Friday, 1 October 2010

A Brief Interlude.

A dire wet day here today after a night of heavy rain. Only a couple of days ago we collected Granny after school for a brief trip to the beach. Isabella drew in the sand.

This gorgeous little horse appeared and I realised that my baby is moving forward, capable now of transferring images from her head onto sand (if not so much onto paper - she seems to find it much easier to use her finger as a pencil).

The sunlight turned sea lettuce into even more vibrant greens.

And the sea rolled gently in with silky jades and milky blues tumbling towards the rocks.

Lucy contemplating who knows what...

before deciding to do a little limbering up on the warm sand.

This little escape to the shore made us all feel so good and reminded me that I really must spare time to do it again whenever I can before the darkest days of winter arrive.

We ate gingerbead before heading home for tea. The rain outside my window this morning tells me we won't be going today and storms are predicted for the weekend. Sounds as though we'll be indoors then playing games, lighting fires, knitting & sewing. Oh, and of course eating!

Have a good weekend x


  1. Good morning Pip! Vile wet weather here too....a weekend for cozying up indoors I think. Email coming a bit later! Happy weekend, my friend.

  2. Isn't it miserable today! I suppose now its the time to take full advantage every time the sun decides to come out and get outside. x

  3. It is hard to plan things at the moment, one day sunshine the next really miserable so you do have to snatch those moments when you can. Your photos are wonderful. Have a good weekend, at least you seem to have lots of things to do inside as well.

  4. Rotten weather here too! Will be doing lots of indoorsy stuff and a spot of baking!Love the horse in the sand!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  5. awful wet rainy weather here too - tomorrow we are getting new carpets fitted all upstairs and on the stairs . Should be a busy noisy day ..

  6. You have a good weekend too Pipany, the weather is starting to brighten here so hopefully it is with you too. Do you gather and eat any of the seaweed? I sometimes buy it from the fish van. Lovely comforting blog as always.

  7. Loved these beachy shots and the dear horsey in the sand. Hope you have a cosy weekend while the storm blows outside, sounds nice & snug and homey xo

  8. Yes its stinking weather here too in Wiltshire. Teaming it down. But still a weekend of cosying up and sewing and knitting dosent sound all that bad. Particularly when there is a bit of eating involved too.

    Hope you have a great cosy weekend.

  9. Lovely photos I especially love the sand horse!

  10. Dear Pipany,

    Your description of this weekend sounds good, despite the wind. I believe we will have two sunny days in Holland. Hurray!

    Before I forget, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment. I feel exactly the same way about your blog!!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Hello Pipany Thank you for these lovely Cornish pictures - I really enjoyed them! Love the bright green seaweed and the horse drawing was sweet. It's been rainy and windy here too for most of today, though yesterday we had a bit of golden leaf collecting in the sunny park. I don't think the weekend will be much good for gardening so it will be knitting and reading indoors for me too! Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  12. It IS the weather to cosy up in the house now isn't it. Fires are roaring here and the chickens are in their coop for the night.

    A brief warm tonight before the wet doggy walks and pig feeding start again tomorrow.

    Gorgeous pictures today (and always), your girls are growing up to be so beautiful.

    Have a lovely, cosy weekend.

    Sue xx

  13. I remember doing the crab position when I was a child but goodness if I tried it now I'd put my back out for sure!! What a difference a day makes - we had a perfect day earlier this week and now it's just awful. Here's wishing you a lovely weekend, whatever the weather xox

  14. wishing you all a wonderful weekend too x

  15. Have a fabulous weekend Pip - I've got my fingers crossed for fairer weather.

    Nina xxx

  16. Hi Pip, I received my stationery order today - they're lovely (of course) and also a very big thank you for the little extra! The lavendar bag smells divine - so generous of you my friend.

    Have a lovely weekend - hope the Mermaid gets an outing in the sunshine!


  17. Glorious photos as usual Pip. I am just realising that I have been reading your blog for long enough now to have a sense of seeing your girls growing up!

  18. I used to be able to do a 'crab' in gymnastics.

    It's foul here too if it's any consolation.

    Hope you had a good weekend