Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Sunny Sunday.

Wasn't the weather just beautiful this Sunday afternoon? A soft light filled the air turning even the hot sunshine into a misty-edged gold. We went for a walk through the town looking at the boats in the harbour en-route before heading off to the beach for a chilled out couple of hours.

The waves crashed in as though they were in a hurry, white frothy tops curling and breaking onto the sandy shore in a manic rush

as the turbulent sea surged and swelled making ready for the next onslaught.

We searched for shells, but there were few of these pretty flat winkles in evidence for once.

Colours seemed to gleam in the misty light, even the bright, bright pink of Lucy's cardigan taking on a softer tone as she clambered over the rocks.

Isabella busied herself by bashing a rock against the limpet shells in a determined effort to reduce them to sand.

Fortunately they were already broken before she got hold of them!

The strong breeze was exhilarating and did away with the need to chat as we sat soaking up the day with our backs against the hot stone. So wonderful to just watch it all happening just in front of us, the noise of the waves overladen every so often with the peep-peeping of oyster catchers. These graceful birds are one of my favourites, the sound of their calling reminding me of watching them as a child on the beach at Bude in north Cornwall where I grew up.

Rock pools to investigate

Running with the wind in her hair, sea-soaked skirts billowing around her legs

And a thoughtful Mr Davey strolled across the sands.

In the distance we spotted some brave/mad souls wading through the swirling water to reach the larger rocks.

The waves grew higher and higher after they left, finally covering the rocks as the tide raced in.

Very beautiful to watch with sillhoueted rocks seeming forbidding in the haze.

The weekend didn't only consist of the beach however, not with a brand new cardboard box in the house. No, much sellotape and marker pen ink was used as they created a clubhouse;

one which I note I am not allowed to enter (despite being the one to clear it away at the end of the day!).

So, it was a good weekend in all, helped along by these scrumptious chocolate chip muffins courtesy of Dave and Isabella.

Back tomorrow hopefully with a new make for my website. Have fun x


  1. The photos almost look like a summers day and not October! x

  2. Thank you for a lovely outing!" Your post was almost poetic in text and the amazing photos really took me there - could hear the waves crashing and smell the ozone.


  3. Hello Pipany Thank you for taking me on a trip to Cornwall, which I love so much! You are so clever at taking pictures of the coast and at describing it beautifully. I smiled at the children's cardboard box playhouse - we've got one here too, made by my daughter for her little boy, with cut out windows that he peeps out of!
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  4. You can't beat a good ramble on the beach. Lovely photos P[ipany. The weather has been so amazing I even managed to snuggle up on hammock in the garden with a book this weekend.

  5. How wonderful to have these photos showing us the beauty of Cornwall, and the splendor of the seaside.

    I could also hear those waves!

    Your weekend must have been much warmer than ours was in New York. We definitely needed heavy sweaters and thick socks.


  6. Hi, I've just found your lovely blog! Beautiful post!! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. A beautiful day and some beautiful pictures Pipany - ones to look back on and treasure.

    Nina xxx

  8. Pure bliss...*sigh*... Those waves are calling my name! ;o) Happy Week, Pipany ((HUGS))

  9. You really did have a lovely time, such beautiful photos. I don't know what it is about large boxes and children, we still have an enormous one taking up space in our kitchen from early summer. It's so sweetly decorated I'd get into so much trouble if I chucked it out! x

  10. We had a large box with a small boy and two cats in all weekend. Lovely weather in Sussex by the Sea too. Those muffins look lovely - we made Hughs chocolate brownies without the beetroot. Love your gorgeous pictures. Karen x

  11. I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well by being in the catalogue. Well done and lets hope it carries on like this (although a bit more sleep would be good!) xx

  12. Pipany your photographs are a delight! Thank you for the breathtaking ocean scenes, and the description of the oystercatchers (my favourite also) it has made my day to read it!
    Well done too on getting your Oh So Beautiful journal into NOTH gift guide, I was looking at it just yesterday and thinking how lovely it was to be able to see work from my dear fellow bloggers in there!

    Sending you love,
    Julia x x x

  13. looks like you had such a gorgeous day - unfortunately we didn't get any sun at all up here in the North East