Monday, 13 September 2010

A New Addition.

Now, before you start thinking baby thoughts and sending me links to knitting patterns of the bootee type, I must let you know that the new addition is not one of the baby variety. It is in fact one of these...

Her name is Mermaid and she has come home to Cornwall after some adventures elsewhere to live with us!

We are so very excited at the thought of sailing trips to little coves which are only accessible from the sea, where the sands are golden and free from footprints, ours alone to have fun for the day.

Mermaid means we can also sail to our favourite camping spot, a wooded quay that banks the prettiest of rivers on the Lizard Peninsula, where campfires are made and no shops, showers or other utilities exist. It is camping as camping should be and where we - er, actually that should say Dave- and the children usually arrive via a long and beautiful hike through fields and woodland following the river's winding path; now we can all get there with relative ease as Mermaid transports both us and the camping gear.

Having this boat also means we will be doing a lot of fishing, something we all enjoy even though our success rate is so poor. The fish must laugh their fins off when they see us coming!

I am so excited at the thought of Dave teaching those of the children who can't already how to sail. Good lord, my grammar.

So, the weekends will no doubt consist of sailing Mermaid, her pretty red sail catching the light as we scud across the bay. Hmm, I suspect it will consist more for now of tending to her every need as she could do with a little loving care to make her shine once more.

So much for the house getting all those pending jobs done then...ah well, at least there are new adventures in the offing .

Can't wait to show you the hidden bits of this beautiful, magical county, some of which I have never seen myself.

And as for Mr Davey, his childhood dream has finally come true. Here's to you My lovely and welcome 'home' Mermaid x

Any new additions to your weekend? x


  1. Exciting news! And lots of fun in store I think.

  2. Wow, I can see why you're all excited. It really is like a new family member.

  3. Your very own mermaid! I hope you have some wonderful adventures with her! x

  4. hi Pipany
    Wow! Mermaid is a wonderful addition to have - my Mr Bun will be most envious about this as he continues to dream of having a boat one day.
    What great times you'll have - can't wait to find out more of your adventures,
    Happy days to you and happy sailing!
    Denise x

  5. Hi Pipany,

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! To have your own sailboat! It sounds great. I wish you all heaps of fun!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Look forward to reading about & seeing pics from your adventures in Mermaid :)

  7. How wonderful! We used to hire a boat every summer & explore the Helford. I love those little beaches tucked away waiting to be found & 'owned' for the day! Roll on next summer, eh?! x

  8. Oh lovely! It's clear that you will all put Mermaid to the best possible use and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of 'hidden' Cornwall, Pipany. x

  9. Now that's what I call a whole new world of adventure. I'm really excited for you all, and can imagine the wonderful trips you will make. May she give you cherished memories.

  10. Wonderful! I hope you all have a great time with your new addition. You need a nice long Indian summer now!

  11. How very exciting! I'll be over for a spot of fishing!! Glad to see the jumper is nearly there...

  12. I love boats when they are a bit weathered. We have one ourselves although we can't use it at present cause we sold the trailer for some reason. Anticipating visiting those secret coves with you in spirit anyway so looking forward to the pics. What a pair of pretty daughters you have. Karen X

  13. Oh lucky you, 'there is nothing quite so much fun as messing around on boats....' Enjoy!

  14. Lots of lovely family fun filled adventures to come then! You'll soon have a family of little sailors.

    Have fun with Mermaid.

    Sue xx

  15. WOw how exciting! I adore the idea of unspoilt little coves.

    Our new additions last weekend were some village show experience and a few certificates! It was such fun.

  16. Wonderful news! We bought our first little boat in May and I can quite relate to the excitement you must all be feeling. When you're on the special river, look out for a little sailing boat moored at Durgan, red hull - that's us! I think I know the special camping place too - we walk to there with our little dog. Happy adventures with Mermaid. x

  17. Oh Pip how exciting. The Mermaid looks like a grand boat, I can see you all having lots of fun discovering other hidden gems! Your mention of no shops or utilities remind me of our recent stay in rural France. It was a real get away from it all kind of holiday and we loved it. However I missed Cornwall and we will definitely be coming down for a weekend later in the autumn.

    Your photos Pip are delightful as ever - I love the quaffing of champagne on the bridge!


  18. Wow, how fantastic for you all, can't wait to read about your adventures :)
    Twiggy x

  19. How absolutely brilliant! Have some fantastic family adventures and save a few mackerel for me please.

    Such a pretty name for a boat. Looking forward to exploring wih you.

  20. Many, many congratulations on your new addition, so many adventures in the offing...

  21. I'm glad Mermaid found such a loving new Home, and back in Cornwall as well! It could not have come better I suppose...!
    I wish you all the nicest adventures possible! :O)