Friday, 24 September 2010

A Little Look at Autumn.

Autumn in Cornwall hasn't been what I was hoping for so far. Where many of you have had glorious sunshine and hot, hot days we have been experiencing damp, sometimes muggy, sometimes really chilly weather. As some of you say though, it does give an excuse to light the fire - not that I ever need one. And there is beauty to be found even in the dankest of days.

Beautiful seed heads have an almost structural quality to them

which I translate into my handmade covered notebooks

Raindrops catch the fading light and hang from every surface.

Hard to tell these soggy flower tops were once the childlike flowers of feverfew - dainty daisies dancing in the breeze, now reduced to a static display of decay.

All around are the things which give me ideas for my work particularly at this time of year. I somehow relate to autumn more than any other season, though I find things I love in them all. I like having a little reminder like this lavender cushion so that I can enjoy it all without always having to get wet to do so!

When I see such beautiful things in nature it inspires so many ideas which is why I capture them in photographs. These often become a separate art form which inspires me as the lens takes up the shadows and highlights, offering a new image from the one I originally saw. Having these cards in my sewing room is a quick means of having a reference point for me.

There are still plenty of blackberries around, though I doubt they will be there much longer if this picture is anything to go by. See the pretty calyx left by the dropped berry; it almost looks like a flower in own right.

No matter, I will be able to look at these instead in the darker months and know their time will come again.

I picked up these windfalls this morning when feeding the ducks and collected up a pile of wood from the woodshed to use on the fire tonight. I have plans for a lovely roaring fire to accompany my knitting.

Isabella has plans to help me make another plum, apple and blackberry crumble. This one had a sprinkling of cinnamon and a goodly slug of our homemade plum gin to help it on its way.

Yes, even a grey day can be beautiful.

What are your plans tonight? x


  1. Fantastic photography Pipany, you capture the season so well in your photos and your embroidery. We have woken up this morning to beautiful skies and the true colours of Autumn are here, purple clouds, vivid greens, and strong blues in the skies, that in the summer months become so 'wishy washy'.

  2. Delighted to have found your lovely blog - your photos are so beautiful, and it makes me smile to think of us all who see beauty in these simple forms, with our noses and cameras in the hedgerows of England!

    Especially when you see the photos enlarged a a bit the scuptural shapes and perfection are jaw-dropping aren't they?

    Tonight my parents visit, and we plan a gathering with 3 generations around the fire, plenty of red wine/hot chocolate, catching up and gratitude for family! No xbox or tv or blogging - real eye-ball to eye-ball, yay!x

  3. Stunning pictures Pipany! Even age and decay has its own form of beauty doesn't it? Is it the same with people?!! Your evening sounds wonderful - wish we had an open fire but can do my knitting and could even take your hint and bake a plum crumble tohave for supper.

    Jane x

    PS your little heart should arrive next week.

  4. I fancy crumble made with home made plum gin!!! My plan for tonight is to imagine that I am 'round yours!!! x

  5. what beautiful piccies..that crumble looks yummy!!

    I'm off out to dinner with my boys tonight xx

  6. Mmmmm... plum gin in the crumble. That's a new one for me but it sounds good.

  7. I love seed heads too pipany,i have just bought some home with me from cornwall picked from the coastpath. My plans tonight are more puppy cuddling,playing & laughing & making sure my boy isnt left out!! x

  8. Pipany, I also love fall, even if some of its days might be a bit grey. Your photos are marvelous, and it's swell seeing how you translate Cornwall into your unique designs.

    I'll bet that crumble was scrumptious!


  9. I think that first photo of the airborne seeds deserves to be on one of your cards! It's stunning.

  10. Wow Pipany lovely photos and great stitching.I love Autumn too. My plans are as follows, eat choccy ,drink a big mug of Earl Grey and cosy up with Mr Twigs on the sofa to watch a bit of TV.
    Twiggy x

  11. Hi Pipany
    Your photos are beautiful, truly gorgeous - thank you for posting them. Sorry to hear you've had a damp Autumn in Cornwall - it does, at least, make me feel less distressed that we aren't in your county!!
    Your embroidery is beautiful too - I love the notebook :-)
    have a lovely weekend,
    Denise x

  12. Stunning photos again Pipany! A roaring fire, knitting and crumble sound like a perfect evening to me ! I will be knitting too with a Hot Toddy to nurse my cold which I'm hoping will be gone in the morning! Thank you for your sweet comments too!
    Rachel x

  13. Oh, Pipany, did you know that your words are always as artistic and mood inducing as your beautiful photos are?

  14. More beautiful photographs, Pipany! The colours and effects are very special. I love your stitching too. If I had some plum gin I'd put it in my apple crumble - but sadly I haven't any!
    Helen x

  15. somebody said to me today that we had a winter and a spring but we've missed out Summer and Autumn and gone stright back to Winter :-(