Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tea, a Little Nag and Decisions Made.

Now the spring is showing herself so prettily I feel the need to slough off my winter coat, both literally and metaphorically. I no longer want to be bundled into endless heavy layers, prefering the feel of lighter, softer clothes when warmer days allow. Yesterday was hot in our little patch of Cornwall - and I do mean hot. I ventured out to find snippings of the new nettle leaves from the ever present patches in our garden and discovered the soft lilac-blue petals of pulmonaria.

Of course, me being me I also can see the beauty in the equally soft, fuzzy leaves of the nettles and focused my lens on those for good measure. Nettle tea is one of life's great pleasures to me (see how easily I am pleased!) and the anticipation of the first cup is a good one. It is an earthy, soupy beverage which is sustaining in a way herb teas don't seem to be and I can feel the benefits as I sip. It is cleansing and full of minerals, so very nourishing - what more could you ask?

Salads are also calling which led to a chat over the dinner table about sowing some seeds. Isabella, who loves gardening, was most excited whilst Lucy requested rocket and spinach would be added to the lettuces. The thought of homegrown spicy, peppery rocket back on the menu makes my mouth water, though we have to beat the children to it as they tend to graze on pretty much anything edible when outside. Chives, rocket, marjoram... it all disappears until the blackcurrants, redcurrants and tayberries take over for a while. It's not all healthy here though as the latest batch of banana and chocolate muffins prove.

Perfect for when we arrive home from the school run and a great way of using up over-ripe bananas. We buy these in for next to nothing, slice them into chunks and freeze them. This means they are perfect for adding straight from the freezer for cakes or ice cream, and we nearly always have a supply to hand for little cost.

And of course, we can also pinch Lucy's cupcake holder which I showed in my last post. This pretty and intricate papercut was a birthday gift from Diana who will be opening her own little online store sometime very soon.

Here you will be able to purchase a little bit of perfection in the shape of a notebook, maybe a gocco print or even if you are very lucky one of these gorgeous things, the whole range designed and crafted by Diana's talented hands - all it needs is for Diana to be nagged enough and it will happen! Oops, think I may have just lost a friend!!

On the topic of friends, I would like to thank all you lovely people who left such sweet comments or emailed about my last post - I have taken them all to heart and fully intend to continue being a little kinder to myself by not trying to stretch myself endlessly when really I want/need to concentrate my energies on things close to hand, accepting I have limited reserves as we all do. The focus from here is now firmly on giving more time to the children, Mr Davey and myself, and if anything is left to give at the end of that it will go on our little home and garden - in other words, our family. Oh, and of course my other love: my business. Hurrah! Gosh, I actually feel quite excited!

It is also quite exciting to note that the newts are back, though the picture is from last year as I was so cold from perching at the edge of the wildlife pond waiting for one to appear 'ready for his close up' that I gave up! But they are there and thus so is spring...enjoy x


  1. It IS lovely to feel that little bit of warmth in the air and feel the sun on your face again! It really lifts the spirits and gives you something to look forward to! Cx

  2. Hi Pip,
    I consider myself nagged, thank you!! Fab day yesterday, and lovely to have a long chat and set our intentions, too.

    Hope your girls are feeling better, too.

    Lots of love
    Diana x

  3. We might also have some truly warm weather in a few days, but for today, I am glad it's at least sunny for the St Patrick's Day parade.

    Your nettle leaves are indeed beautiful. I would definitely want to draw them over and over. I've never tried nettle tea, but it sounds very interesting.

    Diana's design is's as if the cupcake has been crowned!


  4. oh to be in Cornwall on an early spring morn' - you've got me laxing all lyrical Pip!

    Good to hear that things are looking me in perspective - time is such a precious commodity.

    What a sweet little newt!


  5. I never realised you could freeze bananas and then put them straight into cake mix.... When I first saw that lovely cupcake holder I thought it was made from metal - very intricate .. Oh and a big YEAH for Spring .

  6. It is sunny here but there is snow on the hills and it is bitterly cold, lovely to read of the heat down with you. Lovely photos as always, my youngest adores Diana's lovely gift, so do I. How lovely that she will be selling crafts online too, keep prodding her along Pipany!!

  7. Fantastic tip about bananas and freezing them, can't believe I haven't thought of it before! My little ones have been planting veggie seeds and flowers, so far cosmos is the quickest at popping up out of the soil :-)

  8. Lovely pictures, Pip. Never tried nettle tea. Must do so. Warm here today also and the first cut of the grass.