Monday, 28 March 2011

Sailing Adventures.

The sun blazed on Saturday and we took the chance to take Mermaid, our lovely boat, out for the first time this year. We packed towels for the beach, food and drinks, and headed off up Penryn River from Ponsharden Quay.

Past tree lined shores and part hidden houses in search of a quiet beach for an hour or two's peace away from it all.

Elias and Dave steering us out into the harbour.

We rowed along choosing which particular cove we would stop at.

Eventually we stopped and moored up to a quay. Lucy and I headed straight for the sands while Isabella spent the entire time in the water, freezing though it was. Dave and Elias snorkled, but saw nothing more than a tiny fish or two. No river monsters today!

It was hot on the soft sands.

Mermaid's sail looks so pretty against the blue of the sea.

And here's another pretty girl. There was something so magical about pootling along until we found a beach. Just perfect.

The camera makes it look so hazy, but actually the haze was only far out to sea.

Finally we set off for home, most of the food eaten and a tide to catch.

The breeze was girlish and coy, so once more we abandoned sail and set to with the oars. Mermaid is quite a wide boat which means two can comfortably row with ease. we took it in turns as everyone loves rowing.

A few of the riverside houses for you to peruse: do you fancy a curved ended house overlooking the waters?

Or are one of these grandiose places more your style?

This thatched house had its own little harbour.

We drifted along with the water sparkling and a gentle breeze rustling the sail.

This beautiful boat was heading off to Mylor for the Oyster Celebration...yum.

There is something so pretty about the way red sails catch the light.

Isabella became transfixed by the water and almost fell asleep leaning over the side to gaze.

Such a perfect day.

How was yours? x


  1. I'd choose to live in the little cottage with it's own harbour...then you could moor your boat and pop in for tea. Seroiusly, lovely photographs. Glad you had the opportunity to make the most of the sunshine.


  2. What a lovely way to spend the weekend. Let's hope the warmer weather is here to stay. Haven't ventured down to the beach just yet, but it won't be long. Devx

  3. What an amazing day out, you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with such a lovely family! All those houses are gorgeous, would happily live in any one of them:) Hope your week ahead is just as lovely as your weekend, Jenny xxx

  4. ......and *sigh*...............

    Seriously lovely photo's. Wow I am mesmorised. It looks a seriously lovely day out for you all. Mmm I am thinking that little cottage with its own harbour. How fantastic is that.

    I feel as if I have had a little break away now! Thanks for sharing your perfect afternoon.

    MBB x

  5. Crikey, Pip, this looks fantastic! What a beautiful place you live in. Thanks for sharing your lovely family photos.
    Hen x

  6. Wow! I feel as though I have stepped into the pages of a beautiful novel! Beautiful photos and what a glorious day! Cx

  7. Glad you had such a glorious day - days such as those are very special the first of many for you this year I hope. I did go on the seafront on Saturday but I needed a coat and the wind was buffeting me along. Karen X

  8. Have just found your blog, what a lovely weekend in pictures.
    Am in awe of the lovely Cornwall and it's mesmerising high seas!
    nattie x

  9. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful day, Pipany. (Only one portrait missing ... yours!)

    Lucy's sweater and hat are terrific.

    I worked this weekend, and we had a fund-raising event at the shop. Our chosen philanthropy was Row New York, an organization that teaches teenage girls how to row, work together, and also polish their academic skills...all go on to university. (
    You might enjoy the website. xo

  10. The pink thatch would do me just fine.

    What a perfect way to spend the day.


  11. Sat snuggled up with a poorly little one!

    Ahhhhh Pip - your pictures start me thinking of the Summer.

    Mmmmmmmm - the beach. Not long now.

    Nina xxx

  12. What a lovely day out on and by the sea! It looks idyllic there, and any of those houses would be just fine for me! Glad you had a good time and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Have a sunny week.
    Helen x

  13. What a lovely outing, I can almost smell that lovely fresh air and sea breeze. Good to see your lovely girl looking well once more - love her outfit! Happy week x

  14. Looks like a beautiful day, how lovely to have a little boat like that and just take off out to sea for adventures and picnics!

    Love Julia x

  15. It would have to be the thatched pink cottage - it looks idylic.

    What a lovely day you had. The Mermaid looks gorgeous in the sparkling sunlight! You certainly made the most of the good weather Pip.


  16. Oh Pip it looks and sounds such a wonderful day. Mermaid is the prettiest boat I've ever seen(I love the red sail) - and your darling children even more beautiful.

    Hope there are lots more sunny watery days ahead for you all this summer.

  17. What stunning photos.

    Looks like a perfect trip

  18. Ah Pipany I know I shouldn't come here. Your beautiful pictures always make me miss Cornwall so much....