Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Paper, Packaging and post.

Well, so much for me blogging about a new make. I haven't had a chance to complete it let alone photograph it as the orders have been piling in since the Noths catalogue came out. Very good news indeed. The postman has brought me a few new things too: bolts of gorgeous linen/cotton fabric which provides the perfect background for most of my hand embroidered designs.

There is something very exciting about a whole roll of fabric, however large or small it may be. But then, I also find a stack of tissue paper really exciting,

particularly when combined with sparkly red ribbon.

Still it's not all work here. A very lovely friend visited today and brought treats. Yummy choc chip cookies

and equally yummy iced cupcakes. The icing had a hint of jasmine and was just so delicious.

There were more, but I have been rather hungry! Ah well, I'll show you one of the Cornish Aromatic apples from the garden instead (though I will heartily agree if you think there is no comparison in the yum stakes. Much as I love apples, those cakes were sooo delicious).

One last bit of good news before I go: a very lovely lady is soon opening a gallery close to the beautiful Cotehele House in Cornwall and has placed a (very large) order with me to stock my products. Hurrah! I am very excited about this and my lovely Lauren is coming home for the weekend to work for her Mum as my first employee! Thank heavens for a daughter who has her degree in textiles! More about the gallery in the near future.

But for now I must go. The children need feeding and I have an evening of sewing ahead.
Have fun whatever you are doing x


  1. Love that last photo - when was that taken not today surely?! Good luck with your new ventures and I'm sure all your things will sell well - hope you get them all finished in time!


  2. Ooh those chocolate chip cookies look divine Pipany. I was very excited to see those little yellow periwinkles in the last post too - they're one of my favourite shells.

  3. I love a pile of tissue paper too, all that wrapping up potential!!!
    Vivienne x

  4. Yum cakes! They do look delicious.

    I love getting fabric in the post too. There is just something so lovely opening a package for something so lovely.

    Good luck with all your new ventures!

    MBB x

  5. How exciting, it's all go there isn't it?
    and what a strange looking apple!

  6. Life is certainly very good for you at the moment and you deserve your good fortune Pip, your work is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more news when you're not so bogged down in tissue paper!

    Kate x

  7. Love that last photo Pip. That Cornish whatsit apple looks amazing (says she, having just started a gardening course whose first syllabus subject is top fruit - I am taking a new interest in apples!). Does is taste good?

    Well done on all your fab news re your creations. Very exciting and thoroughly deserved. x

  8. Pip I haven'T visited your blog for some time, but whenever I do I feel so reminded about my childhood holidays in Cornwall. Its so lovely to read about your craft and family sprinkled with nature's photographs. Really artistic blog. a craft shop near Cothele should do just fine , so hopefully many further orders for you.

  9. That's fantastic news Pip, but phew all that work.

    I love your wrapping handy work - very beautiful.

    Have a smashing day,

    Nina xxx

  10. Lovely lovely pictures!!I do love red and white spots, as you know! The red and white tissue paper and ribbon look so beautiful, crisp and fresh together. And I loved the little Cornish view which perfectly sums up the special charm of where you live. I received a copy of NOTHS catalogue this week and saw your pretty notebook in it looking very stylish. Good luck with making up all your orders.
    Helen x

  11. Hi Pipany
    Oh yes, the joy of tissue paper and a roll of fabric - splendid ! I buy calico by the roll and just love, LOVE having that huge roll of fabric to play with !
    Great news that your orders are flooding in - wow, it's going to be a great Christmas of trading for you :-)
    Have fun, keep warm !
    Denise x

  12. Well done on your large order Pipany, how exciting
    twiggy x

  13. seeing all that red and white has put me in the mood for christmas!

  14. every thing seems to be coming together for you - well done and good luck with all the ventures

  15. Hello!
    Just love seeing all areas of what and how you put your items together from actual products to the finished and wrapped package. Beautiful.
    Would you mind if I emailed you (perhaps in the new year as you will be busy from now until after christmas) about noths, just some research Q's ;0 x

  16. Congratulations Pip, you deserve success with your beautiful creations.

  17. Dear Pipany,

    Lucky you to get such a great and dear help. Congratulations on the order!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend!


  18. Gorgeous as ever Pipany, have fun with all of the creating, Posie x

  19. Glad it's going so well for you! I love Cotehele soon, so I'll be looking out for this new gallery!

  20. I`m so pleased for you!
    And I hope that she will place many more orders in the near future too!
    The cupcake and chocolate chip biscuits... look delish!


  21. What great news about your order! I'd love to visit Cothele one day and pop by and purchase a present of course.

    Delicious looking cookies - I'm starving now!
    Have a lovely weekend and half term.
    love Stephx