Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Giveaway Gift.

Look what arrived in the post for me! I won a consolation prize in Jane's recent giveaway and it came in the form of this beautiful soft green knitted heart and Jane even popped in a packet of California poppies too.

Look at the even stitches (so unlike my own erratic knitting where stitch tension depends on mood - cross/watching tense film/annoyed/excited all equal fast knitting whereas calm/sleepy/thoughtful equal slow knitting, thus a changing tension throughout!). Jane's is even and lovely.

Who is the numpty in the back of this picture? I love the dainty button and am so thrilled with the whole package. Thank you, dear Jane.

Last night's torrential rain has given way to sunshine and the colours of the fallen leaves gleam as though polished, raindrops glistening on the edges of burnished jewels.

I am waiting for the maple to turn and have this picture from last autumn to remind me how beautiful it will be before shedding its leaves once more for the winter sleep.

Golds and soft browns are all around, catching the sun and echoing the colours in the various apple trees dotted around the garden.

Speaking of which, I really must get on and do something with these before they turn to mush. Chutney or wine? Apple pie or crumble? Hmm...

Perhaps I'll just have another slice of sticky gingerbread before deciding. Just one more and then I'll put the lid on the box so that the spicy smell of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and zingy lemon rind don't tempt me anymore. May have to make another batch I think!

What are you up to today? x


  1. a knitted heart how lovely...wish i could knit!!! i have had a lovely day so far:

  2. The heart is a very pretty colour and very well made too. The leaves look so pretty in the sunlight. We haven't had sun here for days - it is just murky. The gingerbread looks yummy. I bet you DID make a second batch! x

  3. What a lovely knitted heart and how kind of Jane to give out extra giveaway gifts too! Your gingerbread looks delicious...I am having a flapjack today with my afternoon cup of tea! I've made some apple chutney and apple crumbles so far this week. It does take a long time to peel and chop the tiny apples though! I look forward to seeing what you make.
    Helen x

  4. Pretty knitted heart. I am a bit eractic with my crocheting and tension in that too! I like to think it adds to the homecrafted vibe. lol.

    Oh you do make me hungry with that rather scrummy gingerbread. If you are making anymore send some my way!

    Have a lovely rest of the week.

    MBB x

  5. Jane's knitted heart is lovely - such a pretty colour.

    We've had no sun at all for a week now and my hopes for a late sunny September have been dashed! Its just grim and grey.

    The burnished colours of your garden are lovely and those apples - delicious - as is that gingerbread!


  6. Thank you for joining the Giveaway, you are now in with a chance to win. Good luck.. Love your blog and that knitted heart is very nice indeed. Margie.

  7. Yours is the second blog to mention gingerbread. I haven't baked it in so long, but I love the deep rich fragrance of the spices as they bake. I might have to dig my recipe out soon.

    The knitted heart is lovely. What a nice package to find in the mail.

  8. I've spent the day running around like a headless chicken , but I did find a few minutes to admire the colours of the wet leaves and the most amazing sunset too... I love the heart , might just have to pop across and see what pattern she uses :-)

  9. That Jane is one very clever lady and I can say that with certainty given I also have a handmade something from her. But you are very clever too and I haven't forgotten ....! xox

  10. I love the soft green of the little heart. Wish I had some apples to make into sauce. (I may have to go apple picking this weekend.) Tomorrow will be canning tomatoes and maybe making pesto.

  11. This is sooo sweet, Pipany--LOVE that knitted heart! Do please count me in on the fun. Also love the touches of autumn happening here. We come home to red & gold touching the leaves... Thanks for the welcome home wishes. We had the BEST time in London! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  12. What a lovely lovely surprise Pipany, and a gorgeous mug too, lovely home dlights.