extraordinary photos, I love them. Pip, I need to ask you, this machine embroidery thing. Can one do it on an old (1980s) machine?? or does it require a fancy pants Bernina? Thanks everso

  6. Hello Milla. Lovely to see you m'dear!

    Yes, you shouldbe able to do it on your machine as long as you can drop the feed dogs (the teeth that feed material through the presser foot). There is probably a button to push in on the body of the machine or a lever possibly. Let me know what type of machine you have and I'll see if I can find out for you.

    Hope that helps x

  7. Jane, yes please!!! Though I do fear it is a dreadful cheek of me to let you do so! x

  8. Beautiful pictures Pipany, they are making me feel calm just looking at them. Your camera must surely be a pretty decent one to take such gorgeous pics, even if it is a little bedraggled! Hope you are having a happy productive day xx

  9. Wonderful pictures, Pipany. I always find watching the sea very calming which is maybe why I love being near it so much.
    I hope you feel refreshed and full of energy today when you reach that exhausting bit around tea time/tidy up time/too-much-to-do family time! I remember that energy sapping time when my children were young! Hope your week goes well.
    Helen x

  10. There is something about being able to be outdoors, and to see moving water or even clouds in motion that brings calm.

    Living in a city with so, so stimulation (welcome or unwelcome,) i also love even brief moments of stillness.

    Pipany, compliments to you on your photography. That camera is in very good hands, even if those hands might be a bit chilled.


  11. I have been outside most of the day, not only do I feel better for it, I feel calm too. I hope your calm feeling did last.

    Lou x x x

    PS. beautiful pictures!

  12. Gosh - how relaxing Pip - I can feel the stress ebbing away.

    Happy New Year and much love to you all,

    Nina xxx

  13. I feel completely refreshed by your wonderful pictures. Have several of your postcards on the pinboard in the kitchen. I too am fine in the day but when I sit down in the evening I am too exhausted to do anything. Hope it's only a January thing but fear it might be age! Karen X

  14. How beautiful, stunning photos and a very calm and indeed calming post. Thank you.