Monday, 21 March 2011

The Weekend.

Such a beautiful weekend with warm sun which turned to icy chill later on, a chill which suggested the campfire would be lit by Davey.

We had spent most of the weekend gardening and the smell of the fire was perfect as twilight spread its dusky glow over the garden. A new bed is now in place where previously a far too thin ribbon of ground has annoyed me everytime I saw it. We dug out masses of earth from the chicken run and spread it over this new patch and the woodland bed in the hope that this rich soil would help the rest of the impoverished garden.

The Merryweather damson is breaking into flower now and is the main feature of the woodland bed. This is a difficult patch as it is fairly shady and very dry thanks to the sandy Cornish soil which is lovely to dig as it is so light, but doesn't hold onto moisture. Hopefully the rich chicken poo soil will help!

Sunday was less sunny and by the afternoon was actually quite cold. We moved back into the kitchen where Dave and I sliced up Seville orange peel and finally got around to making our marmalade; aren't we lucky to have freezers to enable us to make things when we have time, not when seasons dictate? Having said that, I do prefer the feeling of following the seasons and at least it is not too late in the year as to make me feel I should be making chutney!

Isabella also 'helped' with the washing up...hmmm. Not sure that child ever wears anything other than pyjamas.

So, a productive weekend with all my favourite things: gardening, cooking

and a little bit of laughing to finish it all off.

Back to work now, but I can think of this to keep me warm in my chilly sewing room.

How was your weekend? x


  1. Beautiful images of your weekend Pipany!
    Hubby and I made some fabric labels for my work, one of those little jobs I've been putting off for ages! Oh yes, he put the banister up in the hall! Lots of sunny walks too!
    Lets hope the sunny weather continues!
    Rachel x

  2. Your weekend looks perfect through your photos Pipany especially the one with laughter!x

  3. My weekend was lovely...thanks for asking, and it looks as though yours was pretty special too.

    Love the 'laughter' shot, and the marmalade.....mmmmm...yummy!!

    Sue xx

  4. Your life always sounds so idyllic and cosy, I want to come and live with you! Your images are always scrumptious as well!.
    I have a free down load for marmalade stickers.

  5. Lovely pictures of your weekend, Pipany! The marmalade looks deeelicious! You do take the most wonderful garden pictures, I always really enjoy them. Glad you had a happy time, and I hope you have a happy week too.
    Helen x

  6. Love that little chocolatey face!

  7. What a lovely weekend - I love a bonfire and yours looks fab.

  8. What a lovely cosy weekend you all had! That bonfire looks magnificent. And I bet your kitchen smelt amaaaazing with those oranges simmering away.

    We did some planting in the garden also. We are very slowly and surely getting our garden ready for the months ahead. And we are growing veg and flowers (hopefully) this year. Oh we have not a clue what we are doing but its been fun to get out in the fresh air!

    There was a little baking in the kitchen also too! Happy homely days.

    Love your photo's as ever!

    MBB x

  9. Lovely to see the camp fire lit. I didn't get round to an outdoor fire this weekend but one is imminent thanks to all the hedge work we've been doing. Gorgeous photographs. I'm going to pop out now and tell my Merryweather damson that yours is already in flower!

  10. Sounds truly blissful! Family and fun...what more can you ask! Cx

  11. I managed to get some planting done this weekend - in the winter garden! However the sun shone and it was lovely & quite warm on Saturday. Your weekend sounds blissful Pip and I love the photo of Davey and Isabella.


  12. I can smell those oranges Pip. Our weekend was spent shopping for yarn/sewing supplies and tidying the garden and eating roast chicken. - very enjoyable. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. Karen X

  13. Pipany that was delightful, loved Isabella's chocolatey face, and then a huge smiley face. Glad you had such a good weekend.