Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion!

Did I mention I now have an Etsy shop? No? Ah well, then I clearly won't have mentioned that there is 20% off all my products until the 31st of January will I? That means 20% off notebooks such as these:

Little House Winter Notebook

and Little House Notebook Journal

or even this Personalised Berry Journal.

It also means 20% off sweet scented things such as my:

Seeds Lavender Cushion

or my Grasses Lavender Cushion

not to mention my Personalised Berry Lavender cushion.

Of course, I mustn't forget this pretty

Cornish Harbour Tea Cosy

or maybe the Personalised Berry Tea Cosy is more your style?

Anyhoo, there is plenty over there for you to have a look at so why not grab a cuppa and get a bargain while you're at it? All you need to do is click here and put PIPANY2 in the comments box on checkout to get the 20% discount.

Thank you for reading! x

P.S. Be lovely to chat to you on my Facebook business page too if you have time!!!

Byeee x


  1. It all looks beautiful Pipany. I will have a look in your shop! Hope you are well?

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. All so gorgeous! I'll go and have a look at your Etsy shop...

  3. There's nothing wrong with some self promotion ;) hehe. It all looks lovely! Reminds me I must do something with my etsy shop, I have been neglecting it since Christms, oops! x

  4. Gorgeous things, Pipany! Good luck with your new etsy shop! I will have a peek over there.
    Helen x