Friday, 3 September 2010

Fun in the Sun.

Grey and dull in my bit of Cornwall today, so I thought a reminder of a recent sunny day would be good. Isabella brought her kite with her. She has had a thing about kites just lately and has made one for each of us. This is her one though and it is very lovely.

She spent forever racing up and down the sand, the pretty tails flying in the breeze and her little legs pounding along the shore. such simple pleasures.

As the sun beat down cool pools of water were found for some quiet contemplation.

There were pretty girls

and a Jackie O look-alike!

Sparkly waters

Nothing like sitting in the frothy surf

Oops! Still smiling though, our water baby.

A warm robe and sandcastles to make.

And finally, it was time to come home.

Hope you have a good day today x,


  1. It's grey here too Pipany - the warm beach feels like such a long time ago.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  2. It was not as bright here his morning but the sun is out now. That looks like a fun time you all had on the beach.


  3. Lovely sunny happy pictures Pipany :-).
    Remarkably, it is sunny here today (and even more remarkably, has been since our return home from holiday on Sunday - I can scarcely believe it!).

  4. This strikes a deep chord of memory in me. I haven't been to sea side for a couple of years, now. I miss it soooo much! Especially watching Isabella reminds me of the tactile joys of the beach and the surf!

    You had another beautiful day with your friend, Diana. It sounds like that place holds a special atmosphere - even your dog could feel it! (is that your dog??) The color of the plums is just, mmmmmm, delightful!

    Love, Katy xxo

  5. What a lovely way to squeeze the last out of the summer holidays. Makes me feel so wistful for the seaside.

  6. Ah the difference between west and east Pipany - its been lovely here in Suffolk today:-)

    Looks like you had lots of fun on the beach - aren't the girls growing up!

    Just read your last post. So glad you and Diana managed to get together. You can wax lyrical about Coombe any day - its lovely! Look at those plums!

    Diana asked me recently when my next visit to Cornwall would be as it would be nice for us all to meet up. We hope to come down for a long weekend some time later in the autumn or failing that, definitely next spring. You know of my love of Cornwall and I'm most definitely pining at the mo! But there was an offer we couldn't refuse awaiting us in France and we are off tomorrow for a week or so.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    PS Sorry about this loooong comment!

  7. hello cute Poltisko girls. looks like you have had a wonderful summer : )
    Happy September!
    love ginny and the Myrtlings xxx

  8. Popped in for a lovely long catch up. Sometimes it is worth staying away there is so much to read!
    Lovely post Pipany & gorgeous girls.

  9. Wow! That looks fabulous - we have had a rather sad, grey, drizzly day here in Somerset today - made much more jolly by the fact that we had friends over for dinner and a few glasses of red wine :-)

  10. Gosh Isabella has grown! You ought to make and sell those beachrobes, Pipany x