Sunday, 19 September 2010

A First Outing.

Our first trip out on the Mermaid today; here she sits in all her slightly grubby, slightly dishevelled beauty waiting for us to come aboard. Please excuse the not-so-very-good photos; I'm afraid I just clicked away rather than actually considering what the outcome was!

Miss Isabella had a slight twinge of nerves as the reality of a rocking boat sank in as we clambered onto our bench and insisted she needed to go home...didn't last more than about a minute and the rest of the time was pretty much as you can see here!

I, of course, was away with the fairies dreaming of all the coves we can explore (once we get a little outboard engine as rowing is not the quickest way to cross the harbour and sails don't appeal when it is as busy as it was today) and all the picnics on tucked away beaches.

Dear Mr Davey, was in his element

I feel I may have some competition here...hmm, that wasn't on the agenda. Luckily, Dave isn't one of those people who wants to talk endlessly about the ins and outs of boating or wants to spend forever tinkering about with the blooming thing leaving me at home all weekend because 'it has to be done'.

No for us Mermaid, though lovely, is intended for fun: sailing with the children, rowing around our beautiful rivers, going on picnics in new, hidden places and generally having a good time.

And I do truly promise not to bore you with endless talk of her either, but for now please indulge me!

Isabella found the sea air gave her an appetite.

And Lucy-Lu has a big smile on her face throughout despite a pounding headache that the fresh air could only help a little.

We pootled around the harbour searching out all the names of the other boats and watching the cows in the fields bordering the water from a different angle to usual.

Yes, all in all, it was a good first outing.

A hungry child waiting to row home for tea.

Off to eat the enormous stew & dumplings I made ready for our return and to spend the evening knitting by the fire, glass of wine to hand. Till next time, dear Mermaid

Oh and before I go, look what arrived here on Friday: a fantastic gift from our fabulous, lovely, just brilliant friend Diana. She is such a thoughtful person and we were both very touched by this gift. The River Cottage Handbooks are so well written and even the introduction by the god that is Hugh was enough to make me want to get going, thoughts of delicious meals making my mouth water as I read. Fishing is such great fun (well, we think so anyway). Thank you sweetie and looking forward to taking you fishing some time soon! x

What did you get up to today? x


  1. I look forward to your adventures on the Mermaid Pipany! I am very much a landlubber but still love to look at boats! It will be interesting to see what fish you catch and what you make using Hugh's book!!! x

  2. What fun you are going to have with your Mermaid. I used to love catching mackeral on holiday when I was little, so tasty when you've caught it yourself.

  3. what a lovely day for a first trip. Congratulations and here's to many more happy boaty outings!

  4. Nothing nearly as exciting as your trip in Mermaid! Hope you will all enjoy your outings in her - sounds such fun.


  5. Very impressed to sea Mr Davy suitably dressed in stripes for your maiden voyage. We used to go out fishing for mackerel when I was little - we had great fun, I remember it very fondly x

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the little coves and such that you find ... when you can't do it yourself its nice to live it through someone who can. As for what we've been doing today - making cupcakes from the Primrose Hill Cupcake book mmmm

  7. What a wonderful way to while away the hours, I look forward to reading all about your adventures. I have to say that Mr Davey looks very nautical in his striped jumper..was that intentional I wonder? Devx

  8. We have not been enjoying ourselves today as there was lots of homework to catch up with after spending all yesterday at a French Market that had an amazing vintage stall and wonderful cheeses, breads, olives etc. Lovely to see you all out on the water and I bet that stew tasted wonderful after all the sea air. Karen X

  9. Pip, it looks idyllic. Love Davey in his stripes, he absolutely looks the part. I'm looking forward to a jaunt some time! Lovely to have a natter on saturday, thanks for ringing!
    D x

  10. How magical, and isn't she beautifully named! The adventures you're going to have! Congratulations on your new stationary range, it looks fabulous, beautiful photos. Love Vanessa xxx

  11. Oh, what a SWEET day... "The Mermaid"--perfect name for your sailing vessel... Please pass the biscuits... ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  12. Pipany, please do take us along on more Mermaid sailing jaunts! It's great fun to set sail with you and your intrepid sea-going family.

    Best wishes!

  13. Ooo I missed your post yesterday! Wow just read up on it now, dont you all look so happy. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in your lovely boat. Glad to hear that the Mermaid wont become the other woman in your lives!lol.

    We had a very quiet day yesterday. Just a walk around our favourite park. A look at the ducks and swans and enjoyed sometime with nature and her amazing yearly show! Home again to roast beef dinner and lots of "resting" with bits of crochet for me mixed in. Perfect.

    Hope you have a smashing week.

    MBB x

  14. How lovely to have a boat called Mermaid and to sail around to little coves and beaches! I'm sure you and your family will have some lovely times.
    Thank you for sending the beautiful cards and postcards - they are really gorgeous - you have such a good eye for what makes a special picture.
    Helen x

  15. Pipany that sounded like heaven, really enjoyed the trip, and then to end it with such a perfect evening, enjoy!! Harvesting the beetroot here. Posie

  16. I has to be done - a boat is an absolute neccessity when you live by the sea...she says - Twelve years on and we are still talking about it!

    Maybe one day.

    Nina xxx

  17. I do love Mr Davy in his nautical stripes - he does look the part indeed!

    Sounds like a great outing Pipany, I look forward to more of your adventures!

    Stew and dumplings - a good reason to look forward to autumn evenings. Great HFW book too!


  18. That sound like a perfect day to me! May you have many more fun trips on Mermaid!
    Rachel x

  19. Lucky lucky you, I used to love rowing and sailing around there!! Brings back some lovely memories looking at the photos of your Mermaid...
    Take care

  20. What a brill adventure! Enjoy that smashing book and happy fishing.

  21. Looks fab. I haven't been on a boat for ages. You make me want to get out there again, although I do admit to a preference for warm sea and warm air! The Med is good, but not likely to happen for a bit I suspect! Enjoy your mermaid.