Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Reveal - Part Two.

Before the Reveal Part 2 I must just thank you for the lovely comments about our little cot quilt from the last post - so lovely to think you all liked it and hopefully it may have given an idea or two for any pending baby arrivals out there in blogland. Please do let me know if you work one yourself and I'll post a link.

Now to the results of Mr Davey's knitting where this gorgeous yarn - Twilley's Freedon Sincere Cotton DK for those who may wonder -

was worked with such love

into two little hats!

This wool is such a beautiful cotton blend with the creamiest of creams for the slightly larger one

and a heathery shade of pink for the tiny wee newborn one. I love the way the decreases lead to the little cord (which I believe is called an i-cord, though I have no notion why) which is then tied into a very cute knot. So lovely and so quick as Dave worked both of these within two days and that was obviously with many breaks for walks, games, etc...well, it was half term.

I love this yarn so much that I have ordered some for my next knitting project: Lurelei from my Ravelry queue (yes, I have finally worked out how to do a queue, though sadly not how to do an image link) in a gorgeous shade called Moonstone; more of this another time. Heavens, this is fast becoming a knitting blog!

Don't you hate buying wool that only has a batch number? How can someone not think of a thousand names when faced with such beautiful colours, merely resorting to labelling with an homogenous number which suggests a lack of connection with the wool itself? It is completely alien to me to have such a cold approach to something and doesn't seem to connect with the target audience either as most knitters I know are very in touch with such things. Thankfully, Twilleys are aware of our needs and have such beguiling names as Moonstone, Garnet and Malachite to tempt us with.

Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings. I will leave you with a bright splash of that ever-elusive sunshine in the form of our gaudy, can't-possibly-miss-me forsythia

and my Davey's dear hands (complete with their sadly bitten fingernails...sigh) knitting the second of the baby hats.

Have a lovely Wednesday x


  1. What adorable little hats! And you have to love a man who knits!

  2. Oooohhhh the softest of yarn and little baby hats.

    Happy Wednesday and knitting....Mr Davey!

    Nina xxx

  3. What cute knots on the little hats!!! :)
    Love all those colours of yarn and I agree yarn colours should have names!
    Vivienne x

  4. That's one clever hubby you have there ... very cute hats. My LYS is at the end of my street and it's lethal , so many bargains. Sometimes I even walk down the back lane so as not to walk past the front door as it just pulls me in.

  5. love the hats and the quilt - how exciting waiting for a baby but you both don't look old enough to be grandparents!!!!!!!

  6. Mr Davey is a very talented knitter. He should have a knitting blog all of his own!!! x

  7. Pipany, please pass along my compliments to Mr. Dave. Those pretty little caps remind me of pastel figs.


  8. I'm blown away by these hats - Mr Davey, I would have bought these in a flash when my little ones were tiny. They're exquisite!

  9. Hi Pipany,

    So special to become a grandmother at your age! The hats look very sweet :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Oh what adorable little hats! Beautifully made too, Mr Davey! I do agree wool should have names not just numbers - I love the naming of things!
    Helen x